Saturday, January 21, 2017

My Paper plate monster door hanging craft 2017

My Paper plate monster door hanging craft 2017

So today's craft was a paper plate monster craft that i made using a paper plate and googly eyes and glue crayons .and green colored paper.

This would make a good rainy day activity for you and your kids to do together and i put a piece of string on it too hang it on my door,

My mom loved it and thought it was cute, You can find all the craft supplies i used at Walmart and the dollar tree they have really good craft supplies at both stores.

I got this idea on Pinterest i find all my craft ideas on there,

For this Craft you will need

1 paper plate

2 google eye 

2 pieces of green colored paper

and a black crayon 




Take your paper plate and cut a circle around the green paper and glue the green paper to the paper plate and tape it down then add your googly eyes and your smiley face next  cute out your arms and legs and add them by taping them to the back of the plate it is really a easy craft to do and it turns out super cute.

I will also post the link below were i got this  idea but i made mine different 


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