Friday, January 20, 2017

independent Product reviews: Dollar tree Doll house and Sun catchers 2017

independent Product reviews: Dollar tree Doll house and Sun catchers 

Went to the dollar tree today for there craft kits and craft supplies i love going there for craft kits 

Me and my family are dollar tree addicts we love going in there for there products i love that they are cheap and affordable and i love find what i need and i enjoy there products and the staff is always nice.

I like helping family's find cute and fun toys for there kids alone with people who like to do crafts and just love find good deals and i like helping family's with kids and special needs family's as  well. And give good Gift ideas.

Today at the dollar tree when i was looking at the craft kids in the toy area i saw the cutest doll house ever and had to blog about it and to think it was only a dollar and it is easy to make and comes with stickers and dolls and a dog. This doll house would make a great gift for any child and for a child in the hospital and at day cares class rooms and more and it easy super easy to put together and this would be a good travel toy as well. They come in many kids like fire house and a doll house and more you can find them in the toy area.

I also find a Sun Catcher and got 2 of them one bear and one fish it was super easy to paint and comes with a color chart that shows you how to mix colors for a new color i put the string in it my self and i hanged it on my window and door handle.They have all kinds of sun catcher like a fish and bear and mermaid one and more you can find them in and craft and toy area.

Me and my mom and sister could shop all day in the dollar tree finding craft supplies and craft kids we have to control are self's when we go there are we would spend all are money there we go to the dollar tree all the time and enjoy it.

I like that the dollar tree has a lot to offer growing up we did not have much money and my family did all there birthday and Christmas shopping there and they found a lot of cute stuff that makes a great Christmas gift and birthday gifts we still shop at the dollar tree for all are Christmas and birthday gifts and ideas don't ever feel bad that you have to shop at dollar tree because some of my best gifts came from there when me and my sisters were growing up.

So far from the dollar tree craft kits i made are door hangers and this doll house sun catchers and 2 crystal kits and fake snow kit and all dollar trees have something different.

My favorite crafts to do is scrap booking and making cards and writing letters and doing craft kids making something new and crafting with felt.

I also like the food and party supplies at the dollar tree to you can get so much there and there products are really good and does not cost much.

do you shop at the dollar tree? do you do crafts what kind of crafts do you like to do
comment at the bottom and looking forward to hearing from you.

Here are some link to the other craft kits i made and the craft i mad check them out,


Enjoy reading Angelika

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