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pen pals can be Fun and so can letter writing/ pen pal ideas for kids and adults and special needs.

pen pals can be Fun and so can letter writing/ pen pal ideas for kids and adults

I started writing letters when i was little to my great grandma who lived in Indian and i wrote to her for a long time then i started asking my friends and family if they would like to be pen pals and some said yes.

I have so many cards and letter from many pen pals and from my friends and family you can see all my cards and letters in the pictures above.  My handwriting was really bad as a kid so i started writing letters and my handwriting  has improved so much i think writing letters is good handwriting skills and important to developing new friendships and staying in touch with people.

I get so excited when i get a letter in the mail from one of my pen pals are a email from my missionary friends and friends and family I love staying in touch and making new friends.

I am here is share some ideas on how you can have fun sending letters and staying in touch and getting your kids involved too.

Here are some pen pal ideas for kids

1. have them write to a family member that lives far away make it fun by have them make there own cards.

2   If you want to write a Disney Character you can find the address on this blog what a great why  to have your kids writing.

3 You can have them write too a friend that lives for away are just a close friend.

4 you can find all kinds of pen pal ideas for kids on pinterest they have so many.

Having your kids write letter is very creative and will help them with there writing. There are benefits to it too. And how excited will your child be to receive a letter in the mail. And Grandma's love letters i know mine does ;)

Here are some pen pal ideas for adults

1. write to a family member who lives for away 

2 Keep in touch with a a friend who lives for away.

3 I have been using this site since high school
they help special needs people are any one find friends to talk to online it is save and fun i first used this site when my teacher in high school signed use up it was so exciting to get a email  from your new pen pal they match you up with your new friend i have been writing the same pen pal for 4 years know.

4 there are all kinds of pen pal ideas on pinteret 

I love writing letter and decorating my room with the letters i get in the mail. I am always asking my grandma to send me stamps and she does. And sometimes i just mail someone a card letting them know i have been thinking about them and i love to see if they write me back.

I find a lot of fun things to include with a the letter here are some ideas you can hide in your letter a friendship bracelet our a home made small craft  our a book mark a small seashell and a home made heart made out of colored paper. this are good ideas for adults and kids.Writing letters is a good life skill because it is teaching your kids how to spell and write and how to mail a card and put a stamp on it. This is a good idea for special needs as well because you are also teaching them a life long life skill of writing and spelling how how to address a letter and put a stamp on it and mailing it.

Do you like to write letters? Do your kids write letters? Do you have a pen pal are some one you keep in touch with?

Here are some awesome website for pen pals for you and your kids and for special needs children and adults.

this is a special needs pen pal program that is awesome i have used it my self and i still use it.

Here are some awesome pen pals idea for kids

Another great website for kids

Here is a good pen pal ideas for special needs children


Enjoy reading Angelika

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