Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Lord Makes me Happy and he makes my soul happy too.

The Lord Makes me Happy and he makes my soul happy too.

I would say the first thing that refreshes my soul and makes me happy is My lord and savior Jesus Christ he is my everything I am very thankful for my salvation I am thankful for what he did for me and that is dying on a cross for my sins so I could live with him forever and that he came back to life too for he is not dead he is alive and living in me because I am saved and asked him in to my heart and to forgive me of my sins he means so much to me he is my rock someone I can go to for anything he is also my Lord and Savior he is king and I am happy to call him my best friend he goes everywere with me and he is always beside me I can call him anytime through prayer and I can spend time with him in the morning are at night by reading my bible and listing to what he is telling me and my deepedt desire is to be used by him he has been there for me and my family and has used me for many things and many wonderful things.

I love being a missionary for Jesus I am a missionary On the move I witness to people through Facebook and Instagram as well as here on my blog I am also a Christian mentor to one of my friends I enjoy going over to her house and doing a bible study together I feel special that God is using me to reach people and helping them with there walk with God and being a Christian example and I am proud to be a servant of the Lord and being a helper too I love helping people with there walk with God and sharing bible verses and whats on my heart. 

I love reading my bible and finding a new verse and reading a new story that I have not read about before and seeing and praying about how I can apply that verse to my everyday life. I have a bible app the helps me with my walk with God too it is a bible app for kids it is called bible for kids it is a free Bible app for kids if interested and it reads different stories in the bible to you and it also has games you can play too.

I am also a prayer warrior my mom calls me I love talking to the lord and praying and seeing what prayer was answered and he has answered a lot of my prayers and my family's prayers too. 

I see God all around me through the trees and the sunshine and the sunset is always so beautiful I call it Gods paintbrush you see him every were you look so enjoy him and live for him and always read your bible and obey it and apply it to your heart don't worry he will lead you were he wants you to go trust him he is our God the one that created us he knows us and all about us.

I hope this encourages you to read your bible and apply to your heart every day and trusting and obeying God  And always remember to pray he loves hearing your voice and hearing from you feel free to share your day with him he would love that this blog makes me what to pray more and work on my prayer life.

Enjoy reading Angelika

went to the Ohio theater to see the Nutcracker 2017

went to the Ohio theater to see the Nutcracker 2017

A friend of mine got four free tickets to go see the Nutcracker at the Ohio Theater in Columbus Ohio.

The theater is beautiful I felt like I was in the Anastasia movie I loved feeling all fancy and dressing up for a girls night out to see the Nutcracker the Chandeliers were beautiful defiantly a sight to see and simply breathtaking.

They had children singing Christmas music as you walked around waiting for the show to start the children's choir did an amazing job singing they sounded great and they all had beautiful voices.

There was so much to see and do they had a concession stand where you can buy snacks and drinks and they also had a nutcracker souvenirs you can buy and the whole place is just beautiful it truly is the lady's bathroom is beautiful it is decorated very nicely.

The show  was simply beautiful very magical I am so happy I got to have this amazing experience the Nutcracker is a beautiful show  and very creative the music was beautiful they had an orchestra playing and they did an amazing job on the music I would love to have the soundtrack if you have never seen the Nutcracker at the Ohio theater you should it is a great show and very magical.

All the cast did an amazing job I loved all the costumes and the dancers I was so happy I got to go, my friend, Colleen differently surprised me  Her daughter went and so did colleens friend it was a fun girls night out.

After the amazing show, we went to my friend's daughters house for pizza and Christmas cookies she makes the best gingerbread cookies and sugar cookies that looked like snowflakes they were beautiful.

I had a good time and enjoyed my self I would love to go back to the Ohio theater to see another play maybe someday I will be able too.

Have you ever been to the Ohio Theater in Columbus Ohio?
if so what show did you see? 

Enjoy reading Angelika 

Saturday, December 9, 2017

pinterest inspired Diy christmas ornament using hazelnut 2017

pinterest inspired DIY Christmas ornament  using hazelnut 2017

A friend of mine gave me a bunch of hazelnuts in my gift bag at first I did not know what a hazelnut looked like and I did not know what a hazelnut is so I asked and she said they were hazelnuts and said that your mom should have a nutcracker we did not have a nutcracker so I turned them in to a Christmas decorations and in my opinion they turned out great.

