Tuesday, January 17, 2017

mommy tip 2: Easy cookies to make with kids

Getting kids in the kitchen is easy here are some easy cookie recipes you can bake with you kids.

Here are some super easy cookie recipes that are kid friendly that i looked up the recipes online and thought i would share them with you have you kids measure the ingredients and mix the batter for you  and help them learn to read the recipes and have fun cooking together

No bake cookies are super easy to make all you need is peanut butter and oats and chocolate and Vanilla extract  here is a recipe for the no bake cookies that is easy to follow and you can have fun making them with your kids, 

Chocolate Chip cookies are easy to make as well all you need is basic ingredients here is a recipe for the chocolate chip cookies.

Easy Chocolate cookies are fun to make as well all you need is 5 ingredients including devil food cake mix. Here is the recipe for that 

Easy peanut butter cookies are easy to make and super yummy  and there fun to make with your kids you could even use the same recipe and make them into peanut butter blossoms my favorite,

Chocolate Haystack cookies this are really good and very easy to make they are one of my favorite kinds of cookies you can make them just plan peanut butter are chocolate and peanut butter and butterscotch.

Sugar cookies are easy to make too and they are fun for you and your kids to make  and cutout different kinds of shapes with cookie cutters and make them beautiful with different decor and yummy frosting.

You can also buy cookie mix at the store already made and in a bag that you mix yourself have fun and enjoy your time in the kitchen with your kids making fun and enjoyable cookies.

Here are some more recipes with cute kid friendly cookie recipe ideas 

Cookie Monster's Original Cookie Recipe 

I used to make this cookies growing up all the time and i would hide stuff in them to make surprise cookies like chocolate chips peanut butter and more just be creative.

What are some of you and your kids favorite cookies to make and eat? what is the most unique cookies you ever made?

Enjoy Reading Angelika.


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