Saturday, July 22, 2017

My first hand sewed quilt and jazzing up my bedroom


My first hand sewed quilt and jazzing up my bedroom 

I made my first hand made quilt hand sewed it all and everything on it. I hand sewed all the dragonflies and the sunflowers as well as the crows and everything on it.

It took me about 3 weeks to hand sew everything you see on this beautiful quilt today I got up early around 7 am this morning to hand sew all of this little squares together to make a quilt it took me all day to finish this.

I am going to add on to it later and make it a little bit bigger to cover my whole bed. 

I had fun making all of these little animals hand sewing each one and picking out what fabric I wanted to use as well as picking out the buttons to use for the eyes. I also enjoyed picking out what ribbon I wanted to use and beads.

I have epilepsy so hand sewing as helped me with my hand eye coordination it also helped me with being creative. I find hand sewing to be a fun way to pass the time and it helps me to relax.

My mom showed me how to hand sew when I was eight so I am just now starting to hand sew again and I really enjoy it.

My mom also sews she has made me a lot of beautiful things for my room like a fish pillow and an ocean themed pillow as well as a cute mermaid doll. Also a teddy bear and a doll.

I love making crafts to decorate my own room and add my own style to it when I was little my mom signed me and my sisters up for college for kids and the class I took was jazz up your bedroom and what we did was make things to add style to our room it was fun I had a good time.

For my room, i also made decor for my bedroom a dollar tree craft using a what poster board from dollar tree I made a DIY cork board I also used cardboard as well. I decorated it with all my memories from living myrtle beach and traveling different places like Tennessee and West Virginia as well as Ohio I used to live in myrtle beach and different places in Florida and Ohio traveling with my family has been a blessing. I also decorated my board with pictures of friends and family as well as pictures my friends and family made me. This makes my room feel complete and adds my own style makes it fun.

When I was eight I made my first blanket I turned out super cute and it is red I will post the link to the blog post at the bottom so you can see it.

I posted pictures of the pillows my mom made me for my bedroom I will post a link to her website called my sewing needle on the bottom of this page.

I also posted a picture of the mermaid doll my mom made for me to decorate my bedroom I had a lot of fun picking out what hair color I wanted her to have as well as the button eyes and bra. She is making one for each of my sisters as well.

I have a lot more crafts I did to hang up on my wall I took some pictures I had laying around and made popsicle stick photo frames to add to them and ribbon to hang it with.

My family and friends love seeing the crafts I make and they love them and they enjoy seeing them.

I am blessed to have gifted hands to be able to sew and do crafts my family also does crafts as well my mom sews and she enjoys that and my great grandma I never got to meet that would be my grandpas mom would teach craft classes in her house and she also enjoyed sewing my mom told me and she loved seashells like me.

My one aunt enjoys scrapbooking I too also enjoy that when  I have the right scrapbooking supplies. My little sister enjoyed doing art she loves painting and drawing as well as coloring in adult coloring books she got my grandparents on that so they like to color know too it's really cute.

I would like to find old cd cases to make photo frames with that was fun when I made those when I was little. 

Do you make quilts? 
What crafts do you like to do?
looking forward to hearing from you

my mom's website check it out.

The story behind my handmade blanket I made

Enjoy reading 

Friday, July 14, 2017

Buttons and beads O My A Few of My Favorite Things.

Beautiful beads 

Vintage buttons from my mom

beautiful blue vintage buttons

beautiful beads 

Looking through moms vintage buttons.

Buttons and beads O My A Few of My Favorite Things.

I started sewing again so I needed some supplies. With my mom's help, she let me look through some of her sewing supplies and pick out the buttons I wanted. 

I had a lot of fun going through her buttons and picking out the ones I wanted.

I would have to say that buttons are my favorite I love finding that one button that would look good with whatever I am making.

My favorite buttons are vintage buttons and cute ones that look like flowers and little animals. 

Beads come in handy when you are sewing as well it is a lot of fun finding a bead the match what you are making same with a button and sewing floss and thread. 

I found sewing to be very relaxing and fun it is a good way to pass the time I could sew all day if I could my mom got me started on hand sewing when I was 12. So I just started back up again. 

I have been following vintage button lovers on Instagram as well there are so many buttons in the world and different one to each one is unique and different. There are buttons out there for anyone just find the ones you like.

I have found buttons at dollar tree and Walmart and vintage buttons from my mom.  I have started a new obsession button collecting every time I go to the store know I head straight for the buttons.

I like all buttons big and small fat and round as well as cute ones that look like animals and flowers and other things. 

There are so many ideas on what to us buttons for some people use buttons for crafts and sewing and some make button jewelry. I would love to try to make button jewelry how cute would that be very.

One lady on Instagram makes clay buttons out of baking clay what a great idea and how fun would that be very fun that is going on my must try list.

I would like to thank my mom for taking the time to teach me how to hand sew when I was homeschooled and I grow up watching her sew it has inspired me to sew.

Me and my mom like to sew together she also has a craft website I will post that link below.

Me and my mom would like to go to the antique store to find different beads and buttons.

I like all kind of beads too there is some really cute bead some people are making beads using paper how cool is that. I am going to try that too.

Buttons and beads come in all different colors sizes and you can get some with two button holes and 4 button holes some buttons have solid colors and some are very bright colors.

Do you like buttons our beads?
where do you buy our find your buttons and beads at?
I am always looking for recommends.

Here is my mom's website take a look 

Enjoy reading looking forward to hearing from you.

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