Tuesday, November 8, 2016

What's in my bible

In my bible I have handmade bookmarks and I use a foot print ribbon Becouse I that it  symbolizes walking with God.

You will also find paint samples I got at Walmart to write down bible verse that speak to me and I also got sticky notes to write on and to add encouraging words to my bible too..

And you will also find bible tracks in my bible too I like to keep them in my bible.

I also like to highlight my favorite bible verses so my bible looks like a rainbow of colors it's really pretty.

And I like to write in my bible but I try not to do that too much so I like to take nots in my notebook and on sticky notes.

I started doing bible journaling so I use that alone with the bible study method that I like to use and that is the soap bible study method.

The bible that I use is God's word for girls it is a really good study bible that has pictures in it and encourage good morning notes to read in it too and as all kinds of neat things in it.

I try to make the most out of my time with God and make my bible study fun and something to look forward to everyday. 

And I also enjoy going to church I love hearing what the pastor says on Sunday mornings and how I can grow in my walk with God. 

The bible can teach use so many things about life and how we can grow in Gods word and how we can become man and women of God.

My deepest desire is to be used by God and I always ask him to use me and guide Me and help me be a light to those who are not saved..

I thank God for the freedom we have to be able to read are bible anywhere and to pray in public.

What is in your Bible?
Do you take notes in your bible are on sticky notes are in a not book.
Do you highlight bible verse are do you do bible journaling?
Love to hear what you have to say comment below.

Enjoy reading Angelika 


  1. Thank God for his faithful Word, which is our spiritual life bread.

  2. thats awesome angelica, i love how you use rainbow sticky notes!


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