Sunday, September 25, 2016

Book Review: Living the Secret written by Jo-Marie

Living The Secret By Jo-Marie

Imagine being a very tiny person in a world of Giants? 
What If the first bug you ever meet wants you for dinner?

A scratching notice attracts Auden's attention. He turns his head just as a huge thing crawls up around the side of the branch, sees him, and quickens it's pace. Ayden screams! He tries to crawl away but the creature moves a lot faster than he does. It's survival time! The monstrous bug is more than five times his size!

The world outside maple community is not what Ayden and Hayden expect. The twins learn that a major secrets has been kept from them. Actually more than one secret exists 

Will they survive outside the tree?

Join Ayden and Hayden as they face the many dangers in the outside world and begin to live the secret.

I liked this book it's very interesting I liked how the dad comes back in the boys life because they know what happened. Ayden and Jaden whated to go out and see the world they did and they got to see her mom and see there dad for once in a long time. They got to follow there dreams and they are!

You should read the book it's very good!
I will leave you wanting more I know I do!
Don't forget to read Adi's world first. Look out for book three!

Enjoy Reading Angelika 

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