My Handmade no sew heart Felt Pillow 2017

I am making a felt pillow i found the idea on Pinterest I did it a little differently i made a bigger heart Step one pick the felt you what to use and then draw a 1 inch lines to start with.

My mom Helped me too Know step two cute the lines in to stripes so you can Tie them together,

This is also a good rainy day craft to do with your kids and just to make your self
step 3 tie the strips together make sure you save a opening so you can add the stuffing to it,

This really did turn out really cute i put it on my bed in my room. step 4 add your stuffing and finish tieing the strips together 


This turned out really cute it's special just like me 
step 5 it is done know you can decorated it.

Know i am going to decorate my pillow with a glue gun add what ever decor you like i used a ribbon with roses on it that i Got from Walmart you can also add stickers like i did.


I decorated both sides so i can turn it over for a d different side to decorated with.


All done this is my finished product what do you think? i love it and i love how it turned out,

All done it is very easy to make and with decorate any room.
this would also make a cute gift for someone.

Hope you enjoy making a felt pillow too.

do you do crafts? what kind of crafts do you like? any craft recommendations 

enjoy reading Angelika 

Here is a website with the felt pillow craft that i was looking at like i said i did mine differently,


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