Sunday, July 31, 2016

Book Review: Single Mom Chic By Tonya Parker

Single Mom Chic by Tonya Parker

 Single Mom Chic is a book by Tonya Parker. She gives you helpful tips to live by such as:
  • how you can go back to school as a single mom 
  • try to have a support team like family and friends to help you when you need it
  • make sure you have time for yourself every once and awhile
  • how to eat healthy ~ she even gives recipes!

Tonya Parker says that "being a mom is a full-time job"! My mom always said that too!

I liked that Tonya Parker was funny and she wrote about real life. I can connect with this book because I have 4 sisters and at one time my mom was a single mom! She too went back to college and relied on family for emotional support. 

If you or someone you know is a single mom, I recommend this book! 

Thank you, Tonya Parker, for allowing me to review your book and sharing your life with other single moms who need encouragement!  

Monday, July 25, 2016

Book Review: Baileys Remarkable Plan By David R. Hardiman

Book Review: Bailey's Remarkable Plan by David R. Hardiman

Bailey's Remarkable Plan by David R. Hardiman 

I really enjoyed reading this book and hope you do too!

Bailey's Remarkable Plan is a 212-page book that is based on a true story by David R.Hardiman. The story is about a dog named Bailey, a Shih Tzu, who ends up being David's service dog.
The book shares you will learn the gift of love Bailey the Shih Tzu showed to David.  As David was growing up he fought many illnesses and was not properly diagnosed until he was an adult.

This story unfolds by David sharing some of the harsh times he had in school and how he was mistreated by teachers and made fun of for being poor. After high school, David went to college and that's where he met his wife! He knew that she was the one! Years later they bought Bailey as a puppy. She didn't even have to be trained to be a service dog, she just automatically knew how to take care of him.

Bailey's Remarkable Plan inspired you to look at the good in my disability and look past those who are not kind. You will be inspired as you read this book! 

This is a great book that most preteens and adults of all ages can enjoy. I personally can relate to David's story. I was poor growing, was mistreated by teachers and have lived with a disability (epilepsy) since the age of 11 months old. 

You can read more about the author and the book at

Enjoy Reading!


*I received a free book for reviewing!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Book Review: Meet Me At Harry's by A.J. Sendall

Meet Me at Harry's by A.J. Sendall

"Meet Me at Harry's" is a book written by A.J. Sandall.  It is a mystery about an ex-narco police officer named Stacia Black.  She found a to escape  the violence and poverty ridden streets of Chicago. During this time she meets a man by the name of Nick Miller, he works at a bar.
 Stacia and Nick begin to date and he becomes nervous about having a relationship with her because she was an ex-police officer.

This book contains adult language and caused me to be unable to finish it.

You can read more about the Author here.

Enjoy Reading Angelika

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

book review: FOOD LOVE by Tess Challis

 FOOD LOVE by  Tess Challis

Food Love is written by  Tessa challis she will show you how to be healthy and Eat right She shares her Recipes with you and How to live well and Nourishing yourself, your family and the planet,

Tessa will help you with your Goals of losing weight the right way and the healthy way,
She will also show you how to add different kinds of fresh veggies and fruit to your diet
and how to Cook right for your family.

She talks about how eating healthy foods like Fresh fruits and veggies and lean meat can give you the vitamins your body needs and helps you feel and look better and gives you energy to start you day of right,

This book has just the right teaching tolls to help you improve your overall health and wellness,
And how it is important to Keep your self  Healthy and Have some you time.

The best thing about this book is you can learn so much about the food you are eating and how it affects your Body.
What i like about this book is how it teaches me to live a heather life

You can contact Tessa on facebook and her website

Enjoy reading Angelika

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Book Review: Happy As 2 Pigs In a Blanket by Mary Ellen Smith Hastings

Happy As 2 Pigs In a Blanket  by Mary Ellen Smith Hastings

Happy As 2 Pigs in a Blanket is a book written by Mary Ellen Smith Hastings sharing her journey of 50 years of marriage. Mary speaks about the importance of marriage and how it is a gift. She continues to share her life journeys as a stay at home mom to two children; Glenn and Greg.

Mary and her husband, Bob have become best friends during their 50 years of marriage and throughout this book, she shares most of the marriage details.