All I did was draw a circle on a piece of paper and I put the hazelnuts on the paper and started to hot glue the hazelnuts into a circle then I hot glued alphabet beads and spelled out different things like joy peace and my sister's name Sierra and believe for my mom that's her favorite saying I had a lot of fun making these ornaments and spelling out Sayings  to go on the ornaments.

I also used fabric scraps as the ribbon to tie on the ornaments I love how primitive they look and old I love decorating my house with homemade things that I make with my own hands God sure blessed me with gifted hands and I come from a family that makes crafts too and has gifted hands.

I Also went to my aunt Tracy's house two years ago for a Pinterest inspired Christmas ornament party that was a lot of fun the ladies in my family had a blast and so did I  we were all creative with the ornaments we made we made owls using toilet paper rolls and we also made Christmas tree ornaments I will post that link below.

I also made this year Christmas felt ornaments using felt and coffee staining them to look primitive and smell good I made some for my mom and grandma I took a Christmas napkin and cut out the snowman and glued it on to the felt ornament and turned out cute I love making ornaments to decorate my house with.

Last week and my friends went pat Catan's craft store and they had a craft tables up and you can make your own free Christmas ornament I made a snowman one it turned out really cute I made it for my mom and she loved it. We have it hanging in the kitchen.

We had a fun time making Christmas ornaments at my aunt's house the ladies in my family love getting together and spending time together we just had our secret sister party it is a family tradition for all the ladies to get together and swap gifts and eat a good meal together we all brought something different to eat I bought a meat try and low carb sugar-free cookies that were really good. This year we did something a little different we had a cookie exchange every one brought something a little different to share it was fun and we enjoyed our selfs.

I also made salt dough ornaments and applesauce ornaments those were fun to make and decorate my sister thought the applesauce ornaments were cookies and took a big bite out of one and said yuck they were really gross we just laugh. 

I love Christmas time and the memories it brings.

Do you make Diy Christmas ornaments with your family? 

enjoy reading Angelika 

Check out my aunt Tracy's blog post for more family Christmas ornaments that you can make as a family. 

Check out my blog post for more ornament ideas you can make as a family.



Friday, December 8, 2017

Christmas at the land doll's mohican castle 2017

Christmas at the land doll's Mohican castle 2017

My stepdad surprised me and my family by taking us to the land dolls Mohican castle for the Christmas light event we all had a great time and enjoyed our selfs.

We stopped in the in the lobby of the castle to look around it is beautiful inside and out we looked at there gift shop it is a small gift shop but with a lot to offer my favorite was the wooding postcard that you can buy it was really cool because it was made out of wood instead of paper.

We also enjoyed happy hour at the copper mug restaurant we enjoy trying four different appetizers we tried these really good goat cheese on bread it was really good one of my favorites know we also had chips with queso cheese and some with spinach and cheese as well as some fried cheese it was all really good and the decor was beautiful.

The best part was it was snowing God made it snow just in time for beautiful Christmas light display it really did feel like Christmas with the snow falling and the beautiful Christmas playing and all the beautiful lights.

My favorite part was the lights they had all kinds of different ones the really cool one has they put lights in inside the dinosaur's mouth so it looked like the fire was coming out it was really cool to see.

I really did enjoy my self the castle was beautiful and the food was really good my whole family had fun and enjoyed them selfs too they even played my favorite Christmas song rocken around the Christmas tree. 

I think it would be fun for me and my family to stay a weekend there sometime I would love it and so would my family they have a lot to offer and some of the cabins have a hot tube inside how cool is that and they have a swimming pool too and much more I would love to stay sometime and so would my family.

The snow was so beautiful it was very cold but the snow falling was beautiful to see and enjoy it really did feel like Christmas and I felt like I was in a Hallmark movie that is how perfect it was it also reminded me of a harry potter movie too my stepdad said the same thing. 

I love my family so much I am very thankful for my family and being able to go places with them and creating new memories together and going on new adventures.

have you ever been to the land dolls Mohican castle if so how was your experience I would love to hear from you?

enjoy reading Angelika

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Epilepsy and traveling 2017

Epilepsy and traveling

Traveling with a chronic illness like epilepsy it is hard but I am a traveling pro when it comes to traveling and epilepsy me and my sister both have epilepsy and we have found things that make are traveling a little easier.  

