Saturday, January 14, 2017

product review: SoapBox soap company

product review: SoapBox soap company 

Got a free sample of Soapbox soap for review i was so happy when it came in the mail

I love the scent they pick out it smells like coconut and makes me feel like is  am at the beach again smells tropical like a pina colada.

It has a long lasting fragrance that leaves your body smelling amazing  and wonderful.

And the best thing about there products are is they are gluten free and they do know test on animals and it is paraben free it makes me feel good about that i am putting on my skin.
it's rich in vitamins E and K and antioxidants  and fatty acids.

And they have a really nice mission too ones you buy there product they will give one back a bar of soap to someone in need i love that. On the back of every bottle is a hope code you will type that code in to there website and it will show you were in the world you did good. So for what ever product is sold they will donate a bar of soap how is sweet is that.

There soap leaves your skin feeling soft not hard and sticky that's what i like about it. It makes you feel clean and moisturized.

They have other products to that i can't wait to try like hand soaps and hair care body wash and soap bars and in all different kinds of scents. I hope to try them all

I would differently recommend this to my friends and family.

On there website they have a amazing story on how this company was came to be on there page go to about and clink on the page that says about use,

I love helping with company's that do good for the world and people in need.

I hope you will give this products a try and spread happiness in the world and put smiles on peoples faces.

Make sure you check out soapbox soaps on Facebook and there website 

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  1. I love this product review - what a great size they sent you! I love their mission to give people in need some of their product. I'll have to check out their website since I'm not familiar with the brand. I wonder if they sell this in stores like Walmart?


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