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Book Review: The Frog in the Pond written by Rebecca Crosdale

Book Review: The Frog in the Pond written by Rebecca CrosdaleThis is a delightful little story which will teach children how to speak to others while being sensitive to there feelings. They will enjoy the story and learn an important lesson at the some time.
This is an awesome story for all children to learn from. The lesson taught is so awesome, don't miss reading this one with your children. You will love it. It even reminds all of us to be kind and respectful to people. And it is a  must read.
I like the lesson being taught in this story to speak kind to people and no matter how upset you get are other feeling you have treat people the why you want to be treated. 
This is a great Gift for any child big are small and would make a perfect fit for you classroom are your book self at home. I love the the colors in the book they are very well illustrated and have very eye catching colors.
I like children's books with a great message to teach your kids about life and how to treat peo…

Low Carb and gluten free garlic butter bagels with low carb cream cheese garlic butter spread.

Low Carb garlic butter bagels with low carb cream cheese garlic butter spread.
I was craving a bagel and i am on a low carb diet so made low carb garlic bagels. They were so good me and my family loved them even my sister autumn ate one so that is great. I will post the bagel recipe below.

This is what they look like when they are done they are super yummy and i will differently be making them again. I also used the same recipe to make cinnamon sugar bagels with cinnamon sugar cream cheese spread.

My Garlic bagel topped with my homemade Garlic butter spread that recipe will be at the bottom too.

My Garlic butter cream cheese spread recipe

1 block cream cheese

1 and a 1/2 teaspoon of garlic powder.

1/3 cup butter

and a little Parmesan  cheese,

melt all ingredients in the microwave and enjoy.

For the low carb bagel recipe you can on this website.

Enjoy reading Angelika

What is your favorite kind of bagel? what is your favorite kind of c…

Bug and insect Picture Craft for Kids! Made by me

This is a Caterpillar with my name on it!
Bug and insect Picture Craft for Kids! Made by me
I made this cute little bug craft today on the winter cold day and i was at home all i did was find some colored paper and straws and tissue paper and then i draw the bug i wanted to make and then i decorated it with google eyes and straws. The link to the bug craft i got the idea on will be on the bottom of the page below,

This my version of a cute ant
Ants i think are really cute so when i made this picture i was thinking of the 3 body parts that a insect has and that is the head and the thorax and the abdomen i got this info on google, I have been learning all kinds of things about bugs and insects that all insect has 3 body parts,

My other caterpillar i made.
I really like how this one turned out all you need is buttons and google eyes and other craft supplies. I have been making all kinds of fun bug crafts just in time for spring i love making crafts and using my hot glue gun.  

This is a…

Today's Recycle craft My bug and snail Garden turned out super cute.

Today's craft My bug and snail Garden turned out super cute.
Today's craft is a Bug and snail craft i made using a old egg cartons and some craft supplies i got at the store tonight i got tissue paper and some cardboard straws and google eyes.
I have been very busy this last few days making a new craft everyday and i enjoy making something new so far i have been decorating my room with my crafts my room theme so far is bugs and insects my sister that shares a room with me does not seem to mind that i have decorated are room with cute bugs and insects crafts.
I find all my craft ideas on pinterest and i enjoy being creative and coming up with my own ideas.
For this craft i have found using a hot glue gun is so much more easier to use then glue and tap  and i love using my hot glue gun. All you need to do is find some old cardboard to glue your bugs too.
I will post the links to the craft ideas on the bottom of this page. And you can find a lot of awesome craft supplies at the dolla…

pen pals can be Fun and so can letter writing/ pen pal ideas for kids and adults and special needs.

pen pals can be Fun and so can letter writing/ pen pal ideas for kids and adultsI started writing letters when i was little to my great grandma who lived in Indian and i wrote to her for a long time then i started asking my friends and family if they would like to be pen pals and some said yes.
I have so many cards and letter from many pen pals and from my friends and family you can see all my cards and letters in the pictures above.  My handwriting was really bad as a kid so i started writing letters and my handwriting  has improved so much i think writing letters is good handwriting skills and important to developing new friendships and staying in touch with people.
I get so excited when i get a letter in the mail from one of my pen pals are a email from my missionary friends and friends and family I love staying in touch and making new friends.
I am here is share some ideas on how you can have fun sending letters and staying in touch and getting your kids involved too.
Here are some p…

Books i have read when i was home schooled and my favorite kids books and reading is Fun!

