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Psalms Bible Journaling with Napkins.

Tonight's bible verses is Psalms 147:4
He counts the stars and calls them by name that is mind blowing to me.
God is great And he is not contained to our world. He counts the stars that we can not see but all the stars. He knows and sees beyond everything. He powers to count what seems uncountable and names them to seem unimaginable Psalms 8:3 And even in his power to create all those amazing stars he chooses to think of me.
That is so great my missionary friend helped me with this verse had to share. God is so great and all
tonight's Bible verse is Psalms 93:4 The Lord Is Mighty Mightier than the sound of raging waters mightier than the foaming waves 🌊 of the sea. it's so cool to me that God is stronger than the waves of the ocean. The waves on the ocean obey his voice they listen to him that is so cool what a mighty God we serve I used a napkin that had waves on it from my Bible

Tonight's Bible verse is Psalms 27:11 The Lord is my Light and my Salvation. If the Lord is m…

Take time to make pancakes as a family and enjoy cook.

make Pancakes part of your summer breakfast as a family.
Tonight we had chocolate chip pancakes so as I was pouring the whole bag of the chocolate chip into the batter it brought back members of when I  was a kid.
Growing up me and my sisters would make pancakes with mom on Sunday's and sometimes for dinner, we would have so much fun making pancakes we would each take turns stirring the batter.
One time I got the flour all over the place like it blew up everywhere it was all of the cupboards and the floor and deep freezer mom helped me clean it up we can laugh at it know.
Pancakes are easy to make and fun we always had fun adding different ingredients to it like m&ms to make m&m pancakes and cinnamon vanilla pancakes they were so good. we also would put chocolate chips in them to make chocolate chips pancakes. We would do peanut butter pancakes and more.
My Favorite Childhood members were in the kitchen helping my mom cook and set the table. 
Do you make pancakes with your family…

Book review: When God Made you written By Matthew Paul Turner

Picture found on Amazon
Book review: When God Made you written By  Matthew Paul Turner
I got this book free to review from Blogging for books. I will post the link at the bottom of this page.
This is a great book for any child that what's to know more about when God made them. This would make a great book and gift for anyone who loves to read to their child. 
Did you know that we are special Genesis 1:26-27 tells use that because God created use. 
Each person is unique on the outside. You may not like something about the way you look. But look inside God made people in his image inside we look like God. He gave use bright minds He gave use the ability to love
He gave us a sense of humor look inside and you can feel very special indeed
Words from my study bible.

Also, remember God made you just the way you are and he made the earth and everything in it.
The Bible tells that we are fearfully and wonderfully made
Psalm 139:1414 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your wor…

Book Review: Journey to aviad Wind Rider Chronicles Book 1 written by Allison D. Reid

Picture from Amazon
Book Review: Journey to aviad Wind Rider Chronicles Book 1 written by Allison D. ReidA great young adult book filled with adventure.
The author Allison did a great Job writing this book and it will defiantly take you on a journey. 
This book is a journey in its self-finding God in the mess of bad things happing in her world she is looking to find herself.
This book would make a great Gift for any young adult looking for a Christian fantasy for any young adult.
This would make a great Christian book for your bookshelf at home are at a church are a library and in a classroom too.
I had my little sister read this and she loved it my little sister is a young adult and she really loved this book.
This would also be a good book to put on your summer reading list this summer it is a good read check to see if your local library has it.
I donated my copy to the local library so everyone would have a chance to read it.

Check out the book on Amazon…

Whats on my summer reading list to read this summer and sharing with you what my favorite books are.

This summer I plan on reading 100 books for my book challenge and summer reading list from are local library.
So far I have read two books Casey of cranberry cove a young adult book by Susan kotch.  And a Molly mystery an American girl book. 
I have a plan on reading a lot of awesome books this summer I am going to read more books like classical old books.
The book on my summer reading list to read this summer are.
Moby dick By Melville, Herman
Boston Jane: an adventureBy Holm, Jennifer L. 
Bridge to TerabithiaBy Paterson, Katherine
Danger at the Zoo: a Kit mysteryBy Ernst, Kathleen,
Journey to the center of the earthBy Verne, Jules
Jane EyreBy Bronte, Charlotte
Little womenBy Alcott, Louisa May,
Mary PoppinsBy Travers, P. L. (Pamel

Summer reading challenge at the library: Keeping kids and adults reading this summer

This summer I plan on doing a lot of reading my y goal is to read 100 books this summer and what a great way to spend my summer is by picking up a good book.

I signed up for the adult reading challenge at my local library there is also a children's reading program too what a great why to keep your children and you busy this summer is by picking up a good book and the best thing is if you what to go places this summer but don't what to leave your then pick up a good book you can go places.

Make sure you stop at your local library this summer for the reading summer challenge and another fun library programs that they have this summer for adults and children. 

Dearing the summer children lose what they learned in school so the best why to keep them learning is by visiting your local library and picking up a good book for you and your child. The local library has all kinds of fun learning free programs for adults and children they also have a free computer with learning games for you…