I recommend reading, "Happy As 2 Pigs In a Blanket" for those who are thinking about marriage or are married. You will really enjoy this life journey!

Author: Mary Ellen Smith Hastings


Enjoy Reading!


 Disclaimer: I received an autographed book in exchange for giving an honest book review. This website does use affiliate links. 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Book Review: Shaky Man by Mark S. Parker

Shaky Man by Mark S. Parker

It all starts in a town of Tonkaway, Texas and is set in the 1960s. Top, the main character, is a young boy who doesn't believe the rumors going around their small town about a neighbor, Shaky Man,  who is told to eat children and mistreats his dog.

Top, just moved to this small town and was invited to a sleepover where he became friends with those of different races. During the summer the small town experienced a murder and immediately, the town wanted to accuse Mickey's dad because he was in the office the day it happened.

Throughout this story, the theme is about treating others with respect, tolerance and acceptance.

I think.....
This is a cute kids book that would make a great book for a book report.  It will teach kids that just because you hear something does not mean it is true. Shaky Man is a real heartwarming story and I found it easy to read. In fact, I read it in one day!

What Can You Learn?

Shaky Man is a book that teaches respect, tolerance, and acceptance.

What I like about this book is it is filled with compassion and kindness.


Disclaimer: I received an autographed book in exchange for this book review. This website uses affiliate links.

Enjoy Reading!


Monday, July 11, 2016

Book Review: The Girl from the Paradise Ballroom

The Girl from the Paradise Ballroom is a romantic novel set in 1940. It is a love story of an Italian singer and a British dancer, Antonio and Olivia.  It is a forbidden love

What I like about this book they have a readers guide in the back of the book
Filled with questions to ask.
I love the book cover too.

For more information
You can go here

And for more information on the author

I got this free books

the Heart of the special needs!

I worked with special needs adults and children since i was 16 still in high school 
I helped in a class at church with special needs and disabled adults i was a table leader i helped 
turn there bibles to the right chapter and I helped tell the bible story to them I really enjoyed it
And i helped at a YMCA camp for kids with special needs I helped them do crafts and open there lunches that was fun too i looked forward to helping every summer,

Since working with the special needs  I learned a lot of them they have kind hearts for people and see the world in a different way then other people. they do not ask for much but what they do ask for is different from  what the world says you need.  all they what is to be them self's and not like anyone else.  they love them self's and they don't pick at them self's i think we should all be that way,, 

having epilepsy like I do i see things a little differently from my sisters are my parents. 
epilepsy runs in my family my sister and aunt and cousin have it too,
I have a very kind heart for people of all kinds but i have noticed that people love me for who i am and i have so many different kids of friends that i am thankful for if everyone was the same the world would be boring, 

there is never a boring moment when you are with a special needs person they have a way of making you laugh and smile they love to hangout with people too and they love talking too I have a lot of different kinds of friends that i enjoy being with,,

One of the things my mom taught me is to be kind to everyone and treat them the way you would like to be treated that is what God would what you to do and my parents and family too.
so i have a kind heart for everyone,,, i am thankful she taught me that

I even took sing language class to learn how to speak to people that could not hear are speak i am not perfect in it but i know some. 
We need to speck up for the the people who can not speck for them self's
proverbs 31:8

enjoy reading Angelika
and remember Jesus loves everyone

here are some website for encourage meant to parents with special needs adult's are children

Visit Savannas Preserve State Park

Went to Savannas Preserve State Park  with my family the other day
it is beautiful there we were not able to see everything but what we did get to see was great,
we saw freshwater marshes with lot's of Lilly pads and we heard a lot of different kinds of frogs

You can Go fishing and have a picnic they have a picnic area,
and you can go they have hiking trials and you can go hiking 
and there is a lot more activities you can do
my favorite is taking pictures 

My family liked it here too next time we go we would like to see more of what they have to offer.
I would like to check out the  Environmental Education Center 
and learn more about the area and the wildlife that lives in the area.

you should go and visit it with your family are buy your self.

here is the link you van go to to check out the park and read some more info,

Friday, July 8, 2016

Reading Can take you on many Adventures in Life.

