Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Beach Activity: Paper Plate Seashell Dream Catcher 2017

Dream Catcher

Beach Activity: Paper Plate Seashell Dream Catcher 2017

I made a paper plate sun catcher today in my room I had a blast making it and it was super easy and I look forward to hanging it up.

I took some seashells I found on the beach over the years that had holes in them already and started putting thread through them and tying them with some beads.

Some of the beads I used are glow in the dark beads so that should be cool to see at night.

I Used one paper plate 
a sheet of scrapbook paper
glue gun
and seashells
Here is a website on full instructions I just added seashells and scrapbook paper

I also made a seashell wind chime to using a stick I found in my back yard.

My Seashell wind chime.
The wind chime sounds beautiful when the wind hits it.

I found all my seashells when I went to myrtle beach and in port st Lucie Florida as well as Sanibel island I love finding seashells I always bring a bag with me to put them in. 

I look forward to making more seashell crafts I have found ideas on Pinterest and on google.

I also look forward to finding more seashells this summer.

Enjoy reading Angelika 


  1. What a cute idea! I have tons of shells sitting around!

  2. Cute idea! We live near Galveston so Ill have to pickup some shells on our next trip!

  3. how beautiful! i'm going to do this with my kids -- they love bringing me seashells!


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