Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Beautiful Fall Weather in Ohio

Beautiful Fall Weather in Ohio

What i like about fall in Ohio is the smell of the leaves burning and the fresh cool air blowing on my face. I also in Joy the beautiful colors of all the leaves changing and the beautiful leaves that are falling on the ground.

I love the crunching of the leaves when you step and walk on them. I love fall simply Because i love going out side with my camera and taking pictures of the beauty fall brings and i like to call it Gods paint brush because he makes all things beautiful.

My favorite fall memory would be going to my aunt's house for bonfires and s'mores  and my aunt telling use scary stores well we ate are s'mores and playing flashlight tag in the dark.

Fall is a fun time to go hiking and playing in the leaves and making pumpkin recipes  and seeing everything pumpkin spice. The pumpkin spice M&m are my favorite they are really good.

I also like going to the coffee shops to see all there fall drinks on there menu and trying something new and different something i would like think of trying.

I  love going to the foot ball games with my family wrapped up in a blanket and a sweater drinking hot chocolate and eating popcorn and eating a hot dog well at the game. 

I also enjoy drinking hot chocolate with caramel coffee creamer in it. It is really good and with whipped cream on top. I also enjoy my chi tea with cinnamon and sugar with cream. And apple cider

I always did enjoy going to bonfires with my church back when i was in my youth group at church and the singles group that was always fun i always did make some really good memories but then we moved.

God always does make all things new and beautiful he always saves the best for last and makes use happy when we see his work from the colors of fall to the sea and the sand and from the fragrance of spring and the beautiful flowers and new baby animals being born in the spring. he makes all things beautiful in it's time he truly is a amazing God,

What is your favorite thing about fall? What do you like to do in the fall? Any recommendations?

Enjoy reading Angelika
I look forward to hearing from you 

Book Review: Saving Grace written by Lesley Ann McDaniel

Saving Grace Written by Lesley Ann McDaniel 

What happens when a new York city opera singer flees to a small town in Montana to escape a stalker? Tracy Fontaine is about to find out

When an obsessive fan forces Tracy to change her name to grace Addison and go into hiding, The last thing she wants is to get to know the locals. Now, not one but two men have worked their way into her daily routine, much to the chagrin of jealous local girl Sophia, who insists on prying into grace's past and stirring up trouble. 

This is a good book filled with mystery and suspense it's a well written story 
that  will leave you hooked on it,

This would make a good gift to give to some one who likes a good mystery book and it would make a good gift for someones book self,

It a good book that gives you a good lesson about never giving up
things will work out they always do.

It's a easy to read and very understandable and the cover is nice too,

This is the authors very first book and she did a great job with it and making it a good read for any mystery lover who likes a good book.

Will Grace find love in Madison Falls or will her stalker find her?
read the book to find out what will happen.

Madison Falls, Home of faith love peach pie and a dollop of danger,

To read more about the author here is her website

Monday, November 28, 2016

book review: Set your fields on fire written by William Thornton

Set your fields on fire written by William Thornton

Alex Alterman is a  mystery worshipper- hired by churches to experience their worship services as a member of the congregation and evaluate what works what doesn't. Grass growing in the parking lot? unkempt bathrooms?. bad around systems? these may turn away people as much as the singing and the sermon. to whom much is giving much is required.  But when Alex and dedicated band of nitpicking zealots are hired to evaluate a florida church and it's prominent pastor, they are presented with a set of mysteries,  who hired them? and who hired their main competition. and why are they being shadowed by a couple of  atheists running a dirt-dealing blog?. oil spills dwarf spies, choir room surveillance, church league, basketball cheats and parking lot security all combine in a splendid caper that stretches from wall street to the beachfront as alter-mans group finds itself in the eyes of a storm the work takes on a new dimension as they untangle the reasons they believe in their work. and why they believing it all.

This is a great book there is none like it it's very well written and i did have a hard time understanding it but what i did understand is that he is helping the church, I get what he is saying about the worship in are church today it turns away people when it is loud and obnoxious. Were it hurt your ears and you can't hear what they are singing are the words of the song.

It is a good book to read and a good gift to give to your church and your pastor. It is also a good book to have on your book self and in a christian book store at your church.

this is also  a well written book on what really goes on in the church  today and how we can help to make a difference, 

You can read more about the and the author and the website


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Friday, November 25, 2016

I'm a Ohio Blogger


Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog! My name is Angelika i am the oldest of 4 sisters all different ages Sierra is the scent oldest then autumn the middle child then savannah the first baby sister and Hannah who passed away in 2001. I have a dog we like to call her ms m. Then this is my mom and stepdad. 

