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DRUMS And Handmade art




Dress Handmade and candy on it

Drum picture

Handmade Pictures Art

Last Night We went to a free family Event at the Troy-Hayner Cultural Center the free event was called Goree Drum Dance It was a African drum and dance program for all ages from 6:30 pm you could do the hands on drum workshop and 7:30 pm was the concert and drum circle.
I learned  that the drums are made from animal skins and some are made from recycled drums and they Grow there on beans in there Garden to put in there drums it was really cool you can watch the video to learn more and see more.
The event also had free punch and cookies to enjoy as well as seeing all the drums that you can buy and see and they also had hands on drums for kids to do.
It was a Good Experience to learn about culture and history…

Hiking in Ohio at Charleston Falls Preserve In tipp City Ohio 2017

Hiking in Ohio at Charleston Falls Preserve In tipp City OhioMe and my family Love Going Hiking so since the weather has been beautiful here in Ohio we went to hiking At Charleston Falls it is beautiful there we loved the Water Fall It was very Piece full.
On are hike we Saw a cave And some beautiful trees We saw some big rocks and the waterfall.    
We have Enjoyed Going to the wilderness center here in Ohio o go hiking and The Norma Johnson center in Dover Ohio.
When we go long distend hiking i like to wear a hat and carry a pack back with drinks and light snacks and we like to pack a lunch and eat it on the hike. We pack something small like a peanut butter sandwich are cold cuts with cheese. 
Hiking can be some much fun and enjoyable i love all the nature has to bring from the flowers to the waterfall God is so amazing in everything that he made.  I love taking pictures on my Hike as well.
Some hiking trails let you have Dogs so you can hike with your Dog like the one we went on at Ch…

My Favorite Fruit of the Spirit Is Love and Kindness And Joy Galatians 5:22-23

My Favorite Fruit of the Spirit Is Love and Kindness And Joy
 My Favorite Fruits of the spirit are Love Joy and Kindness.
I like this 3 fruits because they are Happy and Joyful And i love being kind and loving and i always try to be filled with Joy.
I like things that make me happy like Joy and bing bong from inside out and the song Happy.

Living with a chronic illness is never any fun some times i am in pain and some times my anxiety gets the best of me and i don't get very much sleep at all. But i know Joy comes in the morning like the bible says and i always look forward to a new day and a new start i am glad i have a lord that loves me and helps me through it all and my family and friends help me out too.

I find Joy in reading my bible and working in my Prayer Notebook were i like to write down my prayers. I just found a new verse that i like to think on in it Jeremiah 29:12 Then he calls to me and pray to me and i will listen. I find joy in knowing the God hears are prayers and l…

Product Review: Bible Tracts From Gospel Tracts planet

Product Review: Bible Tracts From Gospel Tract planet
I got this free Bible Tracts to view  From Track planet they have a lot of different kids of bible tracks to pick from.
For those of you who Don't know what bible tracks are  they are  little pamphlets that share God's good news about salvation so we can know Him personally and know we are going to heaven when we die.
I have big plans for this bible tracks i will be hanging them on public bulletin boards and send some to my pen pals our leave them on the table at restaurants there are so many different things you can do with them. I like to leave some in my purse and in my bible.
Growing up me and my mom and sisters would put this in Trick our treat bags and hand them out on Halloween we always had fun doing that.
I also like to leave some in public bathrooms too. A lot of people do that. I also like to leave some in hotel rooms were they keep the bible.
But be careful were you put them some places don't allow it. Also pray …

Book review: I Know You Are In There Winning The War Against Autism Written By Marcia Hinds

Book review: I Know You Are In There Winning The War Against Autism Written By Marcia Hinds 

I know you're in there shows just what is possible for children who are treated Medically in conjunction with intensive behavioral and Educational rehabilitation.  

This is a encouraging book for parents who have autistic children this book has everything you need to know about Autism and learning more about it.
This book is a true and Inspirational book about the Author son Ryan who they found out  has Autism at the age of four this book is to uplift parents and show you that there is Hope and a future for you child with Autism.
Marcia is here to show you there is hope and there is help and a good future for you and your children with Autism. 
I have seen Autistic People leave happy lives and there parents too Know i know not all Autistic children are the same.

Check out the authors website

enjoy reading Angelika 

Book Review: Hippo Pottymouth Written By Ken LefKowitz

Book Review: Hippo Pottymouth Written By Ken LefKowitz
Who is Hippo Potty Mouth?
Hippi just moved from the city to the country and learns that potty mouth words aren't acceptable there. Join Hippi on a fun-filled and exciting adventures as she meets a new friend and discovers that she needs to control her bad habits.

