Sunday, September 4, 2016

Book Review: The Descendants the Acceptance written By Susan Bushell

The Descendants the Acceptance Written By Susan Bushell

The Descendants The Acceptance is a YA Fantasy Book That it is a type of mystery book that you Can wait to find out what Happens Next 

This is a Really Good Book it leave's you wanting more 

It is a about a girl named Gillian she and Maggie work at a shop together they Got invited to a estate sell from Samantha. Gillian didn't know she and Maggie would be the only one who was invite. Gillian went to see the estate sell. When they picked out what they wanted the two left with there things. They went back the next day early to talk but they were early so they went to the park. That was owned by Samantha also. They went back to Samantha's and found out what the two girls were thinking about
Gillan didn't know anything yet but she found out a lot of things on the way. She still does understand but Samantha said when you find the key you will find out what all your answers are.

To find out what happens next pick out a copy of the book and read it.

My Favorite part about the book is the mystery and when she learned about her parents and how she felt about her parents..

I let my little sister who is 17 read the book too and she loved it and would love to tell people about it.

Enjoy reading Angelika 

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  1. So glad you enjoyed reading it. Thank you for the review.


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