Monday, October 31, 2016

Book review: Stranded at romsons lodge written by J.L. Callison

Stranded at romsons lodge written by J.L. Callison

Kidnapped and flown to a remote lodge in upstate Maine, high school seniors, Jed Romson and Elizabeth Sitton are stranded when their kidnapper crashes on takeoff. With thirty-five miles between them and the nearest hunting lodge, Jed knows it is up to him to care for a homesick city girl until someone finds them. Is he up to the task? 

Elizabeth and Jed was riding home when Jed saw a car that broke down. So he wanted to help but Pete was not looking for help he wanted money. But they kept saying no so they did this in tell he gets the money..

Stranded at romsons lodge is a good book it left me wanting more I am looking forward to reading more of J.L. callison books.

I love Mystery books so this was for me the ending of the book was good too.

This would be a great book for every Christian Mystery Fan 
It will leave you wanting to read more and it would go great with your book collection.

Will they find the missing teens?
Read the book to find out 

Enjoy reading Angelika 

Epilepsy awareness Purple pumpkin project

This Halloween I asked my friends and Family to pain a pumpkin purple For Epilepsy awareness and this are some of the pumpkins that they painted each one is cute and very sweet.

And it makes me happy that participated in the event and had some fun too by being creative with there pumpkins here are some Pumpkins that are from all over the place one is from my friend in the Czech Republic in and myrtle beach and other places mine is the one with the Google eye they are all so very cute and sweet.

It means a lot to be that my friends and family did this with me and helped spread epilepsy awareness by painting a pumpkin purple for the purple pumpkin project and it got people involved in a good cause.

I hope to do this next Halloween too if it's possible and have more people get involved too my dream is to spread epilepsy awareness to the World there is so many people out there that have epilepsy just like me and my family members who have it too.

I also hope to educate people on what epilepsy is so many people don't know what it is and what to do if someone has it. It is more then just seizure's and what people think it is.

Please take time to educate your self's on epilepsy there are so many website's you can go on just Google epilepsy and information should pop up and there is this great website called epilepsy foundation they have a lot of good information too.

What are some ways you can help spread epilepsy awareness?
Are help someone who has it
Please comment below I would love to hear what you have to say..

Enjoy reading Angelika

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Carving memories one pumpkin at a time

Growing up family always enjoyed this time of year we loved carving pumpkins and drinks apple cider me and my family are fall fans we loved everything that comes with fall like the bone fires and smore's we would enjoy eating Carmel apple at the far when it was in town we looked forward to the car Evey September.

I love when the trees start to turn colors and the leaves on the ground hearing the sound of the leaves crunch when you step on them and seeing all the pumpkins on the peoples Porsches.

We loved going to craft stores doing the fall season the smells of everything pumpkin and pumpkin spice and autumn scented candles always put me in the fall mood we love everything with a warm sent to it.

And all the new coffee shop drinks I always looked forward to trying something new Rather it be a new flavor of ice cream and cereal and coffee creamers.

For Halloween we always enjoyed watching the Disney channel move's like Halloween town and don't look under the bed and mom's got a date with a vampire we also enjoyed Hocus-Pocus and the great pumpkin Charlie Brown we still like this movies.

Know there were movies that I was not allowed to watch growing up and the was Harry Potter and we were not allowed to play with anything that had to do with magic I thank my mom today for that she was teaching use what was pleasing to God.

We would go trick or treating a few times growing up and to my aunts Halloween party's.
 but we really enjoyed passing out bible tracks and candy to the family's and there kids I love seeing all the cute kids the there costumes.
Passing out Bible tracks for Halloween is a great way to turn a dark Halloween holiday in to something that would make something the God would be happy about.

My mom always did check are candy bags to make sure it was safe for me and my sisters to eat and she would eat some too. 

There are some Halloween decorations I do not like and that is the once with lots of blood and dead body's and skeletons I don't think that is pleasing to the Lord.
I like cute decorations like pumpkins and the big balloon blow ups in the front yards 

I hope to pass out bible tracks this year too I always try to spread Gods good news to everyone on Halloween and ever were I go

Do you and your family celebrate Halloween?
What do you and your family like doing in the fall?  Recommendations please I would love to hear

Enjoy reading Angelika

Monday, October 17, 2016

Hand Me Down Blessings

Growing up having sisters of Different ages was fun because we all enjoyed each other's clothing.  being the the adults of three sisters all the cute clothing started with me then went down the line to my other sisters.

We always did enjoy getting clothing from my two aunts who were in college at the time we would go through the clothing they would give use and fight over who get to look at them first and who get first dipps.

It was Just like Going to good will but the nice things about hand me downs are that they were free if they fit that was great.

I can remember this one time my mom got me this really beautiful white sweater that I only got to wear ones are twies and she did not read the washing machine instructions on the tag and throw it in with the rest of the clothing and it shrunk so my mom gave to to my little sister and she was happy and I was not so happy lol.
I guess that is how it works when you have sisters.

I am a huge Fan of Hand Me Downs because they save me money and all my family wears cute fashionable outfits I gog clothing and purses, Jewelry and more my sisters and mom like hand me downs too.

My homecoming and prom dress were hand me downs too they were beautiful and my aunts only were the dresses ones and after prom and they did not fit anymore I gave them away alone with all my prom purse's.

Growing up my family always made sure we had nice clothing to wear and we would go to the goodwill we really liked that store still do and other clothing stores too.

Did you ever get hand me downs?
What is your favorite clothing store I would love to hear.