When I and my little sister travel we get very ill are heads starts hurting really bad like it won't go away on it on it more like a migraine we call it an epilepsy headache its the worst feeling in the world if you have epilepsy you know what I am talking about it is so bad that is but me in the hospital ones.  we also get very Nauseous and feel very sick.

But in time I and my little sister have found what works best for us it the small things that help the most when you have a chronic illness you never know when we are going to get sick are have a seizure on the road my parents learned the hard way when one of us say we are sick that means we are sick my poor stepdad when my parents first got married we always traveled  from stow ohio to new phildelphia ohio and that one time I throw up really bad all over my step dads new car that was a mass my mom helped me but I still felt bad but when living with a chroic illness you learn will fast what works for you and know my step dad knows more about me and my little sisters illness so he is more awere of what could happen on the road.

So to make car trips a little more easy on me and my little sisters we pack these essentials in our carry on bag that we carry at all times in the read here is a list of our favorite to take on car trips with us and how we pack these essentials.

Here is a list that we carry with us that has helped are illness on the road and make it easier on us.

number 1 on my list would be motion sickness pills that is something we always keep in the car with us on trips they help me and my little sister with are Nausea we would not even make it 5 miles without that we get so sick that all we can do is cry and try not to throw up we have also found that taking a nap on the road has helped and putting our heads down.

number 2 on my list would be  vapor rub I keep that in my bag at all times it has become one of my best friends for the road I put it on my head when I have a headache and I like to put it under my nose to smell it the smell has helped me when I have a headache and has helped me when I felt   Nauseous it is really good stuff I even used it on my sore muscles and it helps I would be lost without vapor rub it makes life easier.

Number 3 on my list would be a cheese pretzel snack me and my little sister keep those in our carry on bag too these crunchy snacks have helped us with our nausea too and it has helped are stomach feel a little bit better too any pretzel has helped us too and crackers.

Number 4 would be headache pills we have found a few to help are epilepsy headaches some help and some don't  but we are thankful for the ones that so help they make traveling a little easier too my mom is in charge of all are medicine to make sure we take them.

Number 5 would be sunglasses I carry them in my bag too they have helped keep the sun out of my eyes when I have a headache and they also help me when I am around flashing lights I am not a medical professional  I am just sharing what works for me and my little sister on the road.

Number 6 would be a drink we always make sure we have something to drink on the road that we can keep in a carry on bag with a lid on it we like clear colored pop that works best when we feel sick we also like tea and water.

Number 5 comes from my little sister she said sometimes chocolate helps too and not me but if it helps her that is cool too.

Number 6 would be Gum and peppermints those help me and my little sister with are stomach issues too and my family loves packing gum and mints with us to travel with.

Numer 7 would be a pillow and blanket to have when we are sleeping in the car because sometimes we are so sick that we need to lay our head down and take a nap.

Here are 7 must-haves that I carry with me when I am traveling all these help me and my little travel a little better like I said I am not a medical professional  I am just sharing what works for me and my little sister on the road and keep in our carry on bags.

It is very easy for me and my little sister to get sick on the road because of are epilepsy not getting enough sleep can make us sick and not eating the right food can make us sick it is hard to eat healthy when you are staying in a hotel and on the road but we do our best and driving for a long time does not help either I pray a lot too that the lord will keep us save on the road and help me and my little sister feel better and that he will take away are pain he hears me and helpes me but with out all of these wonderful products me and my little sister would proplay not make it on the road.

Also when traveling with epilepsy make sure you are never alone and stay with a buddy you can trust my sister and parents are always with me so I am not alone they help keep me and my little sister save also make sure the people you are traveling with know you have epilepsy and talk to them on how they can help you if you ever had a seizure with them if you are swimming never swim alone take some with you that can watch you  because epilepsy and swimming do not go well together buy your self.

Also, a good thing to keep in mind when traveling with people is to let them know how car trips make you sick I had to do that with my friends I let them know how sick I get when I am traveling and I need to go home they were fine with that because we were all in the same state were I lived so they took me home and went back to the hotel I was fine the next day.

If you are planning a car trip epilepsy should not stop you planning ahead does help like being prepared  and what to make making a lit does help I make sure I have all my medicine with and everything I need in my carry on back my mom and family are always with me when something goes wrong they know what to do and help me. I and my family always plan head on the things we need to get for our car trip never travel along it is not safe for anyone and it's more fun when you have a travel buddy with you.

