Sunday, January 22, 2017

spidery craft paper plate and pop bottle spider bank

spidery crafts: spider paper plate craft and spider bank craft with a little spider facts.

Today i Made two awesome crafts i made 3 paper plate spiders and 1 pop bottle spider bank i think it turned out really cute and they are super easy to make and decorate with.

Did you know that a spider is not a insect are a bug it is called a arachnid. They are cool because they have 8 legs and some have 8 eyes no eye from what i heard on the video cool right.

I think this is a really cute craft for you and your family to do together i am a bug crazy person i love bugs and making bug crafts and teaching people about bugs i am all about bugs animals and insects.

I love getting craft ideas from books and pinterest. I also enjoy doing crafts with my mom are in my room are at the kitchen table.

I started liking bugs when i was little when my mom get me my first bug catcher and ever since i enjoyed them from looking them up online and reading about them from seeing them out side .

My family loves the crafts i made they think my spider bank is cute and they like it too.  I try to make recyclable craft  too.

I have made so many crafts so far i am trying to decorate my room with out spending a lot of money and creating my own decor. 

I asked my parents if i could get a tarantula and they said No!. But life Goes. 

What is the coolest thing your ever made? What bugs do you like and don't like?

The paper plate craft idea i got from this website but i did mind differently i used straws for the legs.

For the pop bottle spider bank i used this website but i made it a little different

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