Living Life to the Fullest with Epilepsy

I am here to share with the world my Epilepsy story and how I look for the positive side in it.

everyone has a story but mine is About God my Family and Epilepsy.
Everyones experience with epilepsy is different there are so many different causes.

I had my first seizure when I was a year old it was brought on a high fever and I had them ever since.
It really is challenging living with epilepsy but I look in the positive side in life with epilepsy.

God has played a big part in my life with epilepsy he as answered so many prayers for me when I pray I won't have a seizure he hears me and keeps me safe.
God has blessed me with a Big family who have been by my side through it all And my Mom has been thought all the hospital visits and emergency room visits with me I could not thank her enough.

I have a big support team behind me all the way keeping me safe and I feel loved by all of them. I have great friends to who support me and who love me and enjoy spending time with me..

Enjoy reading Angelika


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