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My faith story

I was little when i got saved

I received Christ when i was little i was 8,
I heard about God when my mom told me about heaven and hell!
and asked me if i wonted to go to heaven and be with Jesus and i said yes
she also told me that Jesus loves me and whats me to be with him..
she told me the bible verse
John 3:16
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

And i asked  Jesus in to my heart then

I always went to church with my family every Sunday morning and i went to bible school on Sunday too so i learned a lot about God from going to church with my family.. i am thankful i was born in to a family that loves the lord and that took me to church. I Got baptist when i was 15 in may 2007.
my whole family came to see me and my aunt got me this beautiful necklace..

I am always looking forward to church on Sundays,
Going to church as a family sure is a blessing we love sitting together.
And we …

Let God be the center of your life!

Lately, God has show me that life is not all about what I wanted it to be. I used to think that marriage would be fun and take care of everything. I learned that I was pushing God aside and forgetting that He needs to be the center of my life before any man.
I learned that I can't earn God's love, and nothing I could ever do would make God not love me
I learned that I will never lose my salvation.

God has away of changing are plans for Good ones 
 but he changes them in a good way and it is always for Good and has are best interest at heart and he knows the plans that he has for use Jeremiah 29:11

I know for me it is always hard to wait on the lords timing because it is something i won't know and he knows the bigger picture on what will happen to use if we don't wait for his timing .
God has really opened my eye's to stop focusing on what other people are doing and be the best i can be and focusing on what God what's me to do.

The world has been taking a turn for th…

TV shows

Me and my family love watching TV shows together it is one of are favorite things to do
we like Watching food net work and the Hallmark channel 
TLC and more

here is a list of TV shows we like to watch has a family 

2 Monk

 3 The little couple

4 Shark tank

5 Cake wars

 6 Psych

7 Americas got talent 

8 how it's made

9 under wraps

10 Aurora Teagarden mystery 

11 murder she baked.

12 garage sale mystery

What are some of the TV shows you and your family like to watch?



Me my family love watching movies together as a family we get all kinds of snacks like pop corn and pop and candy and more,, and we like going to the movies too me and my aunt would go to the movies all the time together it is one are favorite things to do,,,

I am a big movie person here are some of the movies i have in my movie collation.
fried green tomatoes , spider man 1 and 2, i robot
the fantastic 4 1 and 2
cloudy with a chance of meatballs
hotel Transylvania
tower of terror
and a lot of johnny Depp movies i am a big fan of his work
my favorite movies from him are what's eating Gilbert grape
and the secret window

When my family gets together we like playing movie trivia i am really good at it
i can remember lines from movies really good,,

here are some family movies you can watch as a family!

1 Left behind the series,

2 War room

3 Inside out

4 Finding nemo

5 Frozen

6 Christmas in Canaan the series

7 Good burger

8 Hotel Transylvania 1 and 2

9 Pixels

10  Cloudy with …

heart full of blessings

I have a heart full of blessing
many of my blessing come from the Lord

Jesus says to count your blessing and name them one by one.
Jesus is one of my biggest blessing in my life.
my blessing are my family God has blessed me with a Big family
my friends God has blessed me with great friends
and having a roof over my head and Good food to eat,
And the best part of Gods blessings are they come big and small

God meets all of my needs and makes sure I have all that i needs
He puts food on are table and makes sure i have clothing and '
He makes sure we are never alone and afraid
He made sure I have friends and family that love me and care for me
He makes sure that i am taking care of
and he helped me find a good church for me and my family to go too,,

And i am blessed to be alive right know to see a new day and to walk by faith
And do the will of a God  and to be with my loved one,,
i am thankful for so much God has done so much for me and my family
all i can do is praise him and give …


Made a toilet paper roll scrapbook
It was fun to make.

I decorated it using all the kinds words my family and friends have said about me.
And I add secret notes to it too..