Before i started blogging in 2015 i stayed home and enjoyed life with friends and family t and enjoyed volunteering  at church and the community. I also stayed home and liked to to crafts and help my mom with her online business.

I write here at this blog called Angelikslittlekitchenhelpers when i blog
I also have a Facebook group called Angelikslittlekitchenhelpers and a facebook page called angelika's mighty missions.

For the past two years i have been blogging i have as the pleasure of doing book reviews for many authors 
And interviewing people like a beauty Queen And travailing different places for blog topics and doing a blog reviews for different businesses. 

you can find me online of Facebook  in 2 different places, Also on  Instagram And pinterest.
As wells As you tube and twitter 

Speaking of face book i am active on my personal wall and my page and group 
My Facebook page Angelika's mighty missions is were i like to share my blog posts and family posts from recipes and just about anything, 

What do you like to blog about? I am always looking for blog post ideas on what to blog about
Any recommendations?

Contact Angelika

Do you have a product  you want us to review?
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Enjoy Reading looking forward to hearing from you Angelika

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Interview with a beauty Queen Beverly Boerner-reynolds

This is beauty queen Beverly she is just not competitor but she likes to spend time traveling as a pageant judge too.

she got started when she was a teenager. She competed in her first pageant the 1996 Miss teen Wisconsin pageant.  Although she did not place. She still enjoyed competing and the feeling of transforming into a model, 

The very next year she competed in the fairest of fair competition at the local waukesha county fair and was awarded miss congeniality. Over the next two decades she decided to further her family and her career  as her focus,

In February 2006 she returned to the stage as miss humble at taxes regency international 
were she became the first runner up as ms Texas, 

She continued the love of pageantry by competing for and winning the title of ms united southern states of america a national title for the miss southern united states of america pageant.
Ms southeast taxes a regional state title for the united america pageant and ms lonestar state, a regional state title to compete nationally in November 2017. 

As a judge she has mentored young and old by judging tiny girls boys all through senior competitions. This includes judging within her hometown and within  2 hours as well. She believes it is important to draw out the real power of every female and she believes pageantry should be more than just what you see on-stage there is pageants for girls and boys and women  of every age bracket.

Each system focuses on something a little different that is, Some have bikini other have fitness.She as seen some pageants that offer more points for what is done prior to the day of the event than the catwalk. Some systems even require the competitors to create a book of the work that person had done for there community.

In summary she believes pageants help to promote what a female can do for the people around her,
In addition to the many roles and responsibilities in her every day life. A women is not defined solely on beauty. But with the right type and amount of encouragement .

Can go to places even herself thought to be impossible. She never dreamed she would gain the confidence to get on stage and compete in a bikini, Nor did she think it would be her strongest area. She tells every woman to be the type of women people would what to encourage and stand behind!

Attachment photos are from the miss united southern states of america pageant august 2016.

I have learned so much about beauty pageants and how it can help people 
And what it takes to be a beauty queen and how long it takes to be in a pageant it's so much more than what you see on TV  and on stage there is more too it,

Here is beverly's Facebook page

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

My Box of letters and cards and keeping members save.

Angelika's Secret Box

Well I am ready to share with you all what is in my secret box of Goodie's.

In my box I have my high school diploma and some high school pictures and high school members.

I Also have in my box is letters and cards from my friends and family I love having pen pals and writing to people the old fashion way there is nothing like getting a handwriting letter in the mail. I love getting mail and checking the mail for my family.

I also have post cards from friends and a key to my old house in myrtle beach it has palm trees on it. I also have pictures my little sister made me and letters and cards from my cousins and family and friends. 

I also have the scrapbook and painting my friend Monica made me I love them so much butterfly's are my favorite.

I got this box when I was 13 and know I  am a adult and still have it so I keep my letters and cards in them.

I started asking my friends and family on Facebook if they would like to be pen pals with me and some said yes so I  happy and blessed to have friends and family and pen pals to keep in touch. with since I travel so much it's nice to have people to write too.

I also email and text people but that's not the same has getting something in the mail to make your day and put a smile on your face.

It's nice to have members that you can look back on and make more members too.

Were do you keep you letters and cards at? Do you like to write to people?
Looking forward to hearing from you

Enjoy reading Angelika

Book Review: The Divine Progression of Grace Fruitful Living written by Bob Santos

The Divine Progression of Grace: Blazing a Trail to Fruitful Living by [Santos, Bob]

The divine progression of grace blazing a trail of fruitful living written by bob santos

What is grace? grace we have been told is God's unmerited favor.This is certainly true but grace is also so much more, grace does a progressive work in our hearts as we journey from the point were God accepts us as we are to the exciting place he wants to take use-a fully fruitful life, through the progressive work of grace. we are accepted transformed and empowered to become agents of change for God's eternal kingdom.

