Friday, April 14, 2017

Spring Activity Nature Art and Peachy Ice Cream.

Went out side today on this beautiful spring day to do some nature art it is very easy to do and very fun for all ages.

All i did was look for sticks flowers and rocks as wells a grass and leaves  anything nature as well i used some sea shells i found on the beach. I also used some craft supplies i had in my room to make it more fun like using google eye beads and feathers .

I had so much fun doing this spring activity that i would differently do it again . It is a fun activity that a family can do together. 

I also enjoy picking wild flowers as well you are never too old to enjoy beautiful flowers.

Me and my goofball sisters went to cold stone creamery too i love it there and i enjoyed the time i had with my sisters. I enjoyed taste testing each others ice cream too we each got a different flavor. 
I got there new peach ice cream it was so good it had peach flavored ice cream with caramel sauce and gram crackers and whipped cream on top in a waffle cone it was so good.

I had a a very nice day it all started when i walked my sister to work today and got a good meal out of it and enjoyed are walk together.

Spring time is my favorite i love to stop and smell the beautiful flowers and the weather is always so beautiful.
I also enjoy spend time with friends and family.

I also enjoy going for walks in the spring time and seeing all the little baby animals.
 Baby ducks are always so cute and fuzzy.

I also enjoy feeding the birds and ducks.

What is you favorite spring time activity? 

What is your favorite thing about spring?

Looking forward to hearing from you Angelika 


  1. You certainly found some interesting things to make cute craft items. My favorite thing about spring is:
    the "newness" of everything...the blooms on the trees, the flowers starting to open up, all the new baby
    animals...the colors of spring are gorgeous; all pastels! Something about spring says, "new", "freshness",
    and "fragrance". Thank you for posting this blog. I love reading it and I love you!

  2. Completely agree...I love going for walks in the spring and early summer, especially by the water. Adding ice cream to the mix makes it even better!

  3. These are great ideas, thank you for the inspiration! It would be amazing if you share this post with my #LivingLifeWild linky! Katie x

  4. Love seeing the wild flowers blooming and miss the kids picking them for me. I never turn down ice cream.

  5. How much fun! Cold Stone is my favorite place to go for ice cream. I love being able to create my own flavor for the day. My favorite thing to do in the spring is just get out with my daughters. Getting a break from the cold and snow is so awesome.

  6. We've been doing this kind of this the week, it's the perfect time of year for it!


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