Thursday, April 27, 2017

Traveling around the world trying one coffee bean at a time.

A coffee cake muffin and the new spring drink

A skinny caramel kiss with whipped cream 

Take time to visit a coffee shop.

I love going to coffee shops I am a coffee shop addict I love the smell of the coffee being made and how warm and inviting it feels to go into a coffee shop.

I love trying all the new spring drinks and trying something new whether it be a drink are something to eat and enjoy. 

My favorite coffee shop treats to get is a muffin they are so good I love all kinds of muffins.

Going to a coffee shop is one of the most relaxing places you can go to and just have some you time. 

I love how coffee shops are so clean and comfortable a nice place to meet friends and catch up over a coffee and something sweet to eat.

Growing up me and my family always went to the coffee shop near my house to get a drink my favorite drink to get was a favorite water they would put strawberry flavoring in it for me.

My new favorite drink is a skinny caramel kiss blended with whipped cream it is so good.

I look forward to visiting different coffee shops when I travel.  

All coffee shops are different and exciting and they all have something different on the menu.

Coffee shops have so much to offer other than coffee like candy's and chocolates donuts and muffins as well as cookies and ice cream and so much more so there is something for everyone.

You can bring an adult coloring book with you and enjoy coloring when you are drinking your coffee.

You can also bring a book our your lab top to enjoy as well as your phone.

Never go to a coffee shop alone you might spend all your money you will need someone to help you.

Sitting outside is relaxing also when you are drinking your coffee I love feeling the spring air and listing to all the bird's sing and just enjoying my time.

The coffee shops I have been too are 
the fat cat in myrtle beach sc
The daily grind cafe in new Philadelphia Ohio
Winan's coffee shop in Troy Ohio 
Joe Muggs coffee shop in Books A million canton Ohio.
Seattle's Best coffee new Philadelphia Ohio.
Starbucks in west Virginia  
All of this coffee shops are really good places to visit.

What is your favorite coffee shop?

What coffee shops have you been too?

look forward to hearing from you any recommendations on coffee shops to visit.

Enjoy Reading Angelika

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  1. You certainly have been to a lot of coffee shops! Goodness!! I guess that's ok
    if you love coffee, but, if you are like me, I would have to drink their hot chocolate
    or their flavored water etc. No coffee for me, please!!! I love to visit their shops
    however because I love to SMELL coffee and those type of places are so cozy
    and inviting...they are very relaxing places to visit; especially the ones in small
    towns. Sometimes, I just take a book to read. I find me a table out of the way,
    get my hot chocolate and sit down and read for a while.


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