Saturday, June 10, 2017

Take time to make pancakes as a family and enjoy cook.

make Pancakes part of your summer breakfast as a family.

Tonight we had chocolate chip pancakes so as I was pouring the whole bag of the chocolate chip into the batter it brought back members of when I  was a kid.

Growing up me and my sisters would make pancakes with mom on Sunday's and sometimes for dinner, we would have so much fun making pancakes we would each take turns stirring the batter.

One time I got the flour all over the place like it blew up everywhere it was all of the cupboards and the floor and deep freezer mom helped me clean it up we can laugh at it know.

Pancakes are easy to make and fun we always had fun adding different ingredients to it like m&ms to make m&m pancakes and cinnamon vanilla pancakes they were so good. we also would put chocolate chips in them to make chocolate chips pancakes.
We would do peanut butter pancakes and more.

My Favorite Childhood members were in the kitchen helping my mom cook and set the table. 

Do you make pancakes with your family?

What is your favorite pancake recipe? 

Recipe for Chocolate Chip Pancakes

1 box of pancake mix
1 bag of chocolate chip 

Mix the chocolate chips into the batter cook and enjoy it's that easy top with butter and syrup. 

Enjoy reading Angelika 

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