It is a cute little scrapbook to make
Super easy and fun

Here is the instructions

Visit Stuart beach

Went to the beach today with my family
Saw a crab walk alone the beach  And I found some seashells.
I love the sound of the waves and the sand between my toes the sound of the wildlife like the seagulls and the frogs and more.
So far I have seen a crab and a hermet crab and a jelly fish. I found seashells all over the place from myrtle beach and saniball iland and port st Lucie beach.
We have seen otters. turtles and different kinds of birds.
I love Florida and all the Florida had to offer.. 
Enjoy reading Angelika  

book review the pinball by Betsy byars

When i was home schooled my teacher wanted me to read this book and do a report on it
I loved this book ever since i would read it all the time.

This book is filled with heart it is about this 3 kids who get sent to a faster home over the summer and feel like a pinball going from one place to another they share there story's with each other,
and they all came from not so good family's

What i liked about this book is it they become friends and learn to live with each other
it was hard at first but they learned to like it
there case worker was friendly too,

I like this book because it shows you what it's like being in a faster home.
and coming from a kids point of view,

I would say this book needs to be on your summer reading list.
it is a very good read,

you can read more about the author Betsy byars

Scrapbooking fun..

I got this scrapbooking kit for my birthday from my grandma
Just opened it tonight to start decorating the pages my pictures should get here soon.
I started scrapbooking when I was 8. my mom got me started on it and ever since I love it.  Me and my mom would go to scrapbook get togathers at church were we would scrapbook with other people.
A friend of Ares would come over at are house and scrapbook with use it was fun..
I love scrapbooking and taking picture 

book review The Priest with Dirty Clothes by R.C. sproul

This is a cute book for kids it should be on every kids book self.

This is a book about two kids Darby and Campbell who gets dirty and and there clothing get dirty too.
There mom gets upset.

Then the grandpa tells them the story about the priest with dirty clothes

Like the kids and the priest they both get dirty.

What I like about this book is it's Leting use know that Jesus can clean are hearts and make use new and he forgives use

I got this free book at

By R.C. Sproul
Illustrated by Justin Gerard

book review the donkey who carried a king by R.C. Sproul

This is a really cute book for kids
It should be on every kids bookself

It started out with a little boy named Reilly. and Reilly always got picked last for games.. So when he got home his grandpa told him about the story of the donkey who carried a king

Just like really the donkey named Davey we just alike they always got picked last.

What I learned from this book is
Always be thankful for what you get to do.
Like if you get picked last to do stuff just be thankful you get to do it
Be thankful for all that you do.

I got this free book for review at

This book was written by
R.c. Sproul
And illustrated by chuck groenink

Enjoy reading Angelika.

Flaxseed muffins

made this faxseed muffins tonight to try they are really good taste just like healthy cereals.
It turns out good too
Next time  I make it I will put Apple's in them..

My mom liked them and so do I
My 17 year old sister thinks there too healthy so she will not try them lol..
my 19 year old sister would not try them ether,,
I made one for my stepdads lunch too.

You can find the recipe here.

Enjoy angelika

safety harbor Mease park

Me and my family visited this little park yesterday it is the cutiest  little park located in  clearwater
FL, right across from the hospital they have a pinic area were my sister did her studying and were is took some pictures they also have a little area were you can walk around
i took some pictures while we were waiting for a family member,

This little play ground is for pre-schooled age kids 2 to 5 year olds to play on,
so it is save for little kids they also have a sign language board, and  rubber mulch surfacing.

They have a swing set and a picnic area and a play area for kids,,

It is nice that they have a park right across from the hospital.

if you ever find your self at clearwater Fl. with kids and a family Go and visit this park.

here is more of the park here in the link below

enjoy reading angelika

visit clearwater panama city and st. petersburg

today, my family and I will be exploring Panama City and beaches and the Emerald Coast and tomorrow, we will be traveling to Clear water and St. Petersburg and beaches! We all love the ocean and the beaches!!!
Have a blessed day!

vising clear water and panama city is a beautiful please, and the beaches are beautiful  going on road trips with my family is always fun.
we enjoyed site seeing and  going to McDonald's a lot the MC chickens are the best, and my little sister likes there chicken nuggets,  this are some pictures of the trip we took are favorite beach was clearwater, the sand and the water is beautiful.
we visited a park and and stayed at a hotel and we visited  different Gas stations my little sister said her favorite part of the trip was site seeing too..

here are some links you can read

enjoy angelika  

What to bring on a road trip.

