Book review: I Ate My Homework! Easy Recipes For College Students written By Kendall Purser

I At My Homework! Easy Recipes For College Students Written By Kendall Purser

Truth be told. Most college students do not eat correctly. This can be for various reasons finance's. Time or the inability to cook. The purpose of this book is to give students a resource for inexpensive. Nutritional recipes that are easy to make. I have also included tips for shopping. Food preparation and even a section for the complete beginner while these tips do not guarantee success they will help the average college student find their way through the kitchen and the grocery store.

I really Like this little Cookbook it makes it easy for me too read and follow alone and they are recipes I have made my self very easy and fast cooking. And I love the shopping tips located In the back of the book.

They have everything in the book recipes for breakfast and  lunch and dinner and snacks.

My favorite recipe to make is the Fajitas they are super good and my family likes them too.

You can read more about the author and his books at this website


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