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Science Experiments for Kids: Rubber Egg trick/Can A Raw Egg Grow? | Science Experiment

Science Experiments for Kids: Rubber Egg trick/Can A Raw Egg Grow? | Science Experiment

yesterday i started this science experiment and left it in the jar of vinegar over night so it stayed in there 24 hours this is a very easy science experiment for anyone all you need is 1 egg and white vinegar  you pour the vinegar in the bowl add your egg and close it was a lid and wait tell 24 hours,

What happens is the egg with grow in size and the vinegar will remove the shell living it rubbery,
and very weird and cool and interesting and like a bouncy ball. 

My little sister in the video is home schooled and she likes to help me with my science experiments she came right over to check it out she did not think it would work but my sisters and step dad and mom all thought it was cool and they never heard of this before i found the idea on Facebook.

My sister sierra said she has done this science experiment before and she liked it too and said it was cool,

There are different names for this experiment from what i saw online some people call it rubbery egg and others call it snake eggs and growing egg but they are all the same i believe.

Your kids will have fun doing this science experiment with you  this is a great experiment for all your little scientist. 

The egg feel very weird when it is done there is no shell left and it looks like a snake egg and you can see the yolk in it when you hold it up to the lamp,

The egg will break too and you will see the yolk in it so bonce it carefully.
trust me i broke and it went all over the floor,

what is really cool how the vinegar started making bubble when the egg is in it and the egg grows in size and settles down it's really cool,

Let me know when and if you make the experiment comment in the comments below. 

Here is a link to the science experiment with full instructions

And for the Growing egg Experiment too 

make sure you check it out

enjoy reading angelika

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