Saturday, September 10, 2016

Book Review: Adi's World Written By Jo-Marie

Adi's World written By JO-Marie

Adi Leaves in a tree with her best friend Addy, Addy Got sick and they could not to anything for her so she passed away.

Adi was very upset she didn't know what to do about her friend dying 
But this guy gives Adi a notebook and Adi use's it to write to Addy each and everyday.

Adi made a new friend they were not friends at first but they became friends later on, In her class she knows this two
 Twins that are rude And mean

The twins were planing on leaving the tree because that's what in uncle Lee did so they left. 

I Really like this book Because it took me on a adventure and it is interesting they live in a tree I love the mystery in the story and the Secret Adi is living

Find out there Escape by Reading the next book

Here is a website you can go to check out to read more about the author

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