This is a really good book that will teach your kids that bad words are bad and that you should not say them it is not good to have a potty mouth.
This book is well written and has fun filled pictures as it is beautifully Illustrated  and as a very good message to it.
This book would be a great gift for anyone kids and adults to teach them that bad words are not acceptable and very bad and not something to be proud of and not something to laugh about.
This book would be great in a class room are at home on a book self and on a office and a nursery and day care it would make a lovely gift and your kids and students would love it and they are learning life lessons and creat…

Book Review:The Women of Easter written by Liz Curtis Higgs

Book Review:The Women of Easter written by Liz Curtis Higgs 
This is a good book it talks about Mary and here part of the bible it bring out good points too that you would never have thought of your self and it makes you really understand the bible verse  that talks about Mary and Martha in Luke 10:38-42.
This book will help you with your walk with good I read many of Liz Curtis Higgs book like Bad girls of the Bible i really liked that one.
This book will also strengthen your faith and leave you with a whole new approach to the bible verse found in Luke 10:38-42.
This would make a great gift for anyone who would like a good christian book and i would recommend a lot of liz curtis books because i like them.
This  would also be a good book to read at a bible study because it talks so much about Mary and Martha and it gives a lot of good points and encourages you to read me and Grow in your walk with God 
 I got this book free from blogging for books and i will post the link to that website a…

Product Review: Smith and Vandiver Bath Products.

Product Review: Smith and Vandiver Bath Products.
I got this wonderful products for free to review i love them. My favorite is the relaxing lotion and the matching bath bombs 

I have loved using the relaxing lotion to help me relax it smells so good and it really takes my stress away. I apply it to my skin at night and it helps me to relax and sleep 

The tropical lotion and bath bomb smell amazing it makes me feel like i am at the beach again my family loves the scents too and my mom really likes the relaxing ones as well.

They use essential oils in there products and that makes  it nice  to know you are applying healthy products to your skin.

They have a lot of great reviews on there facebook page and they also make great products for kids as well as adults too. 

There bath bombs are really nice and a great size too  and they are super relaxing the relax bath bomb turned my bath water blue how cool is that and the tropical one turned the bath water pink.

To learn more about there products …

My pen pal Kit And love having pen pals :D

My pen pal Kit And love having pen pals :D
My pen pal kit i made i thought i would share with you what i added to my kit i have pens and pencils and scented pen i got at the dollar tree they smell amazing my favorite is the strawberry one and i got lots of stickers and envelopes.
I keep all my letters from my pen pals in a box i like to keep them all and i always get excited when i get cards and letters in the mail. I found some pen pal groups on Facebook for girls only so i have enjoyed mailing my new pen pals letters and making new friendships and i have enjoyed my old pen pals too.
My whole family enjoys getting mail too and so do my pen pals and i started my own pen pal groups too were i share all my letters and my pen pal stuff that i like to use and share with my pen pals.
I enjoy having people to write too i have make my own address book as well and i decorated it my self and my pen pal kit as well i enjoy doing crafts and decorating i also like going to the dollar tree and getting…

My homemade Address and Pen Pal Book!

My homemade Address and Pen Pal Book!I made my own Address book with some craft supplies i had  i needed a address book to keep all my pen pal Address in it.
My aunt Ashley got me this notebook as a secret sister gift and i am using it as my new address book know and i decorated my self.
I love having pen pals and getting mail and writing letters God gave me the gift i writing and i enjoy it. 
All i do is ask my friends and family if they want to be pan pals and some say yes so i will write there address down and send them a letter. My grandma will mail me some stamps 
And i like getting stickers from the store and adding them to  my letters and i like to add stickers to the letters as well.
God as blessed me with lots of pen pals as well i have so many and i am excited to have them and get to know them more it's a great why to keep in touch with friends and family too.
You can find all kinds of pen pal ideas on pinterest and on google.
And there is so many things that you can add to your…

Book Review: Fireworks In the Night Featuring Music by Handel written by Sherry Miller

Book Review: Fireworks In the Night written by Sherry Miller An unlikely cast of characters will take you on an adventure into the world and music of George Frideric Handel. Rock a Note Farm, on Harmony Lane, will never be the same now that Randy the Raccoon is there to stay.
This is a great book for kids to learn and grow and it is a very creative book. This book makes learning fun and it comes with a free audio download at i will also post this link at the bottom of the page.
This is a fantastic book! I love the story, the illustrations and the music and i loved the randy the raccoon because raccoons are my favorite and i think they are cute. 
 I Love the  characters in the book. The voices on the audio that read the story are very good. This story is a great way to open up and talk about music history, and a fun way to  teach kids about classical music. "Fireworks in the Night" is a must for the preschool/elementary music teachers at there.