Thursday, January 19, 2017

My first time in the Special Olympics The angle soft ball team and me being special needs,

My first time in the Special Olympics The angle soft ball team!

My very first sport team i ever got to be on what the bars mills church of God church in sugar creek Ohio angel soft ball team for special needs people 

I got a hat and a shirt with my number on it me and my little sister had so much fun being on a team  you can see me in the video i have short hair and you will see me standing next to my helper laughing.

Being on this team was a answer to prayers for me i always wanted to win a trophy and be part of a team and God answered that prayer for me and my sister. All the staff was very nice and they made it a great for people and there family's to enjoy what a great summer that was for me i enjoyed it so and it gave me something to do after high school.

My mom enjoyed being a helper as well and so did my sisters it was a great opportunity for me and my family and for people with special needs to learn how to be part of a team and how to work together and enjoy are self's. 

I know a lot of people from the team too so that made it nice i helped out a lot with special needs people from the butterfly camp at the YMCA it is a special needs summer camp for ages grade school through high school i really enjoyed volunteering there for many years and helping out at church in the good shepherds class that was for adults with special needs.

Living with epilepsy and being special needs my self God had lead me to help with other special needs people and i can relate to them in away that most people can't God has put some awesome special needs family in to my life and i am thankful to call them my friend and help out any way i can and God has blessed me to be able to reach out to people and help were i am needed. God made special needs people to show people that life can be filled with Joy and happiness and how to be that Joy. I know when i am around some with a special needs they make me fill happy and have a smile on my face. 

If people only know how special we special needs people really are there would be no hate in the world but happiness and joy i am sharing my heart here i know the God has blessed me with a lot of great friends and family in my life that i am so blessed.

My mom always taught me and my sisters how to treat people and i am so thank you she taught use how to treat people the right way and the Godly way treat people the way you would what to be treat and i took that advice were ever i go. I wish more people would live by this there would be not hate in the would if every one would be nice and Believe and accept Jesus Christ as there lord and savior.

When i was part of the Good shepherds class i was part of a bell choir called joy bells for Jesus we would go in to nursing homes and play for the people i really enjoyed it and so did my aunt play the bells was a lot of fun and enjoyable.

I am looking forward to seeing were the Lord leads me next and were he as me help in God is truly amazing and let him lead you were he wants you to go can can do that. 

God made use the why he wanted use to be he makes no mistakes and accepts we will never be a good copy so just be your self who God made you too be loves use all  and wants use to go to him and h wants to be your Lord and Savior.

what as God lead you to do? what ministry do you help with as church? 
leave me a comment i would love to hear from you. 

God Bless enjoy reading Angelika
i Got the videos at the bars mill church of God website


  1. Very nice! Those all sound like wonderful times in life! I'm glad those programs were available to you.

    God currently has me serving at church by helping with the 1 year olds on Sundays.

    I'm a teacher for students with special needs, and I feel like that's where God had me for now ��

    1. Thank you and that's wonderful that you are in the children's ministry at church and I think it's awesome that you help special needs people too I am glad they were available too :)

  2. I remember those days, Angelika. You had alot of fun and always had alot to tell me after the games. I'm so glad you were able to join in and have a great time that year.


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