Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Summer Safety and staying save with Epilepsy 2017.

staying safe with epilepsy knowing my triggers!

With summer coming up and going swimming and having fun as wall as going on vacation it is important to have epilepsy safety information.     

People with Epilepsy like me should know there triggers and learn to stay safe with there epilepsy.

In order for me to stay safe is for me to know and learn my triggers and understand and learn them.

Epilepsy Triggers are trigger that can cause a seizure. Epilepsy triggers are different for everyone 

Epilepsy triggers 

flashing lights they make me feel funny and give me a headache.

Stress can cause a seizure  with me i try to learn how to stay calm and take a deep breath.

Being late are missed medication is a big trigger.

Flickering lights can cause a seizure. 

Some drinks can cause Epilepsy and food too.
like i can't have anything with red die because of my epilepsy and ADHD. I can't have anything with Aspartame in it Aspartame can cause epilepsy.

Always listen to your body and what it is telling you never push your self to heard listing to your body can help you.

Not getting enough sleep can cause epilepsy too. 
Never go any were alone always go with a friend are a family member you can trust that will help you if you have a seizure make sure you tell your friend and family how they can help you if you ever do go into a seizure.

Make sure you wear a medical ID bracelet that has you condition on it like mine say Epilepsy. Also make sure you carry a medical ID card with you with your list of medication on it as well as your condition on it so people can be able to help you as well as emergency contact information  on it.

Also make sure you check with your doctor before trying something new are if you are not sure it is safe for you to do.

Never go swimming alone if you have epilepsy bring some who you can trust to be your swimming buddy and be able to watch you.
read about and learn  swimming and water safety for people with epilepsy. 

Some epilepsy travel safety tips that i am going to share with you are never go anywhere alone make sure the person you are traveling with knows you have epilepsy make sure you share with them how they can help you if you have a seizure make sure you share with them what epilepsy is and always have a buddy with you who you can trust.  Make sure you give the person you are traveling with emergence contact information as well as instructions on how to help you.

When traveling make sure you take your medication with you always keep your medication beside you are give it to some who can hold on to it for you someone you can trust like your parents our a caregiver.  Make sure you take your medication on time set a alarm if you have too.

Never travel alone with epilepsy always bring some you can trust it's better to be safe then sorry i was always told.

Here is a website on travel safety tips for epilepsy

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  1. My sister had epilepsy too and it was scary whenever she had seizures. But she took medicine for a long time and suddenly her seizures happened less and less until they completely went away. Her version must have been less severe. But it was still scary. I was too young to understand all the triggers so this article is eye-opening. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I had no idea there were so many things to consider with the summer right around the corner. It definitely gives me more empathy for those with epilepsy, especially where I live in Florida.


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