Monday, April 3, 2017

How I really Feel About living with Epilepsy and a Chronic illness and the thorn in the flesh Paul in the bible.

How I really Feel About living with Epilepsy and a Cronic illness

Hi My Name is Angelika and i am living with a chronic illness called epilepsy. I have Had epilepsy since i was a year old.

Having epilepsy Has been a part of me for a long time it's like having a shadow of fear follow you were ever you go because you never know when you are going to have a seizure.

I try to stay positive about my epilepsy but today i would like to share with you what living with epilepsy is really like. 

I have missed out on a lot because of my epilepsy like when my family went to the beach and i stayed home because i was sick and not feeling well but my family brought me a surprise they found on the beach that made me feel a little bite better.

I have felt left out growing up like not being able to do what my sisters do are my friends but i am thankful for being able to do what i can do.

The Good Doctorate's don't accept my insurance that i have and that gets very up setting it's very hard getting a neurologist.

This epilepsy headaches are awful and very painful that one of the side affects of having epilepsy another side effects our sickness and just not feeling well there is never a day that i feel 100% better i am always sick and not feeling well but i know God is with me and he helps me have a good day everyday and i have a good support team behind me too.

I read in my bible about how Paul had a chronic illness in his life and asked got to take it away but God never did but God did help him through it and that is what God is doing with me too.  In the bible Paul Calls it a thorn in the flesh. And i truly believe my thorn is my epilepsy. 

All my life i have prayed that God would take my epilepsy away he never did but has shown me how to live with it and be positive and help other people who have a Chronic Illness And he has helped me through it and my family too.

Living with epilepsy is no walk in the park it takes strength and courage and God's help as well as my parents and doctor's. 

I am not the only one in my family who has epilepsy my Sister as it as well as my Aunt and Cousin so i don't feel alone in this there is always some who can relate to me and how i feel.

I remember growing up going to Akron children's hospital with my sister and aunt my grandpa would drive use to are doctor's appointments  and after words he would take use out to eat.

Akron children's Hospital has always been there for me and my family growing up and i am blessed by that.

I have missed out on things because i did not feel good like having a headache and just not felling well.

Were does my help come from?
My help comes from the lord the maker of Heaven and Earth.
Song lyrics from I will praise you in this storm by casting crowns.

I also believe that the storm in my life is my epilepsy and like the song say i will praise him and he is always there for use me and my family he never sleeps Jesus is always a phone call away.

My dreams and Goals in life is to be able to raise money for epilesy awareness there are lots of people that don't know what epilepsy is and i hope to teach as many people about it and get more people involved.

Here are some more blog post i did on my epilepsy feel free to check them out and leave me a comment

Do you know  someone who has epilepsy? What are some ways you can help them our spread epilepsy awareness? 

Let me know what you think looking forward to hearing from you

Enjoy reading Angelika 

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