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Genesis bible challenge day 1. Genesis 1 chapter 1 Creation

Creation how the world was made.
Genesis the word Genesis means beginnings this book tells the story of the creation of the universe. It tells where human beings came from and how each of us is special to God Genesis is God place to begin reading the bible. 
Genesis 1:1-In the beginning, God created heaven and earth the earth was formless and empty and darkness covered the deep water the spirit of God was hovering over the water.
Everything was made by God on the first day God said let there be light. Everything that is on earth was made by God have you ever wondered how the world came to well know you know God created it. 
He made the trees and the flowers and all the animals and people on the earth. I am so thankful he created such a beautiful world to call our temporary home.
Did you know you are special?  Genesis 1:26-27
Tell us that each person Is unique on the outside. you may not like something about yourself our the way you look. But Look inside God made people in his image inside we …

craft: Jewelry Doll Jar

Need an idea on what to do with all the extra jewelry you have that you never wear well you too can make a jewelry doll. I Made a Jewelry Doll Jar with some extra jewelry I had.
I got this idea from a book I got at the library called All-girl crafts by Kathy Ross.
All I did was take old jewelry and made a person with it then I hot glued the doll onto the jar.
Here is what you need  1 glass jar Old jewelry you have on hand. A low heat glue gun.
Then you just design your doll and be creative and have fun.
My family liked this craft too and it makes a beautiful home decoration.
Do you make jewelry our use Jewelry for crafts?

How to have Victory over fear

I am so glad I went to my new Sunday school class at church today we talked about fear and how we can have victory over fear.

I know with me I fear many things and I get  Anxiety really bad wear it feels like a can't breath and it makes me miss out on so much. The things I am afraid of is being alone and new changes and much more.

But what I have learned today was an eye opener for me Romans it talks about if God is for use who can be against use.

Romans 8:31-34 says this.

What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?Who will bring any charge against those whom God has chosen? It is God who justifies.Who then is the one who condemns?No one. Christ Jesus who died—more than that, who was raised to life—is at the right hand of God and is also interceding for us.

The book I got at church today is the one we are stu…

Look what I made with seashells and how you can decorate your house with seashells 2017.

Today I tried a new craft I made seashells animals using the seashells I found at the beach and some googly eyes I got a dollar tree and a low heat glue gun.
This will make a very cute decoration for your home and they are super cute and easy to make.
I got this idea from a book I got at the library called look what I made with seashells written by Morteza E. Sohi and more ideas from Pinterest.
I made a dog and a bear with his fish as well as a bunny. and a pelican and an armadillo. An owl and a cute dog.    a frog and a mouse. A snail all out of seashells.

I made a seashell sign out of colorful popsicle sticks I got at the dollar tree and used some seashells from the beach.
I have this sign hanging on my porch it turned out beautiful and my family liked it too. 

Here is another beautiful idea on what you can do with the seashells you find on the beach. This would be beautiful in your house too.

I also made this beautiful seashell dream catcher that I have hanging on my porch outside.
I used beads…

Epilepsy Gods blessing and MChickens

Growing up God has blessed use with so much. Growing up I can remember we did not have much money but God always provided We always had money to got a dollar Mchicken from McDonald's.
We Got mchickens when my mom needed some time to think. With a dad that was not really around even though they were married my mom was like a single mom most of the time.
We also got a mchicken when we went for rides in Amish country as well as going to look at Christmas lights.
I don't know where my dad was most of the time but I find that to be a blessing for me and my family you see my dad was a stranger to use because he was never really around so we did not look at him like a dad more like a friend.
Me and my little sister have epilepsy so if one of use had a seizure my mom would leave one of my sisters with use so she could go get something to eat for use at McDonald's.  She would come back with a mchickens.
To some people, it would be just a mchicken but to me and my family, it was a big part …

Homemade chicken Salad

Homemade chicken Salad
Made a healthy lunch for me and my family today it was  Homemade chicken salad with sweet relish and tortilla strips it was so good and my first time making it. It turned out so good that my whole family liked it too.I have to say this is the best chicken salad I have ever had thank you to my Aileen for the recipe.
I hope to Make this for my family when we all get together and have game nights this is an easy recipe to make and would be great for any party you can pair it with crackers and bread as well as tortilla chips are just eat it by its self.
This was a great recipe to make on a hot day like this one because it is simple to make and it is good cold.
I wold like to make this recipe and add in peanuts as well as some raisins and try it with cheese in it.
This makes enough for about twelve so if you don't need that much just cut the recipe in half. A tip from my friend.

