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Safe and educational website and educational places for your kids and for homeschooling parents.

Home schooling years

 at the McKinley museum 

My award 2004 home schooling

Growing up Me and my sisters were all home schooled my mom home schooled use for 11 years and i loved it  i went back to the public school in high school in 2010 and graduated in 2011 and i would like to share with you the websites and places i liked to go when i was home schooled and in public school

When i was home schooled  i enjoyed playing on Usborne Quicklinks it is a fun website and very educational what you do you click on the book you would like to start with then you click on the topics of what you are looking for and under that book you will click on something that say quick links once you click on that it will show you all kinds of games you can play it's fun. here is the website.

Growing up we were always outside my mom took use hiking and we loved it we would pack a lunch and ate at the picnic tables i enjoyed going hiking with my homeschooling group too that was always fun,

We liked hiking at the wilderness center and the Norma Johnson center those were are favorite places, And we would go hiking in the hills at first baptist church 

we would also Go to museums like the McKinley museum in canton Ohio we loved it there we always had a challenge to see who could make it up the steps the fastest. And we also enjoyed sliding down the steps too 

My mom also taught me and my sisters how to cook and she had use reading are bible and memorizing  bible verses she had use volunteering  places like habitat for humanity
and she had use be part of are library and library activity's.

We also enjoyed going to the park and play on the play ground and feeding the ducks and riding the rides,

I did treca digital academy it is a online school and it was fun i can remember getting a award too and my mom teaching me what a ever green tree was and how it stays green forever even in the fall season.

Here is anther website that i found too that will teach your kids about the weather

Me and my sisters enjoyed this game site too it's educational too it's got a lot of fun activity's for any age,

We were also in girl scouts and 4-H in 4-H i took frugal fashion were you spend less on clothing and in girl scouts i did a lot of fun things like we were in a parade for the Christmas parade and we would sell cookies too and we went to the park to go swimming.

There are all kinds of home schooling programs and activity's you can check out if you go to my pinterest board you will find all kinds of activity's and home schooling resources.

My mom home schooled use because that's what me and my sisters needed at the time it was the best for use and being home schooled was the best.

We always enjoyed going to the fair too and seeing all the animals and riding the rides and enjoying are time as a family i always looked forward to the fair eating the free popcorn and smelling all the good food i always looked forward to a caramel apple every year and playing the fair games seeing friends and family there good and going with family too that was always fun.

I also enjoyed kids pix website that was a fun site with lots of fun activity's to do

PBS kids is a good website too they have a lot of fun activity's and they make learning fun and me and my sister's enjoyed that site too

we also liked nick Jr too we were always on there.

And we were on disney Jr too we always liked that website as well

And we liked cool math too 

Do you home school? what kind of activity's do you like to do with your kids?
If you know of any fun websites that are educational please let me know

Parents here is a link for you to check out some Educational websites 

Enjoy reading Angelika



  1. I remember those days, Angelika...sometimes it seems like "yesterday" and sometimes it seems like 100 years ago...LOL Nice article!

    1. thank you and yes i to remember this days i miss it.

  2. We've used some of those websites in our home too! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing this list.


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