This is a good book that will help you grow and understand grace and have a better understanding of it. It is inspirational and thought -provoking and one awesome book to have on your book self it would even be a good book for your pastor to read and your church to read too, it should be in a church book store,

It is also uplifting and encouraging to all readers and will really make you think.  And it is a good read to  explain salvation and grace in a easy to read book. Bob did a great job explaining grace and how to really grow your relationship with God.

I found this book thought-provoking and interesting and helpful. And i also enjoyed the bible verses in the book. And it really helps you understand what being saved by grace really means. And how you can understand what grace means. 

It real also help you with your spiritual growth and christian life.

This world be a great gift for anyone who would what  learn more about  grace. And being saved buy grace it really does put it in good perspective on the reader and the author bob did do a great job.

To read more about the Author you can go to this website

Enjoy reading Angelika



Saturday, November 19, 2016

Senior Prom: A Night To Remember

New Philadelphia High school prom 2011

My senior prom was truly a night to remember. 
My senior prom was held at the the la pizzeria in canton Ohio.

It was a lot of fun getting ready for prom the shopping and the the preparations to making that night perfect, I found my dress at jcpennys  for a good price and my shoes at Walmart the key for me was saving as much money as i could i never paid full price for anything. I also got my flowers for free i won a gift certificate for are local flower shop.

I saved my by having my aunt do my hair and make-up and my nails she always did a fantastic job making me feel like a princess. I also saved money because my aunts sister-in-law did my photos she did a great job.

My  best friend Asked me to prom and we had a great night together we had dinner at prom.
we had vegetarian lasagna and mixed greens and chocolate kahlua cake for dessert it was all very good. They had a live DJ there who played music and videos and a photographer there.
the time me and my date got are picture taken all the appetizers were gone lol.

I loved seeing all the dresses and how beautiful they were and how each one was different.
And i loved seeing how the prom was decorated too,

I never that i would be able to go to prom because i home schooled for 11 years before i went back in to public school in 2009 that's were i got to meet my best friend who i went to every school dance with.

After Prom we went back to the high school for post prom there they had more food and you could play games and they a mechanical bull ride. My date laught at me when i feel of the bull he would no go on it at all, For Food they had pizza and different kinds of cookies and BBQ wings that were really good, and punch to drink . They also has prizes you could win too but i did not win anything.

I do miss going to prom and school dances it was a fun time too make your self feel and look beautiful and dressing up for your date and you. And having a reason to buy a dress and wear it.
and cute shoes too and getting my hair done too was always fun.

Me and my mom had fun going to  a prom fashion show too i loved seeing all the different kinds of dresses and how pretty they were and after words we went out to eat together it was fun spending time with my mom.

My first prom i went to was held a the quarry golf club in canton ohio,
the theme for that was called a night on the green we got to dance outside under the stars it was beautiful and we ate a olive garden for dinner that is one of my favorite places to eat. They had a live DJ there too and cookies were provided too it was good, And a fun time

Did you go to prom? What did your dress look like? what was your prom theme and wear was it held at?
love to hear from you

enjoy reading angelika

book review: A parents guide to Autism written by Ron Sandison

A parents guide to autism written by Ron Sandison 

Help All children on the autism spectrum flourish and muture throught Love.

one in every sixty-eight children will be diagnosed with autism. More kids will be diagnosed with autism then Aids,diabetes, and cancer. combined, This means every year in the united states of america sixty thousand families will receive the diagnosis that their son are daughter has autism spectrum disorder. with this disorder being diagnosed at such an alarming rate, Can parents be equipped to confidently raise children with autism?

A parents guide to autism offers interviews from forty experts. Exclusive teaching on bully-proofing children. As well as practical wisdom. Biblical knowledge and life experience from RON him self. He compassionately shares his own personal struggles with autism as a minister and priofessional in the medical field to help you raise outstanding wonderful children.

I like this book because it gives you a clear understand in to the autism world and it is a good read for parents to truly understand there children and there Growing changing needs in life as a autism child, It is a great learning book that will help new parents understand there son are daughter with autism

I like Ron's attitude on life and accepting who he is and he is a great example for anyone with autism and special needs he does not let his autism get in the why of his everyday life,  And i like how the book is biblical and he trust God and lets God help him and lead him.

