Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Book Review: The Angel With One Wing By Patricia Moore

The Angel With One Wing By Patricia Moore

The Angel with wing is written by Patricia Moore 

It is a children's book that your child would love to have on there book self it will teach your kids about kindness and the love of a friend.
This book is about a little angel named tommy and Joshua. 

The angles in the story are getting ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus by picking out the best angel to sing in the choir and lead the choir to Bethlehem to announce the birth of Jesus to the shepherds.

My favorite part of the story is how tommy gave Joshua his wing to show kindness to his friend.
God saw Tommy's kindness and Gave Tommy the most beautiful wings then the other angles and Tommy got to lead the choir to Bethlehem

Here is the authors website

Enjoy reading Angelika

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