Do you and your child go to your local library to pick out books if so that is great.
reading can teach you many things like how to read and picking out different books is always fun
me and my family always went to the library when  i was little and we still do the books i like to look for are chapter book E.B. white is my favorite Author I like his book charlotte's web. I have many favorite Authors that i like Robin Jones Gunn is another one that i like i love her books my favorite books from her are the Christy Miller Series.  And the junie b jones books by Barbara Park

It is very important to read because  it helps your mind 

become smarter and it takes you in my adventures that you

could never go on in real life!. and it gives me something to 

look forward to when i get a new book are pick one up at my 

library. And you can learn something new from reading 


And it is always hard for me to put down a good book

my family loves the book i Get in the mail

and i love doing book reviews to help family and adults find 

A good book for you and your family..

There are a great Books out there ready for you and your 

to pick up and read So go to the library and get a new book 

read the library is always fun. The library also has events 

and programs for you and you family so go check it out and 

join you can learn something new and they are fun i have

been to many of them.

here is a good link to read kids books for free,

enjoy reading Angelika
Hope you and your family find a good book to read

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Book review Marie and Mr. Bee By Margaret Welwood

This is a cute little children's book about a little girl named Marie She loved playing outside with here little Forest friends The bear the fox and the little Squirrels.
but one day she meet Mr. bee And he did not work at all so Marie thought to her self I work to much.
there are too versions. one uses Proverbs 12:14 and the other one is secular.

I liked this book because friendships Come in different ways and Working Can be a Good thing With out working we could never Get anything Done.. And It is a really cute book and will make you smile. there is another bible verse in this book that i like too John 13:14
You should have this book on your bookshelf at home

The Author of this book is Margaret Welwood
and you Can visit her web site at

And Illustrated by Coralie Rycroft.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Book review the Prince's poison cup r.c.sproul

This is a great children's book that should be on your kids book self

It is about a little Girl who is sick and does not like taking her medicine because it taste bad
And her Grandpa tell her a story about a prince and his poison cup it is the story about Jesus and his love for use,, it is full of wonder and adventure.

what i liked about this book is it teaches it's readers how much Jesus loves use and  how much Jesus did for use so we could live with him forever and the book has a page in the back of the book for parents to talk with there kids about the book and has some bible verse to go with the story,
and questions to ask your kids.
 And it OK if your kids are little and don't understand you can always read it to them and they will understand as they get older.

I love R.C. Sproul books they are filled with wonder and are Great Books to read to your kids are to add to your books self at home. they are books you can read over and over again.

 To read more about R.C. sproul

I got this free book from

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Book review Sammy and his shepherd by Susan hunt

This is another Good book for kids and it should be on your kids book self!

This Book is going to teach your kids about Psalm 23
And it starts out with a little sheep named Sammy
It tells the story about how God is are shepherd and how he loves use,

What I like about this book is it helps me to remember that Jesus is are Shepherd and he will not leave use and leads use to were we need to go and takes care of his sheep.
he knows are names. he will lead me to were i need to go,
for he is with me his rod and staff they comfort me.
his goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life.
the bible verse is psalm 23:1-6

To read more about Susan Hunt here is the link

I got this free book at

book review A Woman of Strength and Purpose by Cynthia Ulrich

A Woman of Strength and Purpose by Cynthia Ulrich

This book is beautiful is about a strong-willed Women who goes through life
with Strength and purpose
What this book is saying is we all have a purpose giving to use by God and know one can take that away. And it also talks about My strong will is Gods Strong will too.

What i liked about this book is it spoke to me by letting me know that i do have a purpose Giving to  me by God and I can Have strength through him who gives me strength.
Having a Strong will is a Gift from God we are too use it to bring him Glory

You can find the Author Here

I got this free book from
blogging for books. com

Monday, July 4, 2016

4th of July cheese cake strawberrys

Happy 4th of July

Me and my family did not get to have a Cook out. but I had a idea to make a dessert for the holiday

And I made this cute cheesecake stuffed strawberry's my family loved them and they are really easy to make..

The only thing we did differently is we did not use powdered sugar

Here is the recipe

Low carb chicken divan

Made this tonight for my family
It was good and they liked it.Hnj

It was fun to make and very easy
The only thing the we did not add was the lemon juice.
And the onion we used chopped  onions.

Here is the recipe link

The Lord Makes me Happy and he makes my soul happy too.

The Lord Makes me Happy and he makes my soul happy too. I would say the first thing that refreshes my soul and makes me happy is ...