I enjoy traveling with my family we have been on a lot of adventures together and my epilepsy has never stopped me fun have a good time with my family on our travels I may get sick but I and my family are better prepared to handle it.

I would love to hear from you what helps you when you are traveling with epilepsy what products do you keep in your carry on bag?

Enjoy reading just sharing what helps me when I travel Angelika.

Here is some other blog post I did about epilepsy feel free to take a look.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

My Epilepsy Story I am not afraid to say I have epilepsy

My Epilepsy Story I am not afraid to say I have epilepsy 

Hi, Friends, It's Angelika 
And I am here to share my epilepsy store with all of you

I have had epilepsy since I was a year old living with epilepsy has its challenges but I try to see the good in everything but some are harder than others. Like not being able to drive that is the hard part because if there is somewhere I want to go my parents are friends have to drive me I am blessed for that but there are times I don't always get to go to places I want to go because my parents have plans.

Finding the right medicine can be challenging too but i no God can use my epilepsy story to bring him glory. Epilepsy can be scary because you never know when you are going to have a seizure but I ask the lord please don't let me have a seizure today and I know he hears me because he keeps me safe

I do not let my epilepsy get in the way of living my life to the fullest I just have to know my limitations and what's safe for me and not safe for me,
My mom and sisters and friends and family have been my biggest supporters in life and have helped me become the women I am today.
For those of you who don't know what epilepsy is It is a disorder in which nerve cell activity in the brain is disturbed, causing seizures found on google.

Here is a bible verse that speaks to me and helps me remember that I am me and I am everything God whats me to be

I would also say with epilepsy that it does cause mood swings because of medicine and have a lot of seizures in one day my mood is always changing from good to bad because of my seizure activity.
Also there is times that can have a lot of auras in one day too depending on the type of seizures I have there are times auras hit me hard I could throw up be so tired have a very bad epilepsy headache or just feel like not doing really anything that is why I am thankful for having family and God to help me when I am not feeling my best or not feeling like my self.

I am strong and I am not afraid to say I have epilepsy
I used to be afraid when I was younger because I did not know how my friends would treat me are accept me I used to be embarrassed about having epilepsy but know I am ok and I am not afraid anymore to tell people I Have epilepsy I also enjoy spreading epilepsy awareness.

Epilepsy doesn't rule me

my mom has always taught me  and my sister  not to focus on the "can't do" in life but the "what can I do differently."

I hope other families who are affected by epilepsy are inspired to do life differently with a positive twist while educating others on the subject of epilepsy and how it affects a person's life.

Don't let anything get in your way to living the life of your dreams. When you are faced with a life-changing illness, take that chance to make it wonderful.

I am so thankful for the life God as giving me and how I live I know it pleases him because I could not be who I am without him and the help of my wonderful family that lord has blessed me with.

Enjoy reading angelika 

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

My Mom Stephanie grams in the business of making memories happen.

My Mom Stephanie grams in the business of making memories happen.

Let me introduce you to my mom Stephanie grams she is an amazing woman with a very kind heart that would love to help you keep your loved one's memories alive by making you something special with there clothing like a memory bear our even a memory pillow our even a memory animal.


I began sewing as a child, taught by my mother and paternal grandmother. I believe they were giving me a creative outlet to ‘get out of their way’ 
Little did they know that the ‘sewing seed’ was planted and how it has molded me into the mother and women that I am today.
In 2001 my 5th and youngest daughter, Hannah, passed away at the age of 14-month-old.  I held onto her clothes until 2017 when I decided to start sewing the ‘love project’.
Today you will find me blogging about the Memory Business that I started (November 2017) and perhaps some business topics centered around my virtual/remote administrative career.
If you are here and looking for the perfect gift, reach out to me about my memory items.
 My mom would love to work from home In order for her to work at home, she needs your help by being able to make you something special from your loved ones who have passed away and our alive.
Me and my little sister who is living with a chronic illness called epilepsy we need our mom at home to help us with our everyday life we depend on her and need her home to help us and we enjoy her company.

She is also an administrative assistant so if you are looking for an administrative assistant, please visit her website at or send her an email and she will get right back to you!

She can make more than just a bear she can make pillows and animals she can do rabbits and cats as well a monkeys and Dogs.
Right now she is making memory bears out of my great grandma's clothing that she left behind when she died and she is making all sizes big and small bears and medium-sized to you can see pictures of the bears in the picture above.
To contact Stephanie for her memory bears pets and pillows please  visit her website at
You can also contact her through her email at

Here are some other links to my mom and what she makes 

thank you for reading Angelika. 

