Monday, January 16, 2017

Dollar tree Foam door knob hanger craft kit and crafts 2017

Dollar tree Foam door knob hanger craft kit 2017

I love going to the dollar tree to find craft supplies and looking in there craft area in the store and some times i come across a craft kit that i just have to get and it's only a dollar you can't go wrong with that.

So when i saw this craft kit i had to get it i like doing crafts when i watch my movies so far i have so much craft stuff and have done a lot of craft kits and i enjoy scrap-booking too and card making.

I think this door signs are so cute my favorite one is the unicorn one it's really pretty and colorful that why i like it me and my sister put the unicorn one outside the door and the tea pot one hanging on the closet door.  witch one is your favorite?

This would make a great craft idea for you and you kids to do together they had boy door hangers too i believe not all dollar tree sells the same stuff.

I started scrap booking when i was eight my mom used to teach classes and would have all kinds of paper and scrap booking tools  
so doing craft as always been a big part of my family my sister Savannah loved stickers and doing art and coloring she still enjoy that know and has her own art blog. Sierra my other sister enjoyed coloring too and autumn my other sister as well.

My mom and i are still really big crafts and we have are own websites i will post my mom's website at the bottom of the page check it out.

Me and my mom would go to scrap-booking classes as well and other craft fairs and more my mom used to make dolls and candles so i would go to craft shows  with here and i would make and sell home made chocolates to help. I was her personal helper i enjoyed it and miss it but i am still glad we can do crafts together.

My teacher let use have a scrap booking day when i was allowed to bring my scrap booking supplies and me and my class made scrapbooks and brought in pictures it was fun  and i enjoyed it we also made salt dough ornaments as well one year and a paper basket with flowers for mothers day one year It was fun.

In first grade i made a science boat project i took a old coffee can and added decorations to it and made a little boat sail to go on top it was really cute and i enjoyed making it with my mom i have that picture some were.

It's so much fun to do crafts i have made salt dough ornaments this week and made other craft kit with shoe lases and a felt heart pillow i will share the links at the bottom of this page.

What are some of your favorite crafts to do? Are you a craftier do you make crafts are buy craft already made?
Love to hear from you 
Enjoy reading Angelika 

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