Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sharing my heart!

Sharing my heart on special needs and family and friends and the world i live in.

Well i would like to say a simple act of kindness goes a long way like i try to show kindness were ever i go and my family and friends would say that i am very kind and loving.

I here a lot about how special needs people have a lot of love and i would agree with that because i am special needs and i will like to show you how my special needs friends changed my life and how i changed there, One of my best friends has down syndrome and he has changed my life by being my friend and reaching out to me in school when i need a friend he makes me laugh and shows me a love that no one can take away he love is a real love that comes from the heart he has a way of putting a smile on my face and i thank God that i have a friend like him in my life he makes me feel so special. 
And i changed his life by being his friend talking on the phone with him and just being there makes him happy,

Helping out with special needs children and adults has brought me Joy because i loved seeing there smile when i walked in the room and hearing them say my name was the most amazing thing ever. I was a kindergarten teachers aide at a christian school and children have a special way of making you smile and being glad to be there teacher i was blessed by being able to do that job it is a very rewarding job. And i am friends with some of my students parents and that makes it nice to keep in touch with everyone.

I try to reach out to people as well by being there friend and showing them kindness like  when i see someone in need i always ask my parents how i can help and pray about it too like in high school me and my mom made Easter brackets and we brought them to people who needed some kindness and friends in there lives and if one of my friends did not have a bible i would make sure they got one, 
i also pray for people who need help and ask God to help them as well. If family member's were in need we were always there to help in good times and bad. 

It hurts my heart when i see homeless people because i know how that feels i too was once homeless  it also hurts my heart when i see people getting hurt and just seeing how the world is on the news i can't watch the news because it is just too hard for me too watch all i can do is pray.
there are a lot of things that hurt me like when people i thought were my friends and stop talking to me and i don't understand why but God does and they will have to answer for that and treating me bad as well.

God wants use to be kind to each other and be Christ like one to another and that is what i am called to do and that's what i am going to do treat people the way you would like to be treated that's a wise saying to live by I think the would would be a much better place if we all lived by that saying and we all brought God back in to the world by Honoring him. 

I am very blessed by all the friends and family i have in my life i thank God for every single one of them. And i believe there is a place in this would for everyone and we should accept that. 

Special needs people bring so much to the world they do not ask for much but what they do ask for is cute and surprising they have a love like no other and they are always filled with kindness and understanding and compassion and when there is something wrong you know there is something wrong like when me and  my little sister who are special needs and have epilepsy when there is something wrong family knows because we are not are happy self's use special needs see the world in a different way and that's OK because that is how God made use and we need people to be the voice for use and parents who love use and care for use trust me parents you children are happy that you are there parents.

I love my mom  she is the best friend i ever had i can tell her anything and i know she is always going to be there for me making sure that i am taking care of and i enjoy being with her and my family and friends I love them all.

God has blessed me with so much look around what are some of your blessing big are small? all of Gods blessing are the best and he as answered so many prayers for me and my family,

What are some blessing in your life? If you have been reading my blog please let me know what has touched you the most by reading it? Has my blog impacted you in some way please feel free to share in the comments below

Enjoy reading Angelika 


  1. Beautiful blog post, Angelika! Thank you for sharing your heart and your perspective on Special Needs. I like that you talked about homelessness, Down Syndrome, and other ways that people have special needs.

    1. This was a very beautiful, inspiring read! Thank you for spicing up our lives with all the love you show!

  2. thank you Right at home Kennels that very nice of you to say

  3. Cheyenne SeldenrightJanuary 10, 2017 at 4:33 PM

    What a great blog post Angelika! Your blog posts are always very sweet and reflect your kind and gentle soul. Proud to have a friend like you who sees the beauty in everything and passionately cares about the people in this world. It is easy to see the Lord through you!

    1. thank you Cheyenne that is very nice of you to say i am glad you are my friend too.

  4. This is a great article. It makes me stop and think just how much I have to be thankful for. You brought out alot of great things to think about...very nice!

  5. thank you kathy that is very nice of you to say

  6. That was a very nice blog Angelika. My mom is my best friend too! You are right, God does want us to be kind to eachother. I like how grateful you are for your friends and family.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words I am glad you like my blog post


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