This is a great book for parents and special aide teachers to read and learn more about the autism spectrum.
I have worked with people of all ages who  have autism and each one is different and unique not all are the same they all have different needs. It's a great book to learn what it really like on the spectrum 

it's a great book to read if you what to learn more about the autism spectrum and the insight of it and to gain knowledge of it. This is a must have and a must read for family's living with autism it will give you a much better understanding. It will also teach you how to work with your son are daughter with autism 

Ron does a good job on letting use readers see autism thought is eyes and how he lives and manages it, 
What better why to learn about autism is learning from someone who has it, It's a very inspiring read and will lift you up and built you up as a parent with children who have autism.

It is also a great book for anyone of any age who would like a deeper understanding of autism and how it works and how to help your child and help who the needs they need to become outstanding children
Autism is a very hard to live with i know because i worked with them they are mostly misunderstood and not listens to at times and it's harder because you have people who don't understand them and how to help them.

But Ron put's it in a way that will help you truly understand what's in the mind of someone with autism and how to help them grow and become the man and women they need to be, By helping the parents and caregivers and teachers help understand them in a better why the is kind and loving and not mean and get angry,

This will also help the parents and teachers and caregivers keep calm and have a better understand and a better relationship with your child as there parents, Parents your children love you no matter what you have do so don't try so hard just be there for them and help guide them be kind and loving  with them,

To read more about the author Ron here is his website,


Book review: If you were me and lived in Brazil A child's introduction to culture around the world written by Carole P. Roman

If you were me and lived in Brazil written by Carole P, Roman

Join Carole,p roman when she visits the stunning and diverse land of Brazil in the new book of her informative series, learn about the customs and cultures. travel to south america to discover what you would eat and do for fun, see the land through the eyes of a youngster like you and understand what life is like in this exciting places,

This is a great book to teach your children about other places in the and you can point to a globe and show your kids were Brazil is on the globe. Your children will have fun learning about customs and cultures in different country's around the world. 

I really enjoyed this book i like learning about cultures and customs and what people live like in the would. My stepdad got me a globe so i am looking forward to finding Brazil on the globe,

This is a good book to have at home are in a classroom to read to students and your children. Adults will have fun learning about brazel and other country's around the word too, 

This book with teach you how to say mom and dad and names for children in Brazil,  And teach your students  and kids what they eat in Brazil too the food sounds really good i might even look up recipes on how to make them.  And i did find some recipes so i hope to make them some time and have my family try them. 

This would also be a great book for a school projects and help you if you get the country Brazil.
And it will help you learn about how people and children live in Brazil,

This book is beautifully Illustrated and have beautiful fun colorful pictures that will make you feel you are really in Brazil 

Don't forget to check out other books in her if you were me and lived in series

Mexico  Australia Turkey Hungary
France India Portugal Scotland
South Korea Peru Kenya China 
Norway Greece Russia Italy Egypt

looking forward to reading all of them.

Here is a website 


Friday, November 18, 2016

Book Review: How the elf and i saved christmas written by Carmen White

How the elf and i saved Christmas written by Carmen White

When Marie goes to the North Pole for her family's  Christmas vacation, she finds that something is  wrong. Presents aren't allowed this year and it's up to her, her sister, and a rebel elf to return the three gifts of Christmas before time runs out.

This is a very cute short store book filled with heart and helps you remember that Christmas is more then just the shopping and the gifts it will help you get in the mood for Christmas, 

I like this book it's cute and simple making it a easy read and easy to follow along with the story. A easy read for any age and a great story to teach your children what giving really mean.
It is a great book for any age young and old

This book is full of fun while keeping the true meaning of Christmas alive and a story to read every Christmas. And it will also teach your kids how to work as a team and how to work together,

This is a fun story with Santa and his elf helpers while remembering the true meaning of Christmas

And this little book is filled with magic and happiness and i like how is talks about finding the gifts that the wise men give to Jesus as a gift gold and  Frankincense and myrrh,  

This book is heartwarming and gives you a good idea and message on what Christmas is about and it is filled with kindness and love and joy and happiness. 

This book would make a great read for anyone and would make a great gift for Christmas it would be great to read to your kids and family are your friends, 

And it is cute that the two sisters in the story work together to find the true meaning of Christmas, This will teach your kids how to work together.

To read more about the author here is her websitehttp://www.goodreads.com/author/show/14562922.Carmen_White

Enjoy reading Angelika


Thursday, November 17, 2016

Independent review sesame street fizzy tub colors now with ABC

This is one cool product that I found at the store tonight

Parents it will have your kids having fun and looking forward to bath time. 
It will also help them learn there ABC and colors and mixing colors and having fun watching there bath water turn colors. Adult supervision is a must when using any bath products.

