Friday, May 12, 2017

Epilepsy Gods blessing and MChickens

Growing up God has blessed use with so much.
Growing up I can remember we did not have much money but God always provided We always had money to got a dollar Mchicken from McDonald's.

We Got mchickens when my mom needed some time to think.
With a dad that was not really around even though they were married my mom was like a single mom most of the time.

We also got a mchicken when we went for rides in Amish country as well as going to look at Christmas lights.

I don't know where my dad was most of the time but I find that to be a blessing for me and my family you see my dad was a stranger to use because he was never really around so we did not look at him like a dad more like a friend.

Me and my little sister have epilepsy so if one of use had a seizure my mom would leave one of my sisters with use so she could go get something to eat for use at McDonald's. 
She would come back with a mchickens.

To some people, it would be just a mchicken but to me and my family, it was a big part of our lives growing up.

We still like mchickens to this very day we enjoy them with french fries and a sweet tea our with a frappe.

We also Got a 25 cent ice cream cone when we went for a ride to look at  Christmas light and go look for deer in Amish country.

Also growing up my grandpa would drive me and my mom to Akron children's hospital for our doctor's appointments and if we were good he would buy us something to eat and sometimes dessert.

Mchickens were a special treat for me and my sisters we did not get one maybe twice a month we did not go out to eat very often.

we went to the park all the time when the weather was nice and we would have a picnic.

This blog post goes along with the blog post I did last year called peanut butter blessing and I will post that link below.

peanut butter was also a blessing 

When I was growing up we did not have much but  I do remember was always having peanut butter in our cupboards we made so many Different things with it, like peanut butter sandwiches with grape are strawberry Jelly are we used marshmallow cream.

Have you ever had a mchicken?

Here is the link to the peanut butter blessing post

Enjoy reading Angelika 


  1. Oh yes....I now get the 1.00 chicken sandwich from McDonald's and it is very good. Isn't it strange
    the things we find "blessings" in? So many blessings hold alot of memories, just like the ones
    you wrote about; McDonald specials and peanut butter AND don't forget all the blessings that
    are in macaroni and cheese!!

  2. I loved hearing how those Mcchickens reminded you of so many things ☺. Thanks for sharing!

  3. How fun that you are able to have good memories associated with a comfort food. Hopefully your childhood was better for it!

  4. Love this, childhood memories are a must x x

  5. What a great childhood memory, Angelika :) I loved reading your story and reliving some of those fun times together. xoxo

  6. OMG !!! This is soo greaat love it <3


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