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Book Review: Living the Secret written by Jo-Marie

Living The Secret By Jo-Marie
Imagine being a very tiny person in a world of Giants?  What If the first bug you ever meet wants you for dinner?
A scratching notice attracts Auden's attention. He turns his head just as a huge thing crawls up around the side of the branch, sees him, and quickens it's pace. Ayden screams! He tries to crawl away but the creature moves a lot faster than he does. It's survival time! The monstrous bug is more than five times his size!
The world outside maple community is not what Ayden and Hayden expect. The twins learn that a major secrets has been kept from them. Actually more than one secret exists 
Will they survive outside the tree?
Join Ayden and Hayden as they face the many dangers in the outside world and begin to live the secret.

I liked this book it's very interesting I liked how the dad comes back in the boys life because they know what happened. Ayden and Jaden whated to go out and see the world they did and they got to see her m…

Book Review: murder At The Court House Written By A.H Gabhart

Murder at the courthouse written By A.H. GabHart
Nothing ever happens in hidden springs Kentucky.  Nothing, that is until a dead body is discovered on the courthouse steps Miss Willadean Dearman found the body on the court house steps. Miss Willadean told the deputy Sheriff  Michael Keane about here finding the body on the steps and thinking he was a drunk at first Betty Jean Got a hold of the the sheriff and chief Sibley and told them to come on Down he paused a moment and bring out some of that line tape they called the state police and coroner Just Thatcher  the man was in deed dead  he was sluped against the column there was a blood pool around him the Sheriff told Betty jean to bring a camera along with police tape.
The Sheriff Michael he took a few pictures and then Gingery felt the mans pockets with out disturbing his final resting  position they find a roll of bills and some change no phone no wallets that he could feel no business cards nothing to explain he was dead the vic…

Spreading Epilepsy Awareness

Epilepsy Awareness
Supporting epilepsy awareness with my new purple Hat and New Purple Scarf and Purse and purple Earrings And I Got my new stuff at dollar tree except the earrings  Did you wear anything Purple today if so I would love to see a picture  #epilepsyawerness
I am Very passionate about supporting Epilepsy Awareness this October I will be painting a pumpkin purple for epilepsy awareness it is called the purple pumpkin project help me spread epilepsy awareness by painting a pumpkin purple this Halloween and if you can't paint a pumpkin wear purple.
My Goes it to help people understand epilepsy by sharing and supporting epilepsy awareness.
I also made my own epilepsy bracelet too and my friends and family love it.

Enjoy reading and Remember to wear purple for epilepsy awareness are paid a pumpkin purple this Halloween


Science experiment tornado in a Jar

Tornado In A Jar
I made a Tornado in a Jar science experiment today it was fun and easy to make
All you need so a clean Glass Jar some water I used sink water and some dish soap just a little and Glitter but I used sequences.
This would make a great science experiment for you Glass room are if you are a homeschooling mom and what to do something fun with your Kids.
My whole family like my Tornado in a jar my little sister just loved it and said it was cool

Here is a website you can go on to get the full instructions.

Enjoy reading Angelika

I love blogging for free books

I Love Blogging For Free Books
Look at all my free books from authors and free book websites in exchange for a review  I am so blessed by this authors helping me with my blog by letting me review there books.  I am so blessed to have all this signed books too :) no need for me to go to the library anytime soon..
I Enjoy Doing Book Reviews Because I like to Read And I like to Blog  There are so many Good Books at there that are ready to be reviewed and put on your book self and to add to your collection.
I feel like bell from beauty and the beast with all this books like bell she had a big book collection too and her own library.

A Author sent me her book and a bag with her book on it and beautiful ribbon and I have so many book marks know
My whole family is happy for me and supports me with my blog and all the books I have my little sister is a big help to me with my blog she shares my posts on Facebook and takes pictures for me and helps me where ever I need help.. My mom helps too.

Book review: I Ate My Homework! Easy Recipes For College Students written By Kendall Purser

I At My Homework! Easy Recipes For College Students Written By Kendall Purser
Truth be told. Most college students do not eat correctly. This can be for various reasons finance's. Time or the inability to cook. The purpose of this book is to give students a resource for inexpensive. Nutritional recipes that are easy to make. I have also included tips for shopping. Food preparation and even a section for the complete beginner while these tips do not guarantee success they will help the average college student find their way through the kitchen and the grocery store.

I really Like this little Cookbook it makes it easy for me too read and follow alone and they are recipes I have made my self very easy and fast cooking. And I love the shopping tips located In the back of the book.
They have everything in the book recipes for breakfast and  lunch and dinner and snacks.
My favorite recipe to make is the Fajitas they are super good and my family likes them too.