This product is non-toxic and not tested on animals. And contains bitterguard to discourage consumption.

In a packet you will get 9 bright water coloring tablets.

So go out and buy this product and have fun with you kids by talking about there ABC and learning to mix colors.

Here is a website were you can learn about there other products too 

"A Snowy Blowy Christmas"

I Love christmas and everything that comes with it i am a Christmas addict i know that is a a little over extreme to say that but i really do.

I love the Snow and the lights decorated on peoples house and we love to decorate are house too we go all out and e fun with it. I love the 'christmas cards that come in the mail for me and i love sending christmas cards to friends and family.

My friends and family would say that i am crazy because i  love the snow and going out and playing in the snow making snow man and throwing snow at family and friends and playing in the snow with my Dog when i throw the snow my dog eats it and try's to catch it,

I love drinking a nice cup of hot chocolate and watching christmas movies on hallmark with my family, I also enjoy what Christmas is all about it is celebrating the birth of are lord and savior Jesus Christ and celebrating his birthday.

And i enjoy getting Gifts but the best gift i ever got was jests coming in to my life. That's right the best gift is Jesus. I also enjoy reading a good christmas book and watching  25 days of christmas on free form it used to be called ABC family,

I also look forward to having christmas meals with my family and seeing friends i have not seen in awhile.I also enjoy going for rides with my family looking for christmas lights we like to go were the big house are to see how the decorated it is also so beautiful, And i love seeing all the trees in the windows when you drive by.  And we love decorating are own tree too it is always fun.

And i love the warm scents of pine and cedar and baking scents in candles they all smell so good,
And i also like Christmas because it's a joyful holiday filled with love and laughter. And making good memories that will last for ever.

We also enjoy doing elf on the self it is something fun we like to do we always find creative places to hide it and every morning when you wake up we enjoy looking for it and then who ever finds it hides it next it's really fun,

But i always enjoy christmas morning breakfast because we can eat any thing we like. Like donuts and waffles and pancakes are cheesy eggs and bacon, really anything it's cool to see what we wake up too.

what is your favorite thing about Christmas? what do you enjoy? do you do anything special with you family or friends?
would love to hear what you have to say Any family fun ideas to do around christmas time any recommendations?

Enjoy reading looking forward to hearing from you

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Book Review: Snow Globe Reunion written by Christina Lorenzen

Snow Globe Reunion written by Christina Lorenzen

Stranded by a snowstorm, Carrie Sanders is left holding a bag an old woman she’d been talking to left behind in the airport coffee shop. Mystified by the woman’s disappearance, she sits on the bench staring at the snow globe that is in the bag. Inside the glittery snowy world it’s Christmas during the 1940 times,. Fighting sleep, the next thing she knows she’s in the arms of the soldier she last saw skating on the pond in the snow globe. He’s no stranger, but the boy next door who never forgot her. she goes back in time.

This is a really cute and magical Christmas romance story I love that she goes back in time and is inside the snow globe. It reminds me of my favorite Christmas movie on hallmark called the snow globe that's why i like it, It's a story that brings you in to a kind and gentle world. It a cute and sweet short story book that leaves you wanting more and looking toward to what will happen next. It is a christian based book that is great too,

I really loved snow globe reunion and i think it would be cool and exiting to go back in time to see your loved ones again and how they lived there lives back in there days. It will bring back so many members of your family and loved ones.And i liked that when she woke up from her dream there was the same man.

This would make a great christmas Gift for anyone who would love a christmas romance story that is clean and christian based it would make a good gift for any romance lover who  likes a good book.
And it would make a good book to read around christmas time with a cup of hot chocolate and cozy pjs.

This book will help you wait for the lords timing when it comes to the right man and the lords timing is always right, It will also help you to remember to stop and talk to God about all your problems and what you are going through because he cares for you,

It will also show you the kind of man you would what to merry a kind and gentle man slow to anger and Gods best for your life, God as that special plan for you life don't run a head of him.

I also loved the romance between the two character it is very sweet and the girls grandma seems like kind lady helping her pick out her outfits and letting her stay with her. reminds me of my grandma always there to help me and care for me,

to read more about the Author and her other books  here is her website.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

My Fur Baby your so spoiled! And how i love Animals

This is my dog she is one of my best friends she holds special place in are hearts.

