Friday, December 30, 2016

My bible study and whats in my bible

My bible study and whats in my bible

Today I am going to share with you what's in my bible and my bible study I like to use and that is soap bible study and I hope you like it and that it 

 i am using the soap method, S stands for scripture so i will write out the verse that i am reading.. O stands for OBSERVATION so i write down what i think the verse is saying to me, A stands for applying so i write down how the verse apply s to me, P stands for prayer so i write down my prayers smile emoticon.. it's a really cool method

I stared doing the bible study called soap when i found the idea on pinterest  and i been using it for some time know and i really like it. It as helped me with my walk with God

I use the Gods word for girls bible my step dad got it for me and i really like it it has all kinds of fun things in it what i like to do is highlight bible verses and take notes on sticky notes and add them to my bible i also take notes in my bible too  I find joy in knowing God is with me were ever i go and i am take him with me too.

The Lord what's use to read are bible so we can grow and lead people to him we are Gods helpers and his children we need to know what he Require of use how are we supposed to hear is voice if we are not reading his words,

I love reading Gods word and sharing the gospel and good new about him with the world i like to pass out bible track to by hiding them in bathrooms and at public places, 

My deepest desire is to be used by God and to have him lead me in all the is right in his eyes being a christian blogger is the greatest feeling ever because i know that i am sharing the gospel to those who are reading it.

I know my life is to do the will of God and all my life i have seen were God has taking me and he has taking me to some awesome places and i am blessed by that because he as answered many of my prayer and i am thankful for that too.

My favorite pastors on TV are Dr Charles Stanley and David Jeremiah they are really Good me and my family like them too,

I love going to church and hearing what the pastor say and learning new things about God Church is a very important part in a christian life and God whats use to go and be with other believers.

Are God is truly amazing i love what he has created all kinds of animals and bugs and insects 
and of course you and me.

One of my goals this coming year 2017 is to being more people to Christ and share the gospel.
write know i am reading throw Matthew mark Luke and john my favorite books of the bible,

I remember being home schooled in going to youth group and telling one of the leaders that i would like to lead someone to Christ so over time i prayed about it and God made that happen by sharing 180 youth group cards and passing them out at school and inviting my friends and family to church group and i reached out to more of the special needs people in my class and my youth leader noticed that and said how proud of me he was and that is amazing, 

 what do you keep in your bible do you highlight take notes ? 

check out my other blog post on this topic

enjoy reading angelika 

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