Friday, April 28, 2017

5 Awesome amusement parks you should visit This Summer

The First park on my list is  Tuscarawas park in New Philadelphia Ohio. I t has rides and two awesome playgrounds and a putt-putt area
And so much more.

The second amusement park on my list is the Family Kingdom, Amusement Park in Myrtle beach,
It has all kinds of rides games and water rides.
And a Ferris wheel.

The third park on my list is the sky wheel in Myrtle beach located on the boardwalk the boardwalk in myrtle beach is so fun they have lots of rides to go on and a lot of little different shops and restraints places to eat.
There are all kinds of interment.  

The fourth park on my list is cedar point in Cedarville Ohio 
I have been there twice and I love it there are all kinds of rides and roller coasters and many places to eat and get a snack. 

The fifth one is the Tuscarawas fair in new Philadelphia Ohio.
There are all kinds of rides there I have a few favorites and lots of food stands and places to eat. There are also games you can play and craft shows and so much more.

What amusement parks have you been too?

Enjoy reading Angelika  

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  1. There are a lot of memories in all of those places for you, right, Angelika?
    Who can forget our town park?! I love going there and feeding the ducks
    and watching people play tennis. The rides are alot of fun and it's so
    neat to see how excited little children get waiting for the merry-go-round
    to stop and let them get on. I love Tuscora Park...there is so much to see
    and do. The picnic areas are always so clean and there are a lot of tables
    and places throughout the park to have a picnic.


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