Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Psalms Bible Journaling with Napkins.

Tonight's bible verses is Psalms 147:4
He counts the stars and calls them by name that is mind blowing to me.
God is great And he is not contained to our world. He counts the stars that we can not see but all the stars. He knows and sees beyond everything. He powers to count what seems uncountable and names them to seem unimaginable Psalms 8:3 And even in his power to create all those amazing stars he chooses to think of me.
That is so great my missionary friend helped me with this verse had to share. God is so great and all

tonight's Bible verse is Psalms 93:4 The Lord Is Mighty Mightier than the sound of raging waters mightier than the foaming waves 🌊 of the sea. it's so cool to me that God is stronger than the waves of the ocean. The waves on the ocean obey his voice they listen to him that is so cool what a mighty God we serve I used a napkin that had waves on it from my Bible

Tonight's Bible verse is Psalms 27:11 The Lord is my Light and my Salvation. If the Lord is my all whom shall I fear? I don't need the Approval of man. In Christ alone, My Hope is found.
Saying found online and it is so true had to share My hope is in God is is my light the helps me in this world and guides me on the right path and he is the one who saved me from my sins I need God every day and every day. God is the light to this dark sinful world he will guide us in life. With God, all things are possible the Lord is my life's fortress.

today's Bible verse is Psalms 119:103 And Proverbs 16:24 how sweet the taste of your promise is it taste sweeter than honey 🍯.
The Lord keeps his promises and they are sweet as honey to the soul and the heart. This verse goes well with Proverbs 16:24 Kind words are like honey-sweet to the soul. Kind words are pleasing to the Lord be kind with your words and watch what you say, Jesus, the sweetest name I 

 today's bible verse is Psalms 16:11 and Psalms 73:23
Yet I am always with you. you hold on to my right hand with your advice you guide me and in the end, you will take me to glory.
Psalms 6:11 you take known to me the path of life. In your presence there is the fullness of joy at your right hand are pleasures are by your side forever. You will always hold on to our hand and never leave us our forsaken use. You are there 24/7 when we need you and that is all the time we need you all the time lord. Thank you, Lord, without you I would be so lost in this world

I decorated a not book page with the napkins from my bible journaling napkin swap group. I found some wise words that I copied and wrote down my another bible study group that I am in it's from Psalms 94:18 when I said my feet are slipping your mercy o Lord continues to hold me up when I worry about many things you're assuring words soothed my soul. I love that God keeps his promises hold on to his word. Your mercy and loving-kindness hold me up. You will never forsake me you have set your love upon me.

Here are some examples of Bible journaling with napkins.

Psalms Bible Journaling with Napkins.

Since I started Bible Journaling it has brought me closer to the Lord and in my walk with him.

Bible journaling is a fun way to memorize Bible verses and Grow in God's word.

I found all kinds of bible journaling groups on facebook and my favorite one is napkin swap for bible journaling it is a group that sends you napkins it a really cool group I never thought to us napkins in my bible study ours with my bible journaling.

I enjoy reading my bible ever morning when my parents go off to work and my sisters are sleeping I just set at my desk and go to work.

It is so much fun to find a bible verse and match a picture that fits well with that verse. I also love how the picture makes my bible and notebook pages pop out with colors and make it look 3-D.

I have been reading through Psalms and it has been a blessing in my life so many verses have touched me and it was what I need to hear.The best thing about it is that the book of Psalms is poems written about God.
They are beautiful poems too with a lot of meaning. The book of Psalms tells us a lot about  God. It describes who God is and is and describes our relationship with him.

God rescues us and saves our lives we can learn a lot from  Psalms about our relationship with God. Isn't great to have a God who is our rock our shepherd our stronghold and our savior, too?
From my bible study book had to share.

I found so many Psalms Bible Journaling ideas from google facebook group and Pinterest. As well as Youtube. 

I hope I gave you some ideas more ideas will be posted on this page below. find what works for you and your walk with God.

What I also learned from Psalms is that we have a Great God that keeps his promises I love that God keeps his promises so hold on to His word.

Here are some more links I did on my blog post below.

Do you bible journal?

what do you use for your Bible study stickers highlighters napkins? let me know I am always looking for recommendations.

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