Book Review: Between The Lanterns Written By J.M. Bush

Book Review: Between The Lanterns Written By J.M. Bush

I did not read this book my little sister did i had her read it become it's for her age middle school and high school.

She said she like it and it was good a very good read for middle school ages and high school age too.

My little sister that there was cuss words in this book but other then that she liked it. 

She said it was a little difficult to read this book because she did not understand the story but she did say it was good. 

I got this book to review by the author and i think it would be a good book for any one who likes a mystery and a Romans in the same story line.

It would also make a good gift for Teens that like this kind of books.

I donated this book to my local library for Other people to read and enjoy as well.

Make sure you check out J.M Bush website

Enjoy reading Angelika 

Got the book picture from the internet 


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