Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Book Review: The Frog in the Pond written by Rebecca Crosdale

Book Review: The Frog in the Pond written by Rebecca Crosdale

This is a delightful little story which will teach children how to speak to others while being sensitive to there feelings. They will enjoy the story and learn an important lesson at the some time.

This is an awesome story for all children to learn from. The lesson taught is so awesome, don't miss reading this one with your children. You will love it. It even reminds all of us to be kind and respectful to people. And it is a  must read.

I like the lesson being taught in this story to speak kind to people and no matter how upset you get are other feeling you have treat people the why you want to be treated. 

This is a great Gift for any child big are small and would make a perfect fit for you classroom are your book self at home. I love the the colors in the book they are very well illustrated and have very eye catching colors.

I like children's books with a great message to teach your kids about life and how to treat people you may learn a lot your self by reading a good book.

You can fin this book on amazon as well as her other books as well

Enjoy Reading Angelika 


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