She is one of the funniest Dogs you will ever meet she is what i like to call very animated her eye 
do this funny thing when she is begging for your food. and when she has to go out she does this cute little dance for use she will jump up and spin around it's funny.

What i like most about having a dog is they are always around and make you feel joyful and happy they are Gods gifts to use so we can have a loyal friend.  I also enjoy giving her lot of treats she is very spoiled in deed. she loves to play with all of her toys and she takes long naps,

And when you leave she is always happy to see you when you come back with her tail wagging and everything .and i love how she knows she will get a 
treat right away.

I have epilepsy and having a dog has helped me see joy in everything and she has also helped me  look for the good in everything, she is a good companion and i  know that is will also be there.

Her favorite treats are dinner rounds dog food we use them as treats and she Also likes dentastix 

I used to just be a cat person until this bundle of joy came in to my life and  brings laughter to the whole family especially when you put a blanket over her and she walks around with it still on her that is funny to see.

We also Got her some angle wings to wear for Halloween she looked so cute with them on we love dressing her up,

It hurts me to see that people can be so mean to there animals i don't know how you can do that to this sweet little animals. people that hurt there animals must not have a heart because it not good,

God Gave use animals to love and enjoy and they are super cute and they bring use joy
I like to think about Adam and eve they must of had a lot of pets because they Got to name all the animals.

Someday if i can i would love to go all over the world to see the different kinds of animals and try different kids of food too

Having a pet is the best feeling in the world because you know they are waiting for you to get home.
and they love to give you wet kisses and you can give them lots of hugs, 

And with Pets they know when something is  wrong they will never leave your
 side, like when my little sister died my old Dog Betsy know something was wrong she never left my moms side.

Here is a bible verse about Gods Gift to use Animals

Then God said, "Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; and let them rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over the cattle and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth."

Do you have a pet? What kind of pet do you have? what kind of treats does your pet like?
love to hear from you,

Enjoy reading Angelika,

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Book review: Cooking in Fern valley by Alieen Stewart

Cooking in Fern Valley written By Aileen Stewart 

Welcome to fern valley where every day is an Adventure, Join your favorite fern valley kid like Mildred and Roberta cornstalk as they plan a surprise party for there friend Kimmy,

There is so much about cooking in fern valley. Fern valley is a great adventure in a community. With ducks, sheep, pigs, turkeys, goats and more amazing creatures that do what any other community would do, Like baking cookies, Fish, and mow lawns and of course have party's, They eat at restaurants and they go to church. And there children go to school and the local library and water-parks. sounds like a fun community to live in .

This animals have cute names like Alice Redfeather, Sammie Gruff, and Mrs. Sharpbeak. children will love the animal names too and have fun finding each animal in the story. this would be a great gift for any child boy are girl,

I like this cute little book filled with Adventure and heart warming story, And i like the recipes that are in the story's too. children will  Love having you read this story to them and even ask you to help them cook the recipes in the book. How fun would it be to make this recipes and read the story together. 

This would make a great addition to any classroom, library and in your own home are day care,
when i worked with little ones in the church nursery they always would like you to read them a story and when i worked in the kindergarten class i would read to them dearing story time, I always did enjoy that reading a new book to them.

This book will teach your Kids how to get alone and work together and telling the truth and kindness. it will teach your kids how to  expressing love and appreciation for one another, ,and the fact that God sees all. but the story itself is super cute,

Here is the Authors website

Enjoy reading Angelika

Book Review: Rustic Knoll Bible Camp Book One Hear No Evil Written by Mary L. Hamilton

Rustic Knoll Bible Camp Hear No Evil Written by Mary L.Hamilton

Summer Camp is no fun for Brady mccaul. The girl with the cute dimples thanks he's immature and childish. The camp bully targets him with cruel taunts and teasing. And flips Brady's canoe to keep him from winning the race. But worst of all his mom won't let him come home. She does not want him living with her anymore. Brady wonders if even God cares about him.

This is a page turning story for tweens and young teens set at a Christian camp it has a lot of very interesting characters and it's a nail bitter for sure and a entertaining and inspiring story about a young boy's struggle with abandonment and loss. Set at summer camp. And learns that he is not alone and he learns about God and how he is real.

I like this book it's a real page Turner and it is hard to put down it leaves you with what happens next.
It brought me back to my year at church camp and all the fun I had and loved learning about God.

This is a great gift for any young adult and teens that love a good book and too add to there bookshelf.

My favorite bible verse from the book is found in Luke.
Luke 6:28 Bless those who curse you. Pray for those who mistreat you.

This is a great book that would teach you about forgiveness and how to pray for people that bully you.

There are questions in the back of the book that you can go over with your family are in a book club.

The mom in the story was being physically abused by her new husband it it takes about how he hit her and how she has a black eye but finds help at the end. 

There are resources in the back of the book also that gives you website that can help you if you are ever being abused in anyway. and divorce help and alcoholism help and if you feel like runny away there is help for that too. 
And if you are looking for a Christian camp to send your kids too there is a website for that too.

Can Brady figure out what he did to earn moms rejection and change her mind by weeks end? Or will he have to live with his workaholic dad. The guy who left when Brady was seven?
read the book to find out

All seems lost until a surprising secret changes everything,

There are other books in this series book two is
Speak no evil 
Book three is
See no evil 

You can read more about the author and her books at her website

Enjoy reading Angelika 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

What's in my bible

In my bible I have handmade bookmarks and I use a foot print ribbon Becouse I that it  symbolizes walking with God.

You will also find paint samples I got at Walmart to write down bible verse that speak to me and I also got sticky notes to write on and to add encouraging words to my bible too..

And you will also find bible tracks in my bible too I like to keep them in my bible.

I also like to highlight my favorite bible verses so my bible looks like a rainbow of colors it's really pretty.

And I like to write in my bible but I try not to do that too much so I like to take nots in my notebook and on sticky notes.

I started doing bible journaling so I use that alone with the bible study method that I like to use and that is the soap bible study method.

The bible that I use is God's word for girls it is a really good study bible that has pictures in it and encourage good morning notes to read in it too and as all kinds of neat things in it.

I try to make the most out of my time with God and make my bible study fun and something to look forward to everyday. 

And I also enjoy going to church I love hearing what the pastor says on Sunday mornings and how I can grow in my walk with God. 

The bible can teach use so many things about life and how we can grow in Gods word and how we can become man and women of God.

My deepest desire is to be used by God and I always ask him to use me and guide Me and help me be a light to those who are not saved..

I thank God for the freedom we have to be able to read are bible anywhere and to pray in public.

What is in your Bible?
Do you take notes in your bible are on sticky notes are in a not book.
Do you highlight bible verse are do you do bible journaling?
Love to hear what you have to say comment below.

Enjoy reading Angelika 

Monday, November 7, 2016

The Pajama Game a new Philadelphia high school play 2010

The Pajama Game a new Philadelphia high school spring musical play

I had a lot of fun helping out with the play backstage helping people with there costumes and many other things.
It was very exciting to see all the cast members in there make up and costumes plus my sister was in the play too.I was a junior in high school when I got to help.

I enjoyed watching the play and going to every practice. Plus I was excited to see my name in the local news paper to it made me smile and i was proud to be part of a awesome experience.

Here are some pictures of me helping pass out papers and open doors for people and help people find there sits and help people find there costumes.

And after the play I was excited to walk out on stage and take bow that was a surprise to me and it made me happy.
I was also very comfortable that night becouse I got to wear my pajamas. 

The best part was the after party that was fun there was good food and a live DJ playing the music and the lights were cool too. It was a fun night to remember and the school put this all together they did a amazing job everyone that got to be part of a great experience.

This was my very first time and only time I got to help so I am glad I still have this pictures and members in my scrapbook to keep and remember for ever.

Have you ever been part of a school play were you in it are did you help out with it? What was your school plays name?  Did you go to any of you schools plays?
Leave a comment below I would love to hear what you say..

Enjoy reading love to hear from you

Frugal fashion with Angelika what i learned in 4-H

What i learned in 4H 

I took 4H when i was in middle school and chose to do frugal fashion what is frugal fasion you ask well i am here to teach you how to dress with out spend a lot of money on new clothing,

What i like to do at the store is finding the beast deals like one time at the store i found a pear of earring for 50 cents you can't beat that so of course i bought them and i also found a pear of earrings for a dollar that is a really good price. And i look for makeup for a really food price you can find good make up at dollar tree and Walmart like i found a dollar eyeliner and lipstick and more. 

I love the dollar tree i am like a dollar tree Fan when ever i am at the dollar tree i like to look for make up and a make up bag and many other things, Here is some stuff that i found at the dollar tree that i thought was really cool i found a really cute necklace and i get all my personal items at the dollar tree like make up and a hair brush's and all my soaps and more. 

for clothing and accessories i like to shop goodwill my favorite thing to do at goodwill is putting together my own outfits that match and make me look good and feel good first i look for a pear of paints and a shirt to mach that and pear it off with a pear of earring are  a cute necklace. 
I also like to look for cute shoes and a new purse at the good will too i found a lot of nice purses there too and shoes, 

If i can't find anything good at good will i like shopping at Walmart. I always look for stuff on clearance like i found a pear of pajama pants for a dollar and who know what fun stuff you will find. And i like looking at Jcpennys too  they have a lot of good deals too and that's were i go. and i end up saving a lot of money.

Growing up my mom used to save money by making outfits for use and shopping goodwill we always looked nice and fashionable. My also showed me and my sisters how to shop  for good deals when we were growing up and were to find the best deals. And hand me downs never bothered me and my sister because we always looked nice.

My favorite accessory is earring I love earrings. I  have a lot of earrings every time i go to the mall are to goodwill and Walmart i am always looking at the earrings to see what good deals i can find.

Me and my sister and family love looking for good deals on clothing shoes and accessories and purses too we love shopping at places we know that we will find good deals and always think about saving money when you shop and if it is something you really need and what just sit in your closet are wear only once and forget about it.

Do you like to save money when you shop for clothing and accessories? what are some cool things you found on sale are a good deal? were do you like to shop? do you ever go to good will what did you find that you are happy about? would Love to hear what you say and would love to here recommendations on were you shop and what you find.. comment below :)

I found this outfit that I am wearing for a dollar each at Walmart that is a good deal 

enjoy reading looking forward to hearing from you

Book review: Quack and Daisy written by Aileen Stewart

Quack and Daisy Written by Aileen Stewart

This is a cute story about quack the duckling and Daisy the kitten and how they meet in the meadow and become the best of friends. 

This is a cute book about friendship and how friendship comes in all different kinds. And it's a very cute illustrated book with lots of color and pictures I think the kitten and the duckling are super cute..

But the two friend find out the maybe they don't have much in common at first because the cat can not swim and the duck can not catch mice, but the one thing they do have in common is the meadow that they meet each other in every time. it's very sweet that we don't always stop to think about it but what we do have in common with are friends might not be something big but something small.

This would be a cute book for little ones like preschool age and kindergarten and it would be a good book for your classroom. And it would also be a good book for parents to read to there kids.
It would also make a good gift for any child are any book lover too.
And it would make a good book for your classroom.

i love book with animals in them and if you and your children like book with cute little animals then this is a good book for you and your child,, this is a good book to teach your children about friendship and how it is important no matter what people think,

Can two such unlikely friends stay friends even when everyone else tells them it's impossible? Will Daisy's failure to swim and Quack's inability to catch a mouse cause them to give up on each other? Or will their friendship survive? Find out in this fun new adventure. read the book to find out.

Here is a website were you can read more about the author

enjoy reading angelika

Saturday, November 5, 2016

In Loving memory of my Great Grandma

letters from my great grandma through the years i am thankful i have this to look back on,

My great grandma M  died this morning at 8;02 am 
she will be in a are hearts and memory's know
i am glad she is in no more pain and that she is in heaven with are lord and with are  father in heaven and gets to see him face to face.

I am going to miss writing to my great grandma and keeping in touch with her i loved the beautiful cards she would send me and she got me this beautiful blanket that has angel on it,
i still have that blanket to remember her by 

My great grandma was a fine lady and a wonderful women of God she brought so many smiles to peoples faces when she walked in a room.
Gods timing is always amazing to me i know she is no langer here on earth with use but i have hope in know that she is happy were is is at and gets to see great grandpa again. great grandma would have been 90 years old tomorrow.

I put a letter in the mail for her yesterday but i am sad she will not get to see it. it was a Christmas card that she will never get to see but  i know she will be celebrating Christmas in heaven with God and Jesus and all her friends in family. and i am glad she is with Jesus. i do not like it when people die but God made a way for people to stay with him and all you have to do is ask God in to your heart
and you will be with him for ever. i looking forward to seeing my great grandma and great grandpa and my sister in heaven and other family members too again..  

My last grandparent, great Grandma , passed away this morning a day before her 90th birthday. Today was her birthday party but instead it became her home-going!.

We're excited for her as she is with Grandpa and her Savior, Jesus Christ! We know we will see her on one day soon.

here are some encouraging bible verses

1 peter 5:7
casting all your anxieties on him because he cares for use.

psalm 116:15
precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints 

Do you have that hope? There is no other name under heaven given whereby a man may be saved, only Jesus the risen Christ saves.

enjoy reading angelika

The Lord Makes me Happy and he makes my soul happy too.

The Lord Makes me Happy and he makes my soul happy too. I would say the first thing that refreshes my soul and makes me happy is ...