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An Artist At Heart! making pinterest inspired Ornaments for Family 2017

A year Ago our so my aunt Tracy hosted a Pinterest inspired ornament party at her house and invited all the ladies in the family to come and do a craft together it was so much fun.
We made cute owl ornaments and Christmas trees I loved seeing how each person made a different owl and tree.
I also made a snowball picture and a horse ornament it turned out super cute and it made my whole family laugh and my mom loved it.
It was a fun and enjoyable day filled with fun and laughter and it was good fellowship to have and we made our house cute as well.
We hope to make more ornaments to this year for our tropical Christmas tree we are planning on having.
You can make all kinds of ornaments for any occasion and holiday I will post some links below for ideas and inspiration.
For Christmas last year I made my best friend a seashell and sand Florida snowglobe ornament as a gift he loved it.

At my Aunt Linda's house, we made cinnamon applesauce ornaments and my sister sierra did not know they were n…

5 Awesome amusement parks you should visit This Summer

The First park on my list is  Tuscarawas park in New Philadelphia Ohio. I t has rides and two awesome playgrounds and a putt-putt area And so much more.

The second amusement park on my list is the Family Kingdom, Amusement Park in Myrtle beach, It has all kinds of rides games and water rides. And a Ferris wheel.

The third park on my list is the sky wheel in Myrtle beach located on the boardwalk the boardwalk in myrtle beach is so fun they have lots of rides to go on and a lot of little different shops and restraints places to eat. There are all kinds of interment.  

The fourth park on my list is cedar point in Cedarville Ohio  I have been there twice and I love it there are all kinds of rides and roller coasters and many places to eat and get a snack. 

The fifth one is the Tuscarawas fair in new Philadelphia Ohio. There are all kinds of rides there I have a few favorites and lots of food stands and places to eat. There are also games you can play and craft shows and so much more.

What amusement …

7 Beaches you Should Visit On your Next vacation.

The first stop on my list of beaches to visit is honeymoon island in Florida.  It's a beautiful beach with white sand and lots of things to see and do my favorite was finding seashells my stepdad took this picture of me finding seashells.

The second beach on my stop is Hudson beach Flordia it is a cute little beach that is filled with white sand that is super soft and it is a very relaxing beach with a beautiful view of the ocean.  There were no seashells there but it was still beautiful to see we went here for my sisters birthday that weekend.

The third beach on my list is Myrtle beach it was my first beach I been too and it was my favorite beach there were lots of seashells and lots of wildlife and so many things to see and do there. I love how the sand fills between my toes.

The fourth beach on my list is Vero beach in Florida I and my family got up really early in the morning to watch the sunrise it was breathtaking I love watching the sun rise over the ocean. We were not a fan of t…

Traveling around the world trying one coffee bean at a time.

A coffee cake muffin and the new spring drink
A skinny caramel kiss with whipped cream 
Take time to visit a coffee shop.
I love going to coffee shops I am a coffee shop addict I love the smell of the coffee being made and how warm and inviting it feels to go into a coffee shop.
I love trying all the new spring drinks and trying something new whether it be a drink are something to eat and enjoy. 
My favorite coffee shop treats to get is a muffin they are so good I love all kinds of muffins.
Going to a coffee shop is one of the most relaxing places you can go to and just have some you time. 
I love how coffee shops are so clean and comfortable a nice place to meet friends and catch up over a coffee and something sweet to eat.
Growing up me and my family always went to the coffee shop near my house to get a drink my favorite drink to get was a favorite water they would put strawberry flavoring in it for me.
My new favorite drink is a skinny caramel kiss blended with whipped cream it is so goo…

Beach Activity: Paper Plate Seashell Dream Catcher 2017

Dream Catcher
Beach Activity: Paper Plate Seashell Dream Catcher 2017
I made a paper plate sun catcher today in my room I had a blast making it and it was super easy and I look forward to hanging it up.
I took some seashells I found on the beach over the years that had holes in them already and started putting thread through them and tying them with some beads.
Some of the beads I used are glow in the dark beads so that should be cool to see at night.
I Used one paper plate  a sheet of scrapbook paper beads  glue gun and seashells Here is a website on full instructions I just added seashells and scrapbook paper
I also made a seashell wind chime to using a stick I found in my back yard.
My Seashell wind chime. The wind chime sounds beautiful when the wind hits it.
I found all my seashells when I went to myrtle beach and in port st Lucie Florida as well as Sanibel island I love finding seashells I always bring a b…

Book Review: Preschool Blues Written By Marybell Martinez

Got this picture of this book on Amazon. 

Book Review: Preschool Blues Written By Marybell Martinez 
This is such a cute book that will have your preschool ready and teach them what preschool is all about.
This is a cute short little story that would be good for story time in the classroom as well as at home reading it to your kids.
This would make a great gift for any child ready to start preschool.

