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Books i have read when i was home schooled and my favorite kids books and reading is Fun!

Books i read when i was home schooled and my favorite kids books and reading is Fun!

Growing up home schooled my mom had me and my 3 sisters reading everyday we went to the library a lot growing up and did there summer reading program we always enjoyed it and were excited turning in are papers for a prize,

Growing up i read all kinds of kids book and i am here to share with you what i enjoyed reading as a kid. My favorite book i liked to read to my grandma and mom growing up

The books i read growing up were.

THE Froggy book series written by Jonathan London
My favorite was froggy bakes a cake me and my grandma and mom loved that one.
you should check that one out at your local library.

I also enjoyed reading Green eggs and Ham written by Dr. Seuss
I can remember reading that to my mom
that was one of my many favorites.

I also liked the pinball's written by Betsy Byars.
I loved that one i still do.

Me and my sisters enjoyed Junie B Jones written by Barbara Park. My grandma also enjoyed her books as well they were so cute and made use laugh

I also enjoyed reading books about Bugs and insects And books on Ancient Egypt i really liked to read also books on animals. I also enjoyed reading the old fashion sesame street books. And craft books and cooking books and hobbies. And christian books

Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White is also a favorite of mine i read that book twice and i just fall in love with the characters  of the book it is very heart warming story.

Chick chick boom boom written by Bill Martin, Jr. and John Archambault was one of are many favorites it was a really cute book.

Me and my sister also enjoyed reading The princess and the  Kiss written by Bishop jennie,
we loved this book as well.

We also enjoyed Mommy please Don't cry written by Linda Deymaz we loved this book and it got use through a hard time.

When i was little written by Jamie Lee Curtis we loved that one too so did my mom the pictures were cute and we just loved the book.

And i enjoyed reading my Bible.

My sister Sierra was was a big reader growing up she loved to read and so did we. The cool thing is that me and my sisters all liked different kinds of books 

Reading can be fun my favorite TV shows  growing up that had to do with reading was reading rainbow and Author on PBS kids.

Reading can be fun and enjoyable just find a book that you are interested in reading.
There are lot of Kids books at your local library that are fun and enjoyable to read take your kids to the library some time and see what they pick out.

My little sister Savannah just loves to read as well you will always see her with a book in her hand and she loves going to book stores and reading new books She also enjoys adult coloring books too.

My grandma said that  reading is the gateway to life; you have to know how to read to survive

The books that i enjoy know that i am older are 

My bible

Christian books 

Bug and insects 

Crafts and Hobbies


Healthy eating 

Chapter Books 

What are some of your kids favorite books?  What are some of your favorite books. Any book or movie recommendation 

Here are some free websites were you can read free book online they are free children's books So if you can't make it to your library there are free website online.

Enjoy Reading Angelika


  1. A little Princess is one of my all-time favorites. (My kids love it too!) Thanks for the list of websites!

  2. That is a cute book. Your welcome


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