Some embarrassing stories of mine.

Some embarrassing stories of mine.

Hi, I am going to be sharing some embarrassing stories of mine lets just say you are going to laugh and some you are going to just say it's life. 
I hope you enjoy them and let's face it people we all have embarrassing stories to share so here are some of mine.

let's go back in time a little bit when I was about 14 I went to church camp in 2006 well one day we were playing sports and I kids ran into me knocked me down and I ended up rolling down the hill and just kept rolling in tell I finally stopped rolling and I ended up close to a high way I scared a driver because all of a sudden he see me rolling down this hill and I got up  and walked all the way back up the hill I was so embarrassed it was funny becouse the guy that knocks me down said I am sorry I was laughing and said it was ok my mom freaked out when I told here was just glade I was ok.

when I was younger like 12 I and my family went to this Chinese restaurant and I did not know the choir was broken so when I sat down the bottom of the chair Brooke and my food went everyone where over the counter were you order your food there was a wall there so all of a sudden all these people see of food flying every were my mom was just laughing I was so embarrassed and the works just ran over to me and helped me get out of the chair and got me a new one we still laugh at this today well there goes my egg roll lauging out loud my whole family was laughing too I was just not happy I was more embarrased then anything.

then one time at summer camp I went down the water slide with a friends she ended up going down before me and I ended up kicking her in the butt by accented and all you see is a sunblock footprint on her butt I was so embarrassed I was laughing so hard and I just kept saying I am so sorry.

There was this one time in middle school at church I had a seizure and got dizzy and feel down the steps I was very embarrassed but my friend who was at the pop machine saw me fall and laying on the floor came over and helped me up making sure I was ok it was very nice of him and i will always remember that he walked me to my mom and sisters and made sure i was ok before he left I really appreciated that I  was so thinkful it was him and not the kids that were always so mean to me and always made fun of me well I guess that's middle school for you I am just thankful they all grow up and stoped bothering me but I have a lot to be thankful for.

In high school, I had a seizure in cooking class and I can remember waking up from my seizure and this kid made fun of me and said you don't need to throw a fit he was the only one laughing at the time but that embarrassed me more than anything I am just thankful he did not tease me about it the next day I was ok but it still hurt.

I have a lot of embarrassing stories that happened at church camp like one time I was eating an apple and when I bite down on it the juice from the apple went on my friends face she is like what was that I was laughing in embarrassment but she said it was ok and she laughed too there was also this one time I was walking out of the gym at church camp and I feel in front of everyone but I just laughed afterwards. 

One day at school I fell backward out of my chair and some people were laughing I was so embarrassed and just walked right out of the school thank goodness school was over at the time but I just laughed afterward. 

One time in middle school I was in speech class and I did not know at the time that I had broccoli and my teeth stuck to my braces and the teacher told me and I was embarrassed but she thought I did it for St Patrick's day I said no and my mom and her were just laughing I laughed too. 

One time at work I was trying to get my sweater off little did I know my whole stomach was showing because the short was stuck in the sweater my boss saw the whole thing I wast Thinking how embarrassing thank goodness one of the workers helped me out all i  could do was laugh.

One time in grade school the whole class was told not to go on the field because it was muddy well i followed some students and got my feet stuck in the mud and the whistle had blown and the teachers are calling us over line up i could not move i was stuck so i tried to movie and i feel face first in the mud when i was finally able to line up a kid goes what were you doing making mud pies a laugh out loud moment i was like no and my mom had to come to the school and bring me another outfit i got in trouble but know i can laugh about it know.

well, we all have an embarrassing moment in our lives so all we can do it just sit back and laugh at them and i  just shared some of mine and i hope you enjoy reading. 

What are some of you embarrassing stories?
 if you feel like sharing please make sure they are appropriate stories.

Enjoy reading Angelika.  

Monday, November 27, 2017

Epilepsy and chocolate milk

Epilepsy and chocolate milk 

Growing up me and my little sister Savannah was always looking for something that would help us take our medicine with because with seizure medicine you can't take just anything you try to find something that will help keep your medicine down and coat your stomach.  

In my house, you will always find chocolate milk me and my little sister both have epilepsy so different things work for us and chocolate milk is one of them.