I would recommend this book to any parent as well as teachers and day care workers.
The Author   Marybell Martinez did a great Job on this book and it is beautifully illustrated.
I donated this book to our local library so other children can read it too.
Check out this book on Amazon
Enjoy reading Angelika 

My Handmade Doll My Mom Made me in 2009

My Handmade Doll My Mom Made me in 2009 
I would like to share with you the first doll my mom ever made me in 2009.
My mom likes to sew and started making dolls so I would ask her for months if she would me one and she did.
She even made one for each of my sisters as well as different family members too.
She sewed everything herself including the cute little dress she has on. 
My mom made this for me when I was 17 I can't believe it was that long age. 
My mom also made a lot of different things growing up as well like towels and dolls. She as also made candles it would make our house smell so good growing up smelling all the different scents. 
My mom Stephanie does a good job decorating the house with her crafts. she makes her own dolls sewing them by hand and she has also made a door wreaths using old books it turned out super cute she made a big one and a small one.
Here are some more pictures of the crafts my mom made too 
My mom's mammy doll she made 
my mom towel she made.

My mom …

Beach Craft: Seashell wind chime 2017

Beach Craft: Seashell wind chime 
Are you looking for a craft to do with the seashells you find at the beach this summer are just some seashells you have laying around well here is one craft you can do with your seashells.
I have it hanging outside my door it turned out very nice and my family likes it too. 
I finally came around and making a seashell wind chime i really enjoyed making it and it was a lot of fun.
I got the idea on Pinterest and my aunt Tracy made one with the seashells she found on the beach.
I found so many seashells when i lived in myrtle beach and port st Lucie Florida as well as Sanibel island when i visited there.
I am looking forwards to making more crafts using my seashells and being able to decorate my room with them.
There are so many wind chime ideas on the web i just picked one random website but i did mine a little differently.
I used a stick i found in my back yard I picked some seashells i lik…

Spring Activity Nature paper plate Sun catchers 2017

Spring Activity Diy Nature Sun catchers  and nature scavenger hunt  2017 
Made a craft today and thought i would share it with all of you.
I had so much fun making this beautiful flower petal Sun catchers.
I went outside in my back yard and looked for leaves flowers and grass as well as different kinds of wild flowers.  I also used some rose petals as well.
You could also use different kinds of leaves flowers and grass as well as weeds and ferns. 
I had fun using foil and computer paper both turned out really nice.
For the paper plate sun catcher you will need
1 paper plate 
1 sheet of foil our computer paper
your flower mixture and grass what ever you found out side that you would like to use.
for full instructions here is the link
I have them hanging on are porch and they make a beautiful spring decoration. 
This would make a fun family Activity to do together growing up i always would do crafts with my …

Earth Day 2017 How to keep the world around you clean and keeping it clean.

Earth Day 2017 How to keep the world around you clean and keeping it clean. 
With earth day tomorrow i though i would share some ways we can work together and keep the earth clean.
Some ways we can help is recycle you can make this a family activity as well by teaching your kids how to recycle and element what is going in to the land fill.  By recycle we can element how much waste is going to the land fill. 
When i lived in Florida me and my family recycled and i enjoyed it i hope to do it again sometime that would be fun. 
When we go to the beach this summer for vacation we can help keep the beach clean by throwing our trash away and not leaving it on the beach if you see trash pick it up it can get in to the ocean and hurt the ocean animals.  You can help by picking up your trash and not littering.
another way we can help is not littering like throwing trash out the window throw your trash in the trash can were it belongs lets keep are earth clean. I see so much garbage on the high ways an…

Epilepsy And Church 2017

Epilepsy And Church 2017 
I have epilepsy and i do enjoy going to church a lot i always ask my parents are we going to church today. 
But with Epilepsy sometimes church is hard for me to enjoy because of  the lights they us bother me my old church group had flashing lights so i ended up having a seizure as church because of that. So i started telling the pastor and the light people that i have epilepsy so they turned them of for me and that helped me out a lot i was thankful for that.
I have anxiety issues really bad because of my Epilepsy and my medicine so a lot of people make me feel over whelmed at times. As well as the loud music makes me get a headache and i have to sit down for a minute sometimes sitting down helps me and taking a deep breath.

Also with me having epilepsy my seizures cause me to zone out and because of that i miss what the pastor is talking about but i do my best and write down what i can and learn from that and study that and the plus side is that some church have…

Spring Activity Nature Art and Peachy Ice Cream.

Went out side today on this beautiful spring day to do some nature art it is very easy to do and very fun for all ages.
All i did was look for sticks flowers and rocks as wells a grass and leaves  anything nature as well i used some sea shells i found on the beach. I also used some craft supplies i had in my room to make it more fun like using google eye beads and feathers .
I had so much fun doing this spring activity that i would differently do it again . It is a fun activity that a family can do together. 
I also enjoy picking wild flowers as well you are never too old to enjoy beautiful flowers.

Me and my goofball sisters went to cold stone creamery too i love it there and i enjoyed the time i had with my sisters. I enjoyed taste testing each others ice cream too we each got a different flavor.  I got there new peach ice cream it was so good it had peach flavored ice cream with caramel sauce and gram crackers and whipped cream on top in a waffle cone it was so good.
I had a a very nice …