You can read more about t…

Visit Hudson Beach

Visit Hudson Beach Florida
Hudson Beach is beautiful Love watching the boats go past and the sound of the ocean and the waves
And I Loved the white sand is was beautiful and I loved hearing the sound of the seagulls go past 
There was all different kinds of  restraints near the ocean and there was music going on . the sunset over the beach was beautiful too
Me and my family had fun taking pictures and enjoyed each others company.
They had a beautiful picnic area and a play ground for kids to play on and a porch swing you can go on to relax and watch the ocean. 
Enjoy reading Angelika

Book Review: Adi's World Written By Jo-Marie

Adi's World written By JO-Marie
Adi Leaves in a tree with her best friend Addy, Addy Got sick and they could not to anything for her so she passed away.
Adi was very upset she didn't know what to do about her friend dying  But this guy gives Adi a notebook and Adi use's it to write to Addy each and everyday.
Adi made a new friend they were not friends at first but they became friends later on, In her class she knows this two  Twins that are rude And mean
The twins were planing on leaving the tree because that's what in uncle Lee did so they left. 
I Really like this book Because it took me on a adventure and it is interesting they live in a tree I love the mystery in the story and the Secret Adi is living
Find out there Escape by Reading the next book

Here is a website you can go to check out to read more about the author

Book review: A Mother's Journey Through Her Daughter's Eye's written By Vanessa J. Ross

A Mother's Journey Through her Daughters Eyes Following the higher Calling Written By Vanessa J. Ross
Vanessa Jones Ross Is A VeryInspirational And encouraging writer who loves too inspire people all over the world she had a vision since 1980 when her Daughter Was Diagnosed with Sickle-Cell-Anemia.  At the age of three mouths old she had a stroke. 
This is  true story book filled with  a heartfelt story on a mother's journey and filled with uplifting bible verses  It is hard watching your loved one going though so much. But God is Always with Use 
What I Liked about this book is the bible verse and I can relate to the story in some way
I have epilepsy they find it when I was a year old and I still have if know to this day just like the mom in the story my mom had to watch Me go through so much and lots of prayes and trusting God. 
My favorite bible verse on this story is  psalm 31:1-4  God has plans for are lives no matter what we go through in our lives.

It does have a sad e…

Living Life to the Fullest with Epilepsy

I am here to share with the world my Epilepsy story and how I look for the positive side in it.
everyone has a story but mine is About God my Family and Epilepsy. Everyones experience with epilepsy is different there are so many different causes.
I had my first seizure when I was a year old it was brought on a high fever and I had them ever since. It really is challenging living with epilepsy but I look in the positive side in life with epilepsy.
God has played a big part in my life with epilepsy he as answered so many prayers for me when I pray I won't have a seizure he hears me and keeps me safe. God has blessed me with a Big family who have been by my side through it all And my Mom has been thought all the hospital visits and emergency room visits with me I could not thank her enough.
I have a big support team behind me all the way keeping me safe and I feel loved by all of them. I have great friends to who support me and who love me and enjoy spending time with me..

Enjoy rea…

Book Review: The Descendants the Acceptance written By Susan Bushell

The Descendants the Acceptance Written By Susan Bushell
The Descendants The Acceptance is a YA Fantasy Book That it is a type of mystery book that you Can wait to find out what Happens Next 
This is a Really Good Book it leave's you wanting more 
It is a about a girl named Gillian she and Maggie work at a shop together they Got invited to a estate sell from Samantha. Gillian didn't know she and Maggie would be the only one who was invite. Gillian went to see the estate sell. When they picked out what they wanted the two left with there things. They went back the next day early to talk but they were early so they went to the park. That was owned by Samantha also. They went back to Samantha's and found out what the two girls were thinking about Gillan didn't know anything yet but she found out a lot of things on the way. She still does understand but Samantha said when you find the key you will find out what all your answers are.
To find out what happens next pick out a…

Book Review: heartfelt Prayers for a close walk with God written By Carolyn Larsen

Heartfelt Prayers for a close walk with God written by Carolyn Larsen
Heartfelt prayers consists of 60 prayers that will help you express your deepest desires to God. Anencouraging message and a specially selected scripture verse accompany each prayer.  
This as beautiful Art work  And is Beautifully made hard cover book
I like this book a lot it has helped me with my walk with God and my Prayer Life I feel in love with this little book as soon as I Got it.
This book will help you with your walk with God and your Pray Life too
This will make a Good addition to your book self..

Here is a Good bible verse
Give your Burdens to the Lord
And he will take care of you
He will not permit the godly to slip and fall. Psalm 55:22

Enjoy reading Angelika 

Book Review: Champions in the wilderness written By Bob Santos

Champions in the wilderness written By Bob Santos
Champions in the wilderness is a Fifty-two Devotions to Guide and Strengthen emerging overcomers 
The fifty-two devotional readings of this book will both challenge and inspire you to grow in Gods grace. Helping you to breek free from unhealthy mindsets that keep you shackles in a sub par spiritual existence.
I really Like this book it has Helped me with my walk with God and My spiritual life I enjoyed reading a new chapter everyday and reading a different bible verse from it too and has taken me on a journey with God And has helped me  with Growing in Gods Word.
Each Chapter has  a Bible verse along with a story that God alone with the Bible verse.
This Book will Help you with you walk with God and Your Spiritual life too It will Help you Grow in Gods word.

Here is a website you can go on to read more about the book. www.SFME.Org