Thursday, January 26, 2017

Bug and insect Picture Craft for Kids! Made by me

This is a Caterpillar with my name on it!

Bug and insect Picture Craft for Kids! Made by me

I made this cute little bug craft today on the winter cold day and i was at home all i did was find some colored paper and straws and tissue paper and then i draw the bug i wanted to make and then i decorated it with google eyes and straws. The link to the bug craft i got the idea on will be on the bottom of the page below,

This my version of a cute ant

Ants i think are really cute so when i made this picture i was thinking of the 3 body parts that a insect has and that is the head and the thorax and the abdomen i got this info on google, I have been learning all kinds of things about bugs and insects that all insect has 3 body parts,

My other caterpillar i made.

I really like how this one turned out all you need is buttons and google eyes and other craft supplies.
I have been making all kinds of fun bug crafts just in time for spring i love making crafts and using my hot glue gun.  

This is a spider i made.

I have been making a lot of spider crafts lately and i think they are so cute. My family loves my insect and bug crafts that i have been making. Did you know some spiders have 6 our 7 eyes and some have no eyes that's what i read about.

My lady bug.

I think lady bugs are so cute and i used to have them all over my room growing up and they were always cool and fun to see and interesting too. And i loved picking them up when i was little and seeing them on flowers and grass.

 My butterfly

I made this butterfly using tissue paper and colored paper and google eyes. This would be my favorite.  I love how this turned out when i was making this i did not think it would turn out but it did,
all this bug crafts are super easy to make and are super cute.

All my bugs together. What do you think i think they turned out super cute and so does my family.
I hope to get pictures of real bugs and insect this summer and spring and make a bug scrapbook and blog about it,

I hanged my bug pictures on my wall in my room using sticky notes because i cant use tape are anything else right know on are walls so stick notes are the best. 

I asked my family what there favorite bugs are and they said butterfly's and ladybugs.

What are some of your favorite bugs our insects? 

Here are some links of my other bug crafts i made

Here are the links to the bug picture crafts. I made mine different.

If you go to pinterest you can find all kinds of bug crafts to do and other craft ideas too. That's were i get all my ideas from.

Enjoy reading Angelika


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