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Mommy tips day 1 : Dinner ideas you can make in 20 minutes

   Mommy tips day 1 : Dinner ideas you can make in 20 minutes 

Hi moms i would like to share some tips and advice with you to make you life easier i am not a mom my self but i am going to share with you what i  have learned from other moms as well as my mom and working with kids, Wow that's awesome free tips for family that's what i am here for today's mommy tip is dinner ideas you can make in 20 minutes are less,

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with celery and ranch are a go to dinner idea as well as a lunch idea too it's easy to make and healthy if you what your kids to not have much sugar get sugar free jelly from the store my favorite growing up was strawberry. Other ways you can jazz up you peanut butter sandwiches it using fluffernutter marshmallow fluff are netilla chocolate spread are honey on you sandwich. you could also do a grilled peanut butter sandwich as well as a grilled cheese with a cup of soup. We had peanut butter sandwiches growing up a lot because we always went hiking and it was always in a cupboard.

Hot dogs with mac and cheese is a good one too it's easy to make and healthy make it fun have you kids pick out what mac and cheese they won't there is so many different kinds with different shapes this is also a go to lunch idea as well
we loved hot dogs growing up my mom always got the all beef kind we found so many ways to make hot dogs like pigs in a blanket and corn dogs and cheesy coneys.

Carrot sticks and dip with cold cut sandwich are a good dinner idea as well as a good lunch idea as well we loved cold cut sandwiches growing up what you could do make it fun for you kids cut shapes in to the bread using a cookie cutter and have them join you in the kitchen and add a smiley face on the sandwich with ketchup.

Hamburgers with smiley face fries are a good choose to for lunch and dinner me and my sisters always did like the smiley face fries with ranch it was good and a real treat for use.

Homemade bread pizza is good too just take 2 slices of bread and add tomato sauce with cheese put them in the oven on 350 in tell cheeses is melted and crust is crispy.

Spaghetti with meatballs was are favorite as well and it's easy to make and it a good meal for the whole family we would make are own garlic bread as well using two slices of bread with butter garlic and cheese back it in the oven in tell cheese is melted and crust and crispy have fun with your kids in the kitchen let them help you as well.

Tacos with everything on them were a favorite of ares too we loved taco night. Tacos are very healthy and easy to make

 dinosaurs chicken nuggets with smiley face fries was also are favorite my mom let use pick out are own dipping sauce my favorite dipping sauce is ranch. Have fun with you kids let them pick out there own dipping sauce as well.

we would get a pizza box kit from the store and cook that as a family we would turn the dough in to fun shapes like a snowman for Christmas our a heart for valentines day we would just have fun with it. Have your kids help you find fun shapes to do together make it fun 

we would also have cream of wheat for breakfast lunch are dinner we loved it and it was always in are cupboard as well as coco wheat we loved that too and oatmeal with chocolate chips are peanut butter in it.

fried bologna and honey sandwiches was my favorite too and that's easy to do as well all you do is put butter and honey in a pan on low heat and cook your bologna in tell brown it's really good.

We always did find creative ideas to have fun in the kitchen
we would make all kinds of things and i am happy to be able to share them with you. Have your kids in the kitchen with you and make memories together.

What kind of simple meals did you make for you kids growing up? What is your children's favorite foods to eat what is there favorite meal? please share in the comments below

Enjoy reading Angelika

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  1. Very good information with easy recipes :) Thanks Angelika!


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