Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Today's Recycle craft My bug and snail Garden turned out super cute.

Today's craft My bug and snail Garden turned out super cute.

Today's craft is a Bug and snail craft i made using a old egg cartons and some craft supplies i got at the store tonight i got tissue paper and some cardboard straws and google eyes.

I have been very busy this last few days making a new craft everyday and i enjoy making something new so far i have been decorating my room with my crafts my room theme so far is bugs and insects my sister that shares a room with me does not seem to mind that i have decorated are room with cute bugs and insects crafts.

I find all my craft ideas on pinterest and i enjoy being creative and coming up with my own ideas.

For this craft i have found using a hot glue gun is so much more easier to use then glue and tap  and i love using my hot glue gun. All you need to do is find some old cardboard to glue your bugs too.

I will post the links to the craft ideas on the bottom of this page. And you can find a lot of awesome craft supplies at the dollar tree that's were i like to go for my craft supplies.

My favorite bugs and insects are ladybugs and lighting bugs and snails and i love animals.

This craft will teach your kids how to recycle and make something new.

For this craft you will need 

1 egg carton 

2 tissue paper

3 google eyes

4 cardboard

5 straws 

what i used was tissue paper instead of colored paper and i used cardboard to glue my bugs on and i used straws.

Here are the links to the bug and snail craft.

This one is for the Caterpillar 

This one is for the egg carton snail craft all you do is click on the arrows and it takes you step by step.

Enjoy reading and check out my other many crafts too.

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