Books i read when i was home schooled and my favorite kids books and reading is Fun!
Growing up home schooled my mom had me and my 3 sisters reading everyday we went to the library a lot growing up and did there summer reading program we always enjoyed it and were excited turning in are papers for a prize,
Growing up i read all kinds of kids book and i am here to share with you what i enjoyed reading as a kid. My favorite book i liked to read to my grandma and mom growing up
The books i read growing up were.
THE Froggy book series written by Jonathan London My favorite was froggy bakes a cake me and my grandma and mom loved that one. you should check that one out at your local library.
I also enjoyed reading Green eggs and Ham written by Dr. Seuss I can remember reading that to my mom that was one of my many favorites.
I also liked the pinball's written by Betsy Byars. I loved that one i still do.
Me and my sisters enjoyed Junie B Jones written by Barbara Park. My grandma also enjoyed her bo…

spidery craft paper plate and pop bottle spider bank

spidery crafts: spider paper plate craft and spider bank craft with a little spider facts.
Today i Made two awesome crafts i made 3 paper plate spiders and 1 pop bottle spider bank i think it turned out really cute and they are super easy to make and decorate with.
Did you know that a spider is not a insect are a bug it is called a arachnid. They are cool because they have 8 legs and some have 8 eyes no eye from what i heard on the video cool right.
I think this is a really cute craft for you and your family to do together i am a bug crazy person i love bugs and making bug crafts and teaching people about bugs i am all about bugs animals and insects.
I love getting craft ideas from books and pinterest. I also enjoy doing crafts with my mom are in my room are at the kitchen table.
I started liking bugs when i was little when my mom get me my first bug catcher and ever since i enjoyed them from looking them up online and reading about them from seeing them out side .
My family loves the craf…

Science Experiments for Kids: Rubber Egg trick/Can A Raw Egg Grow? | Science Experiment

Science Experiments for Kids: Rubber Egg trick/Can A Raw Egg Grow? | Science Experiment yesterday i started this science experiment and left it in the jar of vinegar over night so it stayed in there 24 hours this is a very easy science experiment for anyone all you need is 1 egg and white vinegar  you pour the vinegar in the bowl add your egg and close it was a lid and wait tell 24 hours,
What happens is the egg with grow in size and the vinegar will remove the shell living it rubbery, and very weird and cool and interesting and like a bouncy ball. 
My little sister in the video is home schooled and she likes to help me with my science experiments she came right over to check it out she did not think it would work but my sisters and step dad and mom all thought it was cool and they never heard of this before i found the idea on Facebook.
My sister sierra said she has done this science experiment before and she liked it too and said it was cool,
There are different names for this expe…

My Paper plate monster door hanging craft 2017

My Paper plate monster door hanging craft 2017
So today's craft was a paper plate monster craft that i made using a paper plate and googly eyes and glue crayons .and green colored paper.
This would make a good rainy day activity for you and your kids to do together and i put a piece of string on it too hang it on my door,
My mom loved it and thought it was cute, You can find all the craft supplies i used at Walmart and the dollar tree they have really good craft supplies at both stores.
I got this idea on Pinterest i find all my craft ideas on there,
For this Craft you will need
1 paper plate
2 google eye 
2 pieces of green colored paper
and a black crayon 

Take your paper plate and cut a circle around the green paper and glue the green paper to the paper plate and tape it down then add your googly eyes and your smiley face next  cute out your arms and legs and add them by taping them to the back of the plate it is really a easy craft to do and it turns out s…

independent Product reviews: Dollar tree Doll house and Sun catchers 2017

independent Product reviews: Dollar tree Doll house and Sun catchers Went to the dollar tree today for there craft kits and craft supplies i love going there for craft kits 
Me and my family are dollar tree addicts we love going in there for there products i love that they are cheap and affordable and i love find what i need and i enjoy there products and the staff is always nice.
I like helping family's find cute and fun toys for there kids alone with people who like to do crafts and just love find good deals and i like helping family's with kids and special needs family's as  well. And give good Gift ideas.
Today at the dollar tree when i was looking at the craft kids in the toy area i saw the cutest doll house ever and had to blog about it and to think it was only a dollar and it is easy to make and comes with stickers and dolls and a dog. This doll house would make a great gift for any child and for a child in the hospital and at day cares class rooms and more and it easy…