Here the recipe Chicken Salad                                                
3 12 ounce cans…

Pinterest inspired bible craft: For me and my house we will serve the Lord Joshua 24:15

Pinterest inspired bible craft: For me and my house we will serve the Lord Joshua 24:15
I got this craft idea on Pinterest when I was looking up bible crafts to make. 
I love making crafts and making them using popsicle sticks I got this colorful one at the dollar tree I have never soon them before so I was happy when I found them.
This bible verse is so true to me and my family because in my house we serve the lord by what we watch and what we listen too. a
This craft is so easy and fun to make but if you are going do this craft with your kids make sure they are going to do it with an adult because I used a glue gun but you can try with any type of glue.
All I used was some colorful popsicle stick  I got from the dollar tree and some beautiful flower gems I also got from the dollar tree. AS well as some scrapbook paper I got from Walmart.

All you need for this craft is popsicle sticks 
Flowered gems
Scapbook paper
A glue gun 
our any type of glue.

Here is the instrucions 

Travel Florida: Manatee observation and education center in port st Lucie Flordia

Travel Florida: Manatee observation and education center in port st Lucie Flordia 
When Me and my family lived in Port st Lucie we made time to go to the  Manatee observation and education center.
We had fun looking at all they had on display they had a skeleton of a Manatee hang up on the wall and different kinds of fish and seashells.
Me and my little sister Savannah.

They also had a watch pair for you to look down in the water to see if you can find any manatees but the water was still too cold to see any.
They also had hands-on activities for little kids to do as well.

They had a beautiful gift shop with beautiful things you can buy.

They also had fun things to do outside too and the price of admission is a great price a dollar a person that' not bad at all.

Make sure you check out their website

Travel Myrtle Beach: Visit the Hollywood wax museum in myrtle beach

Me and Marilyn Monroe just hang out.
Travel Myrtle Beach: Visit the Hollywood wax museum in myrtle beach  
When my Aunt Tracy came to myrtle beach she invited me and my sister sierra to join them at the Hollywood wax museum I was so excited because I have been wanting to go there since it had just opened up.

there are three Attractions there is the wax museum of celebrities, the Maze of mirrors, And the zombie maze. Me and my family all did the maze of mirrors and the wax museum but only my uncle Joel and my sister sierra did the zombie maze they were the brave once.  

Me and captain jack sparrow. 
(Johnny Depp)

Me and Brittney spears

me and Brittney spears.

When me and my family went it was not very busy at all we got through everything really fast and that made it nice.

Me and my family agreed we do wish they had more to see and more wax celebrities to see it went way to fast.

The Maze of mirrors was beautiful and different that's the best way I can put it and it's called Hann…

Florida Fashion And Accessory's 2017

Living in Flordia you have to keep up with the latest fashion and accessories so I am here to share with you my Florida fashion and some of my favorite accessories. 
In this picture, I am wearing a pair of Gloria vanderbuilt shorts I Got at our local goodwill,  I am also wearing a black tank top with a cover up from claires.

Here I am wearing a beautiful orange summer top with a pair of jean shorts and a cute blue purse with a unique design.

Curly hair and sunglasses are always in and with my hair, it is always curly because of the hot weather,

Here I am standing by a palm tree and I am wearing a cute flowered top with a pair of jean shorts and black flats with long earrings.

Here I am wearing a blue tank top with my favorite blue shorts and my hair is up in pig tales. I am also wearing earrings,

Here i am in honeymoon island and I am wearing a pink top with a beautiful design with pink shorts and a purple bag.

Here I am by a palm tree in Hudson beach Florida I am wearing a checkered tank to…