Having epilepsy is hard but taking medicine is harder you never know what side effect you are going to have and how it will make your stomach feel and finding things like chocolate milk to help makes life so much better.

My little sister and I  both enjoy a glass of chocolate milk with our medicine the fat and sugar in our chocolate milk it helps keep or medicine down and helps us not throw up.

It funny in a way that chocolate milk does help  us with a medicine and makes it easier to take our medicine with we tried white milk did not work for us at all we would be sick we tried almond milk did not work we tried chocolate almond milk did not work we also tried chocolate cashew milk that did not work either we would be sick to our stomach without chocolate milk. We went from powered chocolate milk to liquid chocolate milk and that works best for us.

We also tried strawberry milk that did not work either but it was really good we also tried water that's a big no we were so so sick and could not keep are medicine down. pop worked for us too but it had to be the dark-colored pop, not the clear kind. Orange juice did not work either no juice worked for us and a lot of the time we cannot take juice with our medicine.

When I and my little sister were trying to find something to take our medicine with it hard but mom helped us in big ways she always did her best to make sure we keep our medicine down. 

Flavored water did not work for us either we tried kool-aid too that did not work we tried grape juice and apple juice nope that did not help either diet pop helps too. The flavoring you put in your water did not help us at all.

I and my little Savannah are very thankful we are able to take medicine that helps us not have really bad seizures.

Epilepsy runs in my family my aunt has it and my two cousins have it and so does my letter sister and me and different things help us with our medicine.  

What helps you with your medicine what do you drink to help you keep your medicine down?. 
love to hear from you

Enjoy reading Angelika.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Miss Angelika A kindergarten teachers aide at a Christian school 2012-2013 school year.

Miss Angelika A kindergarten teachers aide at a Christian school. 

I just graduated from high school in 2011 and was wondering were do I go, Next lord, I was looking for a job and the Job I thought I wanted was not the right Job for me I did not know what the Lord had planned for me that summer so I started volunteering at the new Philadelphia visitors bureau and praying and asking God to help me find that right job.

Then one day at church Miss Millard a lovely Lady I worked within the good shepherd's ministry asked me if I wanted to help her in class as a kindergarten teachers aide and I said yes I was really excited I went straight home and told my mom that I got a job and I told her all about I can remember to tell God thank you for helping me find a job know did  I know what a kindergarten teachers aide was no but I learned with time.

I can remember my first day the kids called me Miss Angelika and we had 20 students, 13 boys and 7 girls it was a big class I was happy to be part of an amazing class and a great group of students. The funny thing is my cousin was one of my students so I thought that was cool and funny.

I have a lot of fun memories of being a kindergarten teacher so I thought I would share some with you one time at recess a little boy goes look Miss Angelika and pointed to a dead bug he thought that was the most funniest thing and I am like ok that's cool and laugh afterward kids do really say the funniest things. I enjoyed reading to the kids at story time and coloring with them at there desk I would make my way around to each student and color with them they brought there own coloring books and crayons.

I worked with the most wonderful staff ever they were all wonderful teachers I enjoyed working with miss Millard the main teacher in the kindergarten class and I enjoyed eating in the teacher's lounge with all the teachers. I enjoyed talking with the kids too kindergarten kids have a lot to say they love to talk. 

I loved working at Indian Hills Christian school it was really the best Job I have ever had and it came with a lot of good memories like cleaning up Glue that stuff it hard to clean up it gets on everything and it is super sticky and slimy yuck.  One time my cousin was mad at me and he said the funniest thing to me you are not going to follow me to first grade, are you? and I said no then he said good. I just laugh he was upset about something that day know that he is older he does not remember saying that but I do.

After the school year was over in 2013 I did not get the job a second time because they no longer needed me and the school was closing and being relocated to Sugarcreek Ohio so I go to stay in touch with a lot of the parents and the students and that made me happy to still be part of there lives on Facebook and watching the students grow up has given me Joy to see how far they have come.

I think I shared everything that I remember being a kindergarten teachers aide but before I forget my old students still call me miss Angelika and that to me is priceless so cute they will always remember me by miss Angelika and so do the teachers too.  Indian Hills will always have a special place in my heart because it was the best Job I have ever had.

Not only was I teaching the students they were teaching me things too like how to find joy in the little things and being patient and understanding and how to find joy in a world full of Gods blessing and the students had a way of making me laugh so hard that tears were almost coming down my eyes and that's a good thing if they can make me laugh I am sure they make their parents laugh too some of Gods precious gifts come in small packages. 

