Monday, April 3, 2017

My Photography: Tarpon Springs Florid

My Photography: Tarpon Springs Florid  

I took this pictures at tarpon springs Florida it is beautiful there and i was so happy to be able to go and visit there and take pictures.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from our trip  to tarpon springs we had so much fun going and walking around. Tarpon springs is none for the sea sponges

I got to capture the ships coming in from a long journey looking for sea sponge. I asked the captain how long he was out at sea for and he said 17 days that's a long time.

At Tarpon Springs you will see all kinds of bikes decorated in different ways it pretty cool to see.

I  loved how bright and sunny it was there and all the beautiful colors too see and the little shops were fun to visit as well.

Tarpon springs is a great place to take family too and it is very educational place to visit.

We took my sister here when she came to visit and she loved it she even bought some real sea sponge we had a great time here as a family my favorite shop was the sea shell shop.

I took these pictures with my camera on my phone i am happy to see that they turned out and  my grandma said she can't believe that i took this with my phone because they look like i took them with a camera.

All my photography as my name on it  they also say my photography and they are copyrighted so please do not take my pictures and use them on your blog our website.

Do you like taking pictures?

Enjoy Reading Angelika 

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  1. I love looking at your beautiful photos. You do such a great job; such a wonderful talent you have. I appreciate you sharing your love of photography. Thank you, Angelika...I love ya


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