Monday, September 19, 2016

Book Review: murder At The Court House Written By A.H Gabhart

Murder at the courthouse written By A.H. GabHart

Nothing ever happens in hidden springs Kentucky. 

Nothing, that is until a dead body is discovered on the courthouse steps

Miss Willadean Dearman found the body on the court house steps.
Miss Willadean told the deputy Sheriff 
Michael Keane about here finding the body on the steps and thinking he was a drunk at first Betty Jean Got a hold of the the sheriff and chief Sibley and told them to come on Down he paused a moment and bring out some of that line tape they called the state police and coroner Just Thatcher  the man was in deed dead  he was sluped against the column there was a blood pool around him the Sheriff told Betty jean to bring a camera along with police tape.

The Sheriff Michael he took a few pictures and then Gingery felt the mans pockets with out disturbing his final resting  position they find a roll of bills and some change no phone no wallets that he could feel no business cards nothing to explain he was dead the victim has been shot that seems to be foul play involved. The victoms name is Jay RayBurn

To find Out who Killed the Victom died be sure to read the book.

I really liked this Mystery Book The Author Made it to be a Adventure and a 
Mystery my favorite character in the book is Willadean Dearman she is funny and a really a Character it was had for me to put the book down I enjoyed every page and there are 31 chapters and I sneek peek of her next book in the back of the book that looks like a good one too can't wait to read that one.. 

This a great book for all the mystery book lovers that would make a good gift for them to add to there book collection and to read..

Here is the Author's Website

Enjoy Reading Angelika

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