Me and my family are on the road a lot.
So I am here to share what I bring with me and what we eat on the   road that is cheap

I pack my make up and personal hygiene items.
And a swimming suit just in case there is a pool at the hotel
Outfits depending on how long we are staying on the trip.
And a camera to take pictures.

My carry on bag has my phone and my charger. And my bible and a notebook
Coloring book and crayons.
And I bring a portable DVD play and DVDs.

Bring a few snacks for the car and a DVD player dvds to watch. And we go to McDonalds a lot and get the dollar menu I love there mc chickens.

I take drama mine car sickness pills because I get car sick.

And bring a pillow and a blanket to take a nap in the car.

Hope this ideas help


Reaching people for christ

Writing to missionaries
I started writing to missionaries my grandma gave me the idea because I like to write I have wrote to so many and I always look forward to hearing from them.
My great grandparents were missionaries in the 90s they worked in the mountains of south Carolina
I love hearing about the places that they are in.
There is a bible verse that I like it is mark 16:15. Go everywhere In the world and tell the good new to everyone.

My deepest desires are to be used by God
And to teach people about God.
And that is what I hope to do with my blog.

Enjoy reading Angelika

Chocolate can bank

Made this bank tonight by using a old chocolate can.

It is really easy to make all you do is take a old can and put colored paper around it.

I made a snow man and a sun and a heart. My family loved it and thought it was  cute.

All you need is  can
Colored PAPER and glue and decorations. And decorate it the way you like it.

Enjoy reading Angelika

cheesy egg toast

I made cheesy egg toast back
For breakfast today
My mom and step dad liked it to

It was really good and cheesy
my family loves it

and it is super easy to make
here is the recipe

Dessert strawberries and cream

My family loves this we all love strawberry and whipped cream
so we buy strawberry and whipped cream and we cut the strawberry and then we add the whipped cream on top.

it is a really good desert to have on a hot summer day are just to stay in the house and watch tv.
and it is healthy and very good,

very easy to make
all you need is
fresh strawberry and whipped cream

enjoy reading angelika

living with Epilepsy

Living with epilepsy has it's challenges like not feeling good and being moody at times
and it comes with horrible anxiety that's what i have know and it makes it hard for me to sleep
but my mom helped me find this vitamin that helps with relaxing and keeps me calm.

having a invisible illness is hard because people see that you look fine on the outside and they don't know what's going on in the inside and they don't understand what a illness is that you are living with like me i live with a chronic illness called epilepsy, and it now walk in the park it is very hard to live with epilepsy and any illness. epilepsy has limited my activity like not being able to drive was a hard one growing up it was hard to understand why when all my friends and sisters started driving at the age of 16 and could not that was hard,

epilepsy does different things to different people like i get horrible headaches from it
that make me feel very sick it is not fun. 

my friends have said th…

Low carb keto brownies

Me and my family wanted brownies tonight so I made low carb brownies I found online

My family loved it
And I added chocolate glaze to it.

Here is the brownie recipe

Pen pals

I enjoy reading all the letters and cards my pen pals send me i also enjoy writing to them as well and getting mail.. i am so blessed and thankful to have pen pals and friends and family! thank you to all my pen pals and friends and family,, that are a special part of my life,

I start writing letters to my friends and family it as been so much fun getting letters in the mail everyday,
I love getting and sending letters:) to people and they like getting mail
I find it hard to keep in touch with everyone on Facebook so i started writing letters
and emailing my friends 

Staying in touch with friends and loved ones is a really good feeling to know that they are still part of your life. And they are glad that you are part of there life.

Writing letters is a lost art know with all the internet options like Facebook and email and Skype people don't think about writing letters anymore.

That's why I like to write letters and email people to stay in touch.

Enjoy reading Angelika

dollar tree Fishy bank

Found this paint your on bank kit at at my local dollar tree I picked the fish bank and there were different kinds of banks to pick from.

I had a great time panting this I put the Google eye on my self thought it would be cute the eyes did not come with the kit. I think you and your kids would have fun making one of this.

And you can buy the kit as a gift
Are painted it your self and give it as a gift.

The kit comes with paint and the bank and the paint brush.
Me and my family love the dollar tree.

Enjoy reading Angelika