Saturday, January 14, 2017

Growing up home schooled the movies we would watch and places we would go!

Well let me just start by saying me and my sisters all had a favorite shows group up as a kid and we still do know we always had PBS kids on as a kid and Disney Jr and nick Jr and we went to the library a lot and picked out are on movies and books.

On PBS kids we would watch Zoboomafoo with the craft brothers we loved that show we learned a lot about animals from that show 
we also watched Zoom science  show were kids would teach you about silence in a fun way and do science activity's  we loved that as well we also enjoyed reading rainbow as a kid we loved to read after watching that and we liked the song and watched all the episodes ever made. I would watch molly and the big comfy couch with  her clown doll so sweet loved that show. And between the lions was are favorite as well and author and i also loved Mr rogers neighborhood. Sesame street and i did  enjoy watching the old barney shows growing up.

On Disney  Jr we enjoyed watching Stanley we also learned a lot about animals and are Abc from that show and we also liked bear and the big blue house with her moon friend luna and my sister sierra liked blues clues  and we all liked bp and j otter that was always cute and out of the box and Winnie the poo and Oswald the little octopus with his pet winner dog. rolie polie olie and jojo circus.  charlie and lola and lazy town.

On nick Jr we liked Franklin and little bear and max and ruby we also like rugrats maggie and the ferocious beast And Gullah gullah island. We enjoyed maisy and Oswald the octopus  as well as little bill and Madeline. As well as the magic school bus. And Dora the explorer and the old raggedy Ann and Andy.

I don't remember were this was at i know it was at a park growing up being home schooled we went hiking a lot and were always staying busy out side with fun things to do like going fishing and playing at the park enjoying the weather and being active you would find use at the library and the park walking down town from are house to the park and coffee shop for a 50 cent flavored water my favorite was strawberry and blueberry we always looked forward to a Favorited water you would also find use at McDonald's to buy a child cone for 50 cents we always had fun being home schooled and i am glad i was.

I am sure my sister were also glad they were some school too we always liked doing the reading programs at the library and going to free library events and going to church events and we would also do volunteering at places and we would go to free family movie nights at the movie theater so there was all kinds of things we enjoyed.


What i liked most about being home schooled is i got to be with my mom and sisters being special needs in a public school were they did not know my needs she took me out and home schooled me and she taught me and my sisters something public school could never teach use and that was love and being kind and how to be christian Godly women the lord would be pleased with teaching right from wrong and teaching use life skills that will be with use for ever and better yet we became best friends me and my sisters and mom.
we went through a lot but God help use through all of it he as always been there for us and he still with us.

God has been there for us many times and as answered lots of prayers for use and he shut lots of doors but he has opened a lot doors for use too God never shuts one door with out opening another one. And he as made use stronger too.

I truly Believe that homeschooling is a blessing that some people don't understand God calls some people to home school and other people not too it's what ever God is leading you to do. Some of my best memories are from being home schooled.

What are some of your kids favorite shows? Do you home school what activities do you and your kids like to do? How long have you been home schooling? What were some of your favorite kids shows growing up?

Enjoy reading Angelika 


  1. Sounds like you have a lot of GREAT memories that homeschooling provided you with :) . That's something to be thankful for.

  2. I'm so thankful that you and your sisters have some many wonderful memories of being homeschooled. It's great that you were able to find these old photographs. Thank you for sharing with us!


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