I do wish that Indian hills was still there I know a lot of people miss that wonderful school and all the memories that come to the school it sure has blessed me in so many ways.

When Indian hills closed they relocated to Sugarcreek to a new building called grace Christian school I did help there for a little bite I help with my aunt Jessica in the library I was her  library assented  for awhile it was fun then I moved away and I got to write to the students at the school with the teachers and parents permission they were able to write me back and I kept all their letters they ever wrote to me. 

well, I am going to go for know hope you enjoy reading this I sure enjoyed writing and sharing with all of you readers out there.

Enjoy reading Miss Angelika 

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Visit Knox county Ohio mount Vernon Parks :)

The beautiful hiking trail was where we walked.

Me  at ariel foundation park 

The tower at the Ariel foundation park 

Me by the river of glass at ariel foundation park 

The beautiful creek 

Me under a tree at Ariel 

A beautiful leave in the water at the creek

Some information about the river of Glass

Me  by the old train tracks 

the beautiful river of Glass

Beautiful Blue Glass

Me hiking 

The beautiful creek 

Visit Knox county Ohio mount Vernon  Parks :)

If you never been to Mount Vernon Ohio you should add it to your bucket list of many parks to see they do have some really cool historical parks the one park called ariel foundation park was an old glass factory that they had restored some of its factories to go look at.

Ariel park is home to really cool things like the river of class and the maze as well as a tower you can walk up it used to be the factory's chimney that they had restored so you can walk up yes I have walk up it but did not get very far me and my family started walking back down ariel park is a big park it goes on for miles it is also as hiking trials a beautiful lake, as well as different pounds with frogs in it and there, are so many geese there and they have a beautiful picnic area me and my friend were thinking about going there for bible study it's a beautiful place to get pictures. Also at Ariel, they have a museum in the park you can look at to see how the factory was it's really cool.

Memorial park in Mount Vernon is a beautiful park too it has so many to offer they have tennis courts and  in the summertime they have people playing baseball and they a food stand you can go to they also have a beautiful hiking trail and a creek that is open to the public that you can walk down it's really beautiful down by the creek expressly when the sun is going down and you can see the beautiful sunset what's really cool is I have found sea glass and seashells down by the creek it was a cool find for me and my family I have also callect rocks down by the creek to paint and hide.

Also at the memorial park, they have picnic tables and a skateboard park to the trail goes on for awhile and you can even go under this beautiful old railroad tracks that used to be a bridge. 

these are my two favorite parks to go to but my most favorite one is Ariel because people hide a lot of there painted rocks there to find and I have found a lot of beautifully painted rocks there if your not sure what this game is people paint rocks and hide them with there hashtags on the back of the rock if you find their rock you posted it on the Knox County Ohio rocks facebook group with there tag and it's really cool to see whos rock you found I have also hide rocks that I painted at ariel and was cool to see who found my rock.

The parks here are very beautiful and I love seeing Gods creations all around me from the woods in the park and the flowers, as well as the wildlife running, throw the forest in the woods when you are walking in the summer time you can also see bubble bees of all kinds buzzing around the flowers I got some pictures of the bees on the flowers.  My mom likes the parks here too she said they are neat and if does feel like you are on an adventure.

Also in the summertime, I saw some turtles on a log when we were hiking they were all different sizes big and small I would say they were snapping turtles we saw some big tree trunks laying on the ground I was thinking I wonder what kind of animals found there home in them and insects too Gods world is so amazing.

By the creek, I loved hearing the water sound it was so relaxing to hear and very peaceful me and my mom and sisters loved going down by the creek and watching the sunset and I enjoyed looking for walks and taking pictures I love nature and being outside we can't go by the creek know because the water is high and it's not safe right now but next summer or maybe in the spring we can go down by the creek again.

I and my mom were the first to discover ariel park and memorial park here when we would go on our adventures so we had to share our discovery with my sisters and dad they liked it too my sister's favorite park was probably memorial park where the creek is.

We have also visited other parks and hiking trials here one was wolf run park that was not our favorite park at all to me and my family the hiking trail there is kinda dangerous they are not marked properly and I fell over a tree trunk that was cover by the leaves not very safe.

What is your favorite park you have ever been too?

Enjoy reading Angelika

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