Enjoy reading Angelika

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Book review: Little Man's Journey The Mountains Written By Teresa Barger

Little Man's Journey The Mountains

Written By Teresa Barger

Little Man discovers that life's journey can sometimes become difficult.
While worrying about the mountains he faces in the future, he is unable to enjoy his day-to-day journey. When he decides to take matters into his own hands, he leaves the path the lord put him on. Finally realizing that he can't defeat the mountains by himself. He has to rely on his faith and discovers the lords path is a always best.

Most of us have been in little man's shoes. Maybe it's because we don't have enough faith in God, or we are afraid he won't help use or it could be pride that courses us to feel like we have to do things on our own. Whatever the case my be, just like little man, if we aren't careful we can get off the right path and cause ourselves a lot of unnecessary hardship. Come along with little man on his journey as he finds faith in the lord.

I like this book I can relate to little man at times I try to do everything my self and go my own path and it get me in to trouble but God always brings me back on the right path and I never feel alone are worried and we all loss are way in life but Jesus always brings use back to him no matter what your are going through.  There are many bible verse's that I like that goes with the story and God taking use on the right path but I picked this ones they spoke to me.

My favorite bible verse from the book is

Psalm 32:8 The lord says I will guide you along the best for your life he knows were the tunnels are

proverbs 3:5-6 Tells use to Trust in the lord with all your heart and not lean on are own understanding in all thy ways acknowledge him and he will make are path straight.

proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the path they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it. 

Just Like Little man we all have mountains on your Journey but don't let them become your focus and steal your joy

The Mountains-Is about Faith and Trusting the Lord even when things look impossible.

Here are some websites you can go on
The Author As a Etsy store were she sells shirts to Designed to promote Little Man 

Friday, October 14, 2016

Amish country Car Rides

Growing up me and my family would go on car rides to Amish country and we still enjoy it to this day.

we are Amish country addicts I know that's funny to hear we would enjoy looking for deer And we loved going around the fall season when all the leaves changed colors and they fell to the ground. We loved everything that the Amish country had to offer from the wonderful awful smell of the farm Animals we loved seeing the cows and horses and everything else.

We loved looking at all the local shops and smelling the the good Amish foods WD loved the Amish restraints my favorite Amish foods are the peanut butter pie they make and there donuts and other baked goods that they make.

It's very relaxing looking at the Amish working in there yard and seeing the Amish kids playing in there yard And seeing the horse and buggies go past.
Amish Country is a beautiful and peaceful place to visit Amish live as peaceful and beautiful as can be

The Vegetable garden that they do is a gift they really do have a green thumb
And there beautiful flowers are do die for they smell so good and very colorful and beautiful.

My Grandparents go to Amish country for a date and it's very sweet to hear there stores and they would bring back some yummy treats like peanut butter pies my favorite and other baked goodies.

And I love the freash local products too like there vegetables and fruits and flowers that they grow
And the guilt shops are Wonderful to go look at each quilt is beautifully made.

The picture of me is at nickal jacks farm and the other two pictures I got for free on pixabay.

Have you ever been to Amish country?
Any recommendations?
Post below in the comments I would love to hear.

Enjoy reading Angelika

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

peanut Butter Blessings

When I was growing up we did not have much but  I do remember was always having peanut butter in our cupboards we made so many Different things with it, like peanut butter sandwiches with grape are strawberry Jelly are we used marshmallow cream.

And peanut Butter rice and we also would mix marshmallow cream  and peanut butter together and dip our  apples in it.

To some people it may just be a jar of Peanut butter but to me and was a blessing in disguise because it always brought my family together. We would sit down and eat peanut butter crackers together.

One bible verse that comes to mind is Philippines 4:19 my God will supply all your needs.

And peanut butter as played a big part in my life when I was ill, become of my epilepsy medicine I  would would take it with a spoonful of peanut butter with it.

We had other foods too but peanut butter means a lot to me and my family
I am thankful for my family and friends that would help use in are times of need my mom and grandma also help by keeping a jar of peanut butter in are cupboards. My mom always did find creative way to use peanut butter like making use grilled peanut butter sandwiches a lot of people do not know what that is but it's just like making a grilled cheese but using peanut butter.

Always remember to think about the blessing in your life?

Enjoy Reading

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Book review: superheros storybook written by Carolyn larsen

SuperHeros StoryBook strong And Brave Bible Heroes Who Changes the World Written By Carolyn Larsen

As you read the Amazing And Exciting stores in Super Heroes storybook, you will learn that God has an extraordinary job for ordinary people who are willing to serve him.

See what the lives of some of Gods greatest super heroes looked like and what you can learn from them..

Always remember the you are Gods super hero and you have a special role to play in his kingdom

Your Children are going to Love this Book it will teach them about the Bible and Teach Them How they can be a super hero for Jesus it Show them How many people Had important Jobs from God in the Bible and how they learned they can be a super hero for Jesus too. You child will also enjoy finding the warrior-like angel hidden somewhere in the picture. This will make a great gift for any child of any age..

I really like this book From the Colors to the story I really enjoyed learning how I can be a super hero for Jesus and I had fun looking for a warrior-like angel hidden somewhere in the pictures.
I enjoyed reading about how God gave people in the bible important jobs and how they become a super hero for Jesus.

Here is the Authors Website 

Enjoy reading Angelika

The Lord Makes me Happy and he makes my soul happy too.

The Lord Makes me Happy and he makes my soul happy too. I would say the first thing that